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The Wild Robot movie Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot and Everything We Know

The Wild Robot is an upcoming animated movie based on the popular children’s book series. With a star-studded voice cast and creative team, this heartwarming adventure promises to be a hit when it arrives in theatres this fall.

The Wild Robot Release Date

The Wild Robot movie finally has a set release date of September 20, 2024. This positions it as a potential family-friendly box office draw during the early fall period, before the holiday movie season kicks off.

The film was originally announced a few years back, but steady progress was made behind the scenes to start gearing up for production. Now with an official release date locked in, excitement can truly build for the movie’s debut.

The Wild Robot Trailer

No official trailer for The Wild Robot has dropped yet. The first sneak peek footage will likely arrive in the coming months as the release date nears.

But based on the charming source material, we can expect a fun, vibrant look at the robot Roz adjusting to life on a remote island. Epic wilderness backdrops are sure to dazzle in any preview footage.

The Wild Robot Voice Cast

The Wild Robot has assembled an A-list lineup of voice talent. Leading the cast is Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o as Roz, the robot who must learn to adapt when she becomes stranded in the untamed wilderness.

Other big names include Bill Nighy, Catherine O’Hara, Stephanie Hsu, and Pedro Pascal as some of the island animals whom Roz encounters. Their vocal performances will help bring the story’s menagerie of creatures to colourful life.

The Wild Robot Director & Crew

Acclaimed animation director Chris Sanders helms The Wild Robot. He previously directed DreamWorks hits like How to Train Your Dragon, The Croods and Lilo & Stitch. So the movie is in good hands to balance comedy, adventure and heart.

Sanders also handles writing duties, adapting the book closely alongside producer Jeff Hermann. Their collaboration should make for a smooth transition of the source material from page to screen.

The Wild Robot Plot

The Wild Robot follows the journey of robot Roz, who wakes up stranded on a deserted island with no memory of how she got there. As the sole robot among wildlife, she must rely on her artificial intelligence to understand the animals and learn to survive harsh conditions.

Roz attempts to integrate with an otter colony but faces hostility from some animals distrustful of her mechanical nature. She persists and eventually gains acceptance after trying to rescue an orphaned gosling. But Roz’s mysterious past still haunts her, threatening the new home she’s built.

Why Fans Are Excited

Fans of the Wild Robot books can’t wait to finally see the lovable robot Roz brought to life. Lupita Nyong’o’s earnest vocal performance is perfectly cast to give warmth to the character.

Visually immersing audiences in the remote island location should lend an epic scope. Dramatic wilderness backdrops could be a highlight, contrasting the cosy story of Roz bonding with her animal companions.

For families seeking entertainment with thoughtful themes, the story offers a great message about being open-minded towards those different from you. All the ingredients are there for a memorable animated adventure.

Other recent movies featuring robots adjusting to the world include Big Hero 6 and Wall-E. But The Wild Robot stands out by focusing on interactions with wildlife in nature instead of humans in busy cities.

Talking animal films like The Lion King showcase similar bonds between disparate animal friends. And movies like Free Willy have environmental messages about respect for nature that The Wild Robot shares.

But the original premise breathes fresh life into the robot and animal animation genres. The unique island setting and friendships give The Wild Robot its own distinct identity that should captivate audiences.


Early buzz is building for The Wild Robot to become a breakout hit. Beloved source material, star voice cast, dazzling animation and universal themes could make this an animated adventure for the ages.

If well-received, the potential for sequels means The Wild Robot could launch a major new family franchise for DreamWorks and Universal. But the first focus is on introducing audiences to the lovable Roz and kickstarting this robot’s poignant journey in the first chapter hitting theaters soon.

So there’s a complete overview of everything we know so far about the upcoming The Wild Robot movie. From casting to trailers to release dates, the animated film looks primed to capture the magic of the books when it finally debuts on the big screen this fall.

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