Virgil Van Dijk

Virgil Van Dijk: We are entirely focused on what we want to accomplish.

Virgil Van Dijk has emphasized that Liverpool are completely focused on their goals this season. The Reds captain wants to ensure his team achieves success in 2023-24.

Virgil Van Dijk has played a key role in helping Liverpool challenge for four trophies so far. The Reds sit top of the Premier League and have reached the Carabao Cup final. They are also still in the FA Cup and Europa League.

He said: “It’s all about small margins. We have to focus on the things we can control.”

He added: “I think the main things we can control are staying fit and keeping our consistent level. That has brought us success and hopefully winning games.”

“Other than that, we must make sure we do it together. The players, staff, and fans play a big role too.”

He stressed the fans have been a “big part of why we are where we are”. He said everyone must “keep that going” until the end of the season.

The defender admitted there are “no guarantees” of silverware. But he feels Liverpool are in a “good way” to achieve their ambitions.

Virgil Van Dijk on his relationship with Jurgen Klopp

He said manager Jurgen Klopp means “a lot” to him. He was one of the reasons him joined Liverpool. Klopp also made him captain.

Virgil Van Dijk admitted he has learned from Klopp during their time together. The news of Klopp leaving this summer was a “shock to the system”.

But he said the players’ focus and determination quickly returned. Their mindset has been the same since pre-season, due to last year’s disappointments.

He senses the team’s reaction to Klopp’s news has been “fine”. He said they must not listen to outside noise and speculation.

The captain wants to give Klopp “the best” farewell by achieving their targets. Virgil Van Dijk feels the squad is in a good position to do that.

Virgil Van Dijk committed to Liverpool

He was surprised by the reaction to his recent comments. He stressed it is not about him as an individual right now.

The defender said he is “fully committed” to Liverpool, as Klopp also stated. Virgil Van Dijk loves the club, fans, and playing every minute.

He explained it is about the team achieving their collective goals and dreams. Virgil Van Dijk senses all the players are “on the same page” in that respect.

Virgil Van Dijk leading by example

He has not been dribbled past in the Premier League this season. But he said individual stats only matter if they help win trophies.

The center-back enjoys playing with his teammates and giving his all. He knows he has a responsibility to lead by example on and off the pitch.

He is happy to offer advice and guidance to less experienced players. Virgil Van Dijk said the senior stars have a “massive role to play” in this team.

So far it has been “so good” in that regard. Virgil Van Dijk wants to maintain those high standards until the end of the campaign.

Virgil Van Dijk focused on control

He believes Liverpool must focus only on what they can control during the run-in. That means staying fit, maintaining consistency, and winning games.

The skipper says it is also vital that the squad retains its togetherness. Virgil Van Dijk feels the bond between players, staff, and supporters has been key.

By keeping their unity and determination, Virgil Van Dijk is confident Liverpool can achieve special things. The team is in a promising position to end the season with trophies.

Virgil Van Dijk wants to finish the season strongly

He admitted the news of Klopp leaving gave everyone an initial shock. But he senses the players have quickly refocused on the challenges ahead.

There are still a couple of months left in this campaign. He wants the squad to enjoy them and create brilliant memories.

He hopes they can deliver trophies to give Klopp a fitting farewell. He said the team is motivated to finish the manager’s reign in style.

Although nothing is guaranteed, Virgil Van Dijk feels the Reds have an excellent opportunity to achieve something special. By maintaining their current mindset and performance levels, he is confident of a successful conclusion to the season.

Virgil Van Dijk surprised by reaction

He did not expect his recent interview comments to become such big news. He stressed the focus should be on the team rather than himself.

The center-back clarified he is fully committed to Liverpool, echoing Klopp’s words. Virgil Van Dijk loves representing the club and its fans.

For him, it is about the squad as a collective achieving their shared ambitions. He senses unity and belief among the playing group about ending the season strongly.

Virgil Van Dijk embracing leadership role

He is proud to be Liverpool’s captain and lead by example. He enjoys offering guidance to help the team’s younger players develop.

The Dutchman also appreciates learning from senior stars around him. Virgil Van Dijk believes it is going well in that regard so far.

By maintaining these high standards, Virgil Van Dijk is confident Liverpool can maintain their fine form. If the players stay focused and united, he feels they can accomplish their goals.

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