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The Wolfman Movie Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot and Everything We Know

Universal Pictures is bringing back one of their classic movie monsters, The Wolfman, in an upcoming film directed by Leigh Whannell. This new take on The Wolfman has been in development for a few years, with some changes happening behind the scenes. Now, with rising star Christopher Abbott cast as the lead and a release date set for October 2024, excitement is building for The Wolfman to howl back onto the big screen.

What We Know About The Wolfman Movie So Far

Details are still sparse about the plot for this new incarnation of The Wolfman movie. The original 1941 film followed Larry Talbot, who becomes cursed and transforms into a werewolf after being bitten. Even though the 2010 remake starring Benicio Del Toro wasn’t well received, Universal seems ready to give The Wolfman another go.

Plot specifics are being kept under wraps, but it’s been reported that the story will center around a man protecting his family from a werewolf. This aligns with the classic Wolfman mythology of the cursed character struggling against his monstrous alter ego. Hopefully the script by Leigh Whannell and his writing partner puts a fresh spin on the concept.

The Wolfman Movie Release Date Set for October 2024

Fans won’t have to wait too long for The Wolfman movie to prowl across theater screens. Universal has set the release date for October 25, 2024. This prime Halloween season slot shows the studio is positioning this as a major horror release.

It’s become tradition for Universal to open a new monster movie around Halloween, like they did in 2020 with The Invisible Man directed by Leigh Whannell. Scheduling The Wolfman movie to debut the same weekend in 2024 means it will face off against the slasher sequel Terrifier 3. But the name brand recognition of The Wolfman should give it an advantage over the indie horror franchise.

The Wolfman Movie Trailer

With filming having just gotten underway, there isn’t any footage of The Wolfman available yet. The first trailer likely won’t drop until summer of 2024 to start building hype as a fall horror release.

In the meantime, fans can revisit the original 1941 Wolfman movie starring Lon Chaney Jr., which is available to rent or buy on platforms like Amazon. The classic Universal monster movie established core elements of The Wolfman lore and mythology that the new film will draw from.

Christopher Abbott Takes Over Lead Role in The Wolfman

Originally, Ryan Gosling was set to star in The Wolfman movie, but he ended up departing the project due to scheduling conflicts. Now, up-and-coming actor Christopher Abbott has taken over the lead role.

Abbott recently earned acclaim for his work in the critically praised indie drama Poor Things. He also stood out in supporting parts in Catch-22 and Girls. Being given the high-profile lead in The Wolfman movie could propel Abbott to a new level of stardom.

Julia Garner Joins the Cast as a Mother Under Attack

In January 2024, rising star Julia Garner signed on for a key role in The Wolfman. She will play a mother trying to protect her family from a dangerous predator, likely referring to The Wolfman.

Garner has made a name for herself thanks to her Emmy-winning performance in Ozark. She also drew praise for the Netflix miniseries Inventing Anna. Casting Garner as the female lead opposite Abbott signals that Universal is populating The Wolfman with talented young actors.

Director Leigh Whannell Returns to The Wolfman After Temporary Departure

Experienced horror filmmaker Leigh Whannell is back at the helm of The Wolfman movie after initially being replaced by Derek Cianfrance. Whannell left the director’s chair due to scheduling conflicts, but once those were resolved he returned to oversee his vision for the project.

Whannell previously reinvigorated The Invisible Man into a critical and commercial hit. His skill at delivering tense atmosphere and stylish scares makes him a great fit to reinvent The Wolfman. Having Whannell back in charge should give fans confidence in the new film.

Blumhouse and Jason Blum Producing the New Wolfman Movie

Bringing in powerhouse production company Blumhouse to make The Wolfman movie is an exciting development. Under producer Jason Blum, Blumhouse has been behind some of the most popular and acclaimed horror movies of the past decade like Get Out, Halloween, The Purge series, and more.

Blum helped revive Universal’s monster movie ambitions with 2020’s The Invisible Man. Now he can bring that same energy to resurrecting The Wolfman. Blumhouse’s involvement adds legitimacy to this reimagining.

What This Means for the Dark Universe Monsters

After the failure of 2017’s The Mummy, Universal’s plans for an interconnected Dark Universe of monster movies were put on hold. But the success of standalone films like The Invisible Man has shown the studio that their classic creatures can thrive in rebooted one-off stories.

Along with The Wolfman, movies featuring Dracula’s Daughter, the Bride of Frankenstein, and the Phantom of the Opera are in the works. The Wolfman movie has the potential to launch a renaissance for Universal’s storied pantheon of monster characters if it connects with audiences. The pieces are falling into place for this next incarnation of The Wolfman to leave a strong bite at the box office.

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