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What Indian Travellers Googled The Most In 2023

The past year 2023 was an exciting time for Indian travellers. After two years of pandemic restrictions, people were eager to get out and explore the world again. From tropical beaches to historic European cities, the top destinations searched reveal a diverse set of bucket list locales.

Indian Travellers: Goa Tops The List

Sun, sand, and sea – it’s no surprise that Goa topped the list of most searched destinations by Indian travellers. India’s beach paradise saw a surge in interest, with Indian travellers keen on soaking up the sun on popular beaches like Calangute and Anjuna. Beyond just the shoreline, Indian searchers also looked to discover Goa’s rich cultural side, from the UNESCO World Heritage churches of Old Goa to the famous flea markets bursting with vibrant local handicrafts.

Asian Favorites

Perennial Asian favorites Vietnam, Thailand and Bali held strong in the top search list by Indian travellers. Vietnam intrigued travellers with its dynamic urban culture in cities like Hanoi combined with surreal natural wonders like Halong Bay. Thailand promised something for every every traveller – from Bangkok’s electric energy to Phuket’s lush beaches and Chiang Mai’s ancient temples. Indonesia’s Bali enticed Indian visitors with its rich Hindu culture intertwined with seaside tranquility.

Himalayan Highs

Several Himalayan destinations like Kashmir, Sri Lanka, and Coorg charmed Indian travellers in search of peaceful retreats in nature. Kashmir’s snow-capped peaks, colorful houseboats on Dal Lake, and lush valleys like Pahalgam called to adventure-seeking Indian travellers and families alike. The misty hills of Coorg promised treks to thunder falls along with tours of coffee plantations for Indian travellers. Sri Lanka’s treasures, from Sigiriya Rock to the Temple of the Tooth, intrigued culture vultures from India.

Island Life

Far-flung island groups also garnered interest among travellers, with the Andaman & Nicobar Islands cruising into the top. Thoughts of scuba diving through coral reefs in translucent waters and relaxing on secluded beaches like Radhanagar had Indian travellers daydreaming. The intriguing history and indigenous cultures of the archipelago added to its intrigue for Indian jetsetters.

Sri Lanka

Rounding out the top destinations was a search spike for Sri Lanka by Indian travellers. Just south of India, its proximity and cultural connections heightened its appeal to Indians. Indian travellers sought everything from UNESCO sites like the Temple of the Tooth Relic to wildlife safaris showcasing native elephants and leopards. Sri Lanka’s beaches also tempt travellers looking for a quick, easy beach getaway close to home.


As a cultural treasure trove, Italy enticed history buffs with its classical ruins, renaissance architecture, and regional food. Rome drew crowds with icons like the Colosseum, Pantheon, and St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican. Florence showcased Michelangelo’s David statue and the Uffizi Gallery. Canals and ornate cathedrals lured visitors to Venice. Rolling vineyards and cliffside villages delighted in Tuscany.


From mountain peaks to lakeside cities, Switzerland’s alpine vistas gave Indian travellers a serious case of wanderlust. Many dreamed of skiing and snowboarding on the slopes of the Swiss Alps. Towns like Interlaken and Lucerne provided a base for outdoor adventures in the Jungfrau region. Lake Geneva offered a chance to relax on its tranquil blue waters set against a dramatic mountainous backdrop.

Final Thought

What does the 2023 search data tell us about the year ahead? The quest for fulfilling travel remains strong in 2024. While economic uncertainties could limit budgets, wanderlust continues to grow. Trips may tilt more local but the appetite to explore remains voracious. The resilience of Indian travellers suggests more unforgettable journeys lie ahead. One thing remains clear – for Indian jet setters, the whole world still lies before them, ready to be discovered.

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