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‘The Mothership’: Netflix cancels fully filmed Halle Berry sci-fi thriller

Netflix has made the decision to cancel the release of the upcoming science fiction film The Mothership starring Halle Berry. Even though filming had already been fully completed in 2021, Netflix has halted post-production and will not be moving forward with The Mothership movie.

Why did Netflix cancel the Halle Berry film?

According to reports, Netflix decided to cancel The Mothership due to several delays that occurred during post-production. Rather than spend more time and money trying to finish the sci-fi thriller, Netflix has chosen to write off the film as a total loss for tax purposes.

This sort of cancellation of a completed film is becoming more common among major studios lately. Just last year, Warner Bros. famously canceled their DC comic book movie Batgirl starring Leslie Grace, even though filming had wrapped and post-production was nearly done. They also canceled the animated Scoob! sequel for similar reasons.

What was ‘The Mothership’ about?

The Mothership was going to be Halle Berry’s next major sci-fi role after movies like Moonfall. She was set to play a woman named Sara Morse whose husband mysteriously vanished from their rural home. A year later, Sara and her children discover a strange alien object underneath their house. This leads them on a dangerous mission to find their missing husband/father and uncover the truth.

In addition to Halle Berry, The Mothership also starred Molly Parker, Omari Hardwick, Sydney Lemmon, John Ortiz, and other notable actors. It was written and directed by Matthew Charman, making it his feature film directorial debut after writing the acclaimed film Bridge of Spies.

Halle Berry’s other upcoming projects

While The Mothership may be canceled, fans don’t have to worry about a lack of Halle Berry in their future. The acclaimed actress is currently under an overall deal with Netflix which she signed in 2021.

Netflix already released Berry’s directorial debut Bruised last year, in which she also starred as a struggling MMA fighter. Her next Netflix project will be the action thriller The Union alongside Mark Wahlberg. Berry is also set to star with Angelina Jolie in the Warner Bros. film Maude vs. Maude.

So while The Mothership won’t be taking flight, Halle Berry still has multiple major feature films on the way in the next few years. Fans can look forward to seeing her talent on full display in these exciting upcoming projects.

What was the plot of ‘The Mothership’?

As mentioned earlier, The Mothership was going to tell the story of Sara Morse, played by Halle Berry. She is a rural woman whose husband mysteriously disappears one day from their home.

One year after his perplexing vanishing, Sara and her children discover a very strange alien object underneath their house. This odd discovery launches them on a dangerous quest to find their missing husband/father and uncover the actual truth about why he disappeared in the first place.

So The Mothership was shaping up to be a sci-fi mystery thriller, with Halle Berry’s character and her family unraveling the otherworldly truth behind her husband’s disappearance. The alien object under their home connects to the mystery and would have taken the characters on an exciting adventure.

Unfortunately, we’ll no longer get to see this story told on screen since Netflix decided to cancel The Mothership before completion. But the premise sounded engaging and could have made for an entertaining sci-fi movie.

Crew and cast react to the cancellation

Now that Netflix has officially canceled the completed The Mothership movie, many of the cast and crew who worked hard on it have expressed disappointment.

Director Matthew Charman was upset that his feature film directorial debut would no longer be released after all the effort that went into making it. The cast like Halle Berry also must be saddened that their work won’t be seen widely.

However, Berry seems to be taking it in stride, perhaps due to her busy schedule of other upcoming projects. Some film industry professionals worry that studios axing finished films could discourage risk-taking and creativity in Hollywood.

For now, the future is unclear for The Mothership and whether any parts of it may eventually surface. But the cancellation sadly deprives audiences of what likely would’ve been an entertaining sci-fi thriller led by the talented Halle Berry.


The cancellation of completed films like The Mothership may be part of an alarming new trend in the movie industry. With studios prioritizing profits over releasing creative projects, more films could end up permanently shelved after filming wraps.

Audiences were excited to see Halle Berry lead an intriguing sci-fi mystery film like The Mothership. But now those hopes are dashed unless something changes and the movie somehow gets resurrected.

Nonetheless, Halle Berry remains a captivating force on screen, with or without The Mothership on her resume. Fans will look forward to whatever bold, interesting projects she takes on next.

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