The Dragon Prince Season 6

The Dragon Prince Season 6 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot and Everything We Know

The Dragon Prince, one of Netflix’s most popular animated series, is set to return with its highly anticipated The Dragon Prince Season 6 in 2024. The show, which has garnered a devoted following for its intricate characters, adept handling of sensitive topics, and a narrative that continually deepens, is a true gem in the world of animated storytelling. Here is everything we know about The Dragon Prince Season 6.

The Dragon Prince Season 6 Release Date

While Netflix has confirmed that The Dragon Prince Season 6 is slated for a 2024 release, the exact release date remains uncertain. The show’s previous release patterns have been somewhat sporadic, with significant gaps between seasons due to various challenges.

However, with the creators, Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond, regaining control over the production process, fans can expect a more streamlined release schedule. Based on the showrunners’ statements, The Dragon Prince Season 6 is likely to premiere in the latter half of 2024, potentially in the fall or winter months.

The Dragon Prince Season 6 Trailer

Wonderstorm and Bardel Entertainment studios have released a captivating teaser trailer for The Dragon Prince Season 6. The trailer showcases a barely sane Claudia towering over her Earthblood Elf boyfriend, Terrestrius, contemplating a potentially sinister act. This intriguing glimpse into the upcoming season promises a continuation of the show’s emotional depth and character development.

The Dragon Prince Season 6 Cast

No new casting announcements have been made for The Dragon Prince Season 6, but fans can expect the return of their beloved series regulars. Jack De Sena (Callum), Paula Burrows (Rayla), Jesse Inocalla (Soren), Sasha Rojen (Ezran), and Raquel Belmonte, reprising her role as Claudia, are all expected to grace the screen once again.

Additionally, Erik Todd Dellums, the voice behind the enigmatic Aaravos, is anticipated to have an expanded role in the upcoming season. The Sun Dragon Pyrrah, absent from Season 5, is also set to make a comeback, adding another layer of excitement for fans.

The Dragon Prince Season 6 Plot

The Dragon Prince Season 6, officially titled “Book Six: Stars,” promises to delve deeper into the consequences of Claudia’s actions from the previous season. After Callum and Rayla prevent Claudia from releasing the powerful archmage Aaravos from his prison, Claudia fully embraces her darker inclinations.

With Aaravos still a looming threat, seeking new ways to secure his release, the world of Xadia may face unprecedented challenges. The season’s title, “Stars,” hints at a potential exploration of Aaravos’s character origins and his connection to celestial elements, as he is known as the “Fallen Star” and a “Star touch” Elf.

The Dragon Prince Season 6 Production

The Dragon Prince creators, Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond have consistently envisioned the series as a seven-part story, and this vision was reaffirmed in a 2022 Comic-Con interview. While the primary narrative of Callum and Ezran may reach a definitive conclusion, Justin Richmond teased that the world of Xadia will endure, leaving the door open for potential spinoffs, prequels, or sequels set within the rich and fantastical universe.

What can fans expect from Season 6?

With The Dragon Prince Season 6 being the penultimate chapter in the “Mystery of Aaravos” saga, fans can expect a heightened sense of anticipation and excitement. The season is likely to delve deeper into the consequences of Claudia’s actions, exploring her character development and the potential for redemption or a darker path.

Moreover, the looming threat of Aaravos and the implications of his potential release are sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The show’s trademark complex character dynamics, sensitive handling of themes, and rich worldbuilding are expected to be on full display, making The Dragon Prince Season 6 a must-watch for fans of the series.


As the release of The Dragon Prince Season 6 is close, the excitement among fans continues to build. With the promise of a captivating plot, beloved characters, and the potential for even more surprises, this season is poised to be a significant milestone in the “Mystery of Aaravos” saga.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to the world of The Dragon Prince, the upcoming sixth season is sure to captivate audiences with its stunning animation, compelling storytelling, and the exploration of themes that resonate with viewers of all ages. So, mark your calendars and get ready to embark on another thrilling adventure in the magical realm of Xadia.

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