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Why Eddie Izzard Comedian left Comedy for Politics?

Eddie Izzard comedian has enjoyed immense success in a comedy career spanning over 30 years. The British comedian is renowned for her free-flowing, good humor and advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights. However, in recent years, Izzard has shifted her focus toward politics in her native U.K. This has led many to wonder – why did Eddie Izzard comedian leave comedy for politics?

When Eddie Izzard Comedian came to Frame?

Izzard rose to fame in the 90s through appearances on British television and by touring the comedy circuit. Her popularity grew through the 2000s as she performed huge arena shows and undertook comedy tours in French, German, Spanish, and Arabic. Izzard has won two Emmy Awards and is one of Britain’s most successful stand-up comedians.

In addition to comedy, Eddie Izzard comedian pursued acting roles in dramas such as Ocean’s Twelve and Victoria and Abdul. She also staged acclaimed one-woman shows dramatizing classic literature like Great Expectations and Hamlet.

Through it all, Izzard’s comedian used comedy as a platform to campaign for equality. She came out publicly as transgender in 1985 and has been a vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. Izzard’s identity as a trans woman has informed much of her comedy and campaigning.

However, in recent years, the priorities of Eddie Izzard comedian have noticeably shifted. She ran unsuccessfully for a seat in Britain’s Labour Party in the 2022 and 2023 elections. Izzard comedian has made it clear she intends to keep running until she secures a place in Parliament.

This pivot toward politics has led many to ask – why is Eddie Izzard comedian leaving behind comedy success for the cutthroat world of politics?

Driven by Making a Difference

Izzard comedian has said she wants to spend the latter part of her career making the kind of tangible impact only politics allows. While comedy brings joy and promotes understanding, passing legislation is how real change happens in society.

After spending decades advocating for equality through comedy, Eddie Izzard comedian now wants to fight for the LGBTQ+ community and other important causes from inside the government. She believes becoming a Member of Parliament will allow her to create positive change on issues like mental health, green energy, and housing.

Following in Familiar Footsteps

Eddie Izzard comedian is also following a path tread by other successful British creatives. Figures like Glenda Jackson and Steve Coogan left behind acting for stints in politics, showing the transition can be made.

Izzard respects the gravitas politics requires. She has promised her comedic talents will take a backseat to serious legislating if elected. Izzard, a comedian also believes her fame will help her connect with average voters.

Not Giving Up Easily

While she’s suffered two electoral defeats, Eddie Izzard comedian is famously determined. She has persisted in the face of past challenges like coming out publicly in the 1980s and performing comedy in multiple languages.

Izzard accepts failure as part of the political process and intends to keep running. She believes getting elected could take several tries, similar to other politicians. Previous elections have also thickened her skin and provided valuable campaign experience.

Motivated by Mother’s Death

Eddie Izzard comedian lost her mother at the age of six, a tragedy that has fueled much of her drive and ambition. Izzard has stated that at the core, she believes amazing achievements may garner her late mother’s attention and admiration.

While not expecting an actual afterlife reunion, Izzard, a comedian is motivated subconsciously by efforts impressive enough to attract her mother’s notice. This drive spurs Izzard toward new challenges, including her latest turn into the political arena.

Wants to Make a Lasting Difference

At 61 years old, Eddie Izzard comedian is aware her time is limited. After decades of pushing for equality and acceptance in comedy, she now wants to make structural changes before it’s too late.

Izzard sees becoming an M.P. as the way to make a lasting difference on issues like climate change and trans rights. She also knows her fame as a comedian garners attention, which she can channel toward enacting change if elected.

Final Thought

In summary, Eddie Izzard comedian has made the jump into politics driven by ambition to effect tangible change, following in other performers’ footsteps. Her persistence and subconscious desire to impress her late mother also play a role.

While she will be missed onstage, Izzard’s priorities have shifted to passing impactful legislation for the LGBTQ+ community and other causes close to her heart if she achieves her goal of becoming an M.P., the legendary comedian plans to say goodbye to comedy and focus on being the best legislator possible.

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