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Will “The Mummy 4” be released in 2025? New Brendan Fraser Movie Rumors Explained

Recently, rumors have been circulating online that a fourth installment in the original Mummy franchise starring Brendan Fraser could be in the works for 2025. This has led many fans to wonder – will The Mummy 4 happen? Let’s break down the speculation.

Where Did the Rumors Originate?

The rumors began from supposed leaked promotional material for a film titled The Mummy: Fountain of the Persian Knights, claiming it would arrive in 2025.

The poster and logline hinted at Brendan Fraser reprising his role as Rick O’Connell on a dangerous quest to rescue his missing son. It immediately sparked excitement among longtime fans of the franchise.

However, Universal Pictures has not officially announced any Mummy 4 project. The reports of a 2025 film appear to be just fan-made rumors with no truth behind them currently.

Initial Plans for The Mummy 4

At one point, Universal did have plans for a fourth Mummy movie with Brendan Fraser returning. The studio got as far as commissioning a script back in the late 2000s.

The film was going to be titled The Mummy: Rise of the Aztecs and would have seen Rick O’Connell searching for a tomb in South America. Antonio Banderas was reportedly eyed to play the villain.

Production was gearing up to begin in 2010 with hopes of a 2011 release date. But then Universal changed course and instead opted to reboot The Mummy entirely with Tom Cruise headlining a new film set in the modern day.

Would Brendan Fraser Return Now?

While concrete plans for The Mummy 4 fell apart years ago, could the project be revived now for 2025 or beyond? Brendan Fraser has indicated he’d be open to playing Rick O’Connell again under the right circumstances.

In a 2021 interview, Fraser shared he’d be willing to revisit the character that made him a star if the script and concept were appealing. Though he admitted he didn’t know how a new Mummy film would work.

Given Fraser’s soaring popularity in 2022 thanks to acclaimed roles in films like The Whale, his enthusiasm for returning to The Mummy likely remains high. The ball is in Universal’s court regarding a potential revival.

Is There Still Franchise Potential?

Assuming Brendan Fraser signed on to star, would general audiences turn out for The Mummy 4 decades after the last installment? Nostalgia is a huge market nowadays, so interest could be significant.

The previous trilogy ended on a cliffhanger tease for the next adventure, with Rick and Evelyn riding off into the sunset with their son. Fans would love to see that story continued all these years later.

As long as the script could capture the spirit and fun tone of the original Mummy movies, a fourth outing has franchise potential, especially with Fraser back in the lead.

The Optimal Release Window

If Universal did decide to move forward with The Mummy 4, the ideal release timeframe would be sometime in 2025 or 2026 to capitalize on Brendan Fraser’s massive career resurgence.

Next year may be too rushed, but Fraser’s popularity is sky-high at the moment. The studio should act relatively soon to bring him back as Rick O’Connell while audiences are hungry for more of the actor in hit roles.

By 2025, it will have been nearly 20 years since the last Mummy installment left theaters. That’s long enough for nostalgia to kick in, making the timing perfect for a comeback.

Possible Story Concepts

If The Mummy 4 moves forward with Brendan Fraser on board, what story directions could the film take?

Perhaps Imhotep or a new evil mummy threat could emerge, forcing Rick out of retirement for one last adventure. Or the grounded plot could focus on Rick adjusting to domestic life and finding a new purpose.

The rumored concept of Rick searching for his missing son could also provide an emotional backbone while incorporating thrilling action set pieces.

The fantastical elements of the previous movies offer limitless possibilities. As long as the witty banter between characters like Rick and Evelyn remains intact, the premise is wide open for imagination.

Director and Writer Possibilities

While plot details are pure speculation, who could potentially helm The Mummy 4 if it becomes a reality? Bringing back previous director Stephen Sommers seems unlikely 25 years later.

An innovative genre director like Edgar Wright or Taika Waititi would be one route to provide a fresh new take while honoring franchise tradition.

Alternatively, Brendan Fraser could take a more hands-on role, perhaps even co-writing the screenplay and serving as producer. His passion would bring great authenticity.


While the reported 2025 release window appears completely unfounded, the prospect of Brendan Fraser leading The Mummy 4 has captured many imaginations.

Reviving the fun-filled, adventure-packed original Mummy franchise with Fraser and Weisz at the forefront would provide a nostalgic treat for audiences.

The recent rumors seem premature and based solely on speculative fan hype. But they do suggest that if Universal plays their cards right, the time could be ripe for O’Connell’s return to the dunes soon.

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