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Trent Alexander-Arnold Officially Launches The After Academy Project to Support Released Youngsters

Trent Alexander-Arnold has officially launched a new project called The After Academy to support young footballers who get released from academy systems.

Trent Alexander-Arnold’s journey from Liverpool’s academy to becoming a star right-back for the club is well known. However, many talented young players don’t make it professionally and have to abruptly change life plans when released.

Trent Alexander-Arnold was inspired to act after seeing close friends drop over the years. He has now created The After Academy, hosted and supported by the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA), to help provide career opportunities to former academy players.

The After Academy Project Helping Those Left Behind

Academies across England are filled with young hopefuls dreaming of earning a pro contract. However, most don’t “make it” and are released back into normal life without support.

Trent Alexander-Arnold witnessed many friends go through this. He told the club’s website: “The sheer number of people who need support and opportunity…is overwhelming.”

The Liverpool right-back wants to be there for players when the system leaves them behind. The After Academy aims to give former academy prospects the tools to find new career paths outside of football.

Trent Alexander-Arnold spoke passionately about the vast number of talented players who fail to make it professionally. He sees The After Academy as a way to provide guidance and opportunity when they are dropped by clubs.

Jobs and Education Opportunities

The After Academy jobs board is only open to ex-academy players. It features opportunities from Trent Alexander-Arnold’s partners, including Liverpool FC, Red Bull, Adidas and Therabody.

There are roles across various fields like coaching, analytics, content creation, apparel, 

marketing and more. Trent Alexander-Arnold is utilizing his brand connections to open doors.

Trent Alexander-Arnold is also making funds available for 12 former academy players to take a course at the PFA’s business school. This will help those not ready to move into a new career path retrain.

Places on the PFA business course will be highly sought-after. It offers a great chance to develop skills and knowledge for a career outside sport.

Inspired By His Journey

Trent Alexander-Arnold’s rise from Liverpool’s academy to stardom is well-documented. He made his first-team debut aged 18 and hasn’t looked back.

The local lad is now a Champions League and Premier League winner with his boyhood club. He starts week-in, and week-out at right-back for club and country.

Trent Alexander-Arnold’s pathway is an inspiration but also makes him aware of those less fortunate. He has seen talented friends released while he lives the dream.

The After Academy allows the Liverpool star to help give others a chance at forging new careers. He is providing routes into work that utilize skills gained in academics.

Trent Alexander-Arnold recognizes that his football success is the exception, not the norm. This motivates him to help those who fell just short of making it as professionals find new purpose.

Support From Across Football

Trent Alexander-Arnold has received widespread support from across football for launching The After Academy.

Former pros like Alan Shearer have praised the initiative. Current Liverpool teammate Andy Robertson called it an “amazing cause”.

The PFA fully backs Trent Alexander-Arnold’s vision. Chief Executive Maheta Molango said it will create “life-changing opportunities”.

Other clubs and organizations are also on board. The Premier League and League Football Education have both endorsed The After Academy.

High-profile figures backing Trent Alexander-Arnold demonstrate how his project is being positively received. Football recognizes the need to better support released academy prospects.

Partnering With Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC is an official partner of The After Academy and has pledged to support Trent Alexander-Arnold’s vision.

The club already runs its own alumni program for former youth players. Partnering with Trent Alexander-Arnold allows them to expand the opportunities offered.

There are various Liverpool FC roles advertised on The After Academy jobs board. The club is eager to utilize ex-academy talents in areas like analytics, coaching, and media.

Trent Alexander-Arnold coming through the academy before achieving immense success motivates Liverpool FC to help those less fortunate. Partnering with his project is a great way to support its former youth players.

Creating Lasting Change

The launch of The After Academy by Trent Alexander-Arnold could spark real, lasting change in how football supports released youngsters.

His high profile and the backing of major organizations give the project momentum. It could set a new standard across the sport.

If successful, The After Academy may act as a blueprint for clubs and bodies like the PFA to follow. Trent Alexander-Arnold is driving positive reform.

The Liverpool star has given hope to the many talents that fall through the cracks each year. His program will help them build skills and experience for fulfilling careers beyond football.

Trent Alexander-Arnold has used his platform to address an important issue. The After Academy could become his greatest legacy away from the pitch. Its impact could change many lives for the better.

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