The Diplomat Season 2

The Diplomat Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Trailer & Everything We Know

Fans of the political drama The Diplomat have been eagerly awaiting news about The Diplomat Season 2 after the cliffhanger ending of the first season in April 2023. The Diplomat quickly became one of Netflix’s most popular shows last year thanks to star Keri Russell’s compelling performance as Kate Wyler, the new US Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

The Diplomat Season 2 promises to pick up right where the explosive events of the Season 1 finale left off. Here is everything we know so far about what to expect when The Diplomat Season 2 finally premieres.

When Will The Diplomat Season 2 Be Released?

Netflix has confirmed that The Diplomat Season 2 is coming in 2024, but an exact release date has not been announced yet.

The Diplomat was renewed for a second season shortly after the first debuted last April. Even with pandemic-related production delays, Netflix still expects Season to air sometime in 2024.

Fans are hopeful that The Diplomat Season 2 could arrive in the first half of 2024, since season 1 launched in April 2023. But Netflix has not provided any release timeframe details beyond confirming season 2 is on track for 2024.

What Will The Diplomat Season 2 Be About?

The Season 2 will pick up immediately after the events of the shocking Season 1 finale, which ended with a deadly attack that left the fates of several characters uncertain.

Showrunner Debora Cahn has said she purposely ended season 1 on a cliffhanger “to make people want more.”

The Diplomat Season 2 will continue Ambassador Kate Wyler’s struggles to balance international political crises with her personal life in the public eye. The second season is expected to resolve the finale’s cliffhangers and also introduce new diplomatic challenges for Wyler to tackle.

Cahn has hinted that The Diplomat storylines will continue to parallel real-world current events. So Season 2 could take inspiration from major international news stories that developed in 2023 leading up to the new season’s release.

Who Is in The Cast for The Diplomat Season 2?

Keri Russell will return as Ambassador Kate Wyler for The Diplomat Season 2, along with most of the core cast from Season 1.

The Diplomat has added Emmy winner Allison Janney in a major role for season 2. Janney is known for acclaimed performances on The West Wing and Mom. She will play a new character that is expected to cause problems for Ambassador Wyler.

Also returning for Season 2 are David Gyasi as Wyler’s husband Mike, Rory Kinnear as British Prime Minister Neil Pickering, and Ali Ahn as press aide Isabel.

Based on the finale’s twists, it is unclear if comedian Rob Delaney will reprise his role as British MP Ted Elliot in The Diplomat Season 2.

But fans are hoping Mike’s fate will be revealed and that popular characters like Elliot could still return in some capacity.

Is There a Trailer For The Diplomat Season 2?

Netflix has not released a trailer or any footage for The Diplomat Season 2 yet. The streaming service usually drops trailers 1-2 months before a new season premieres.

So a trailer likely won’t arrive until closer to The Diplomat Season 2’s still unannounced release date.

But when Netflix shares the first look at footage from Season 2, it should offer exciting hints about where the story and characters are headed after the dramatic events of the season 1 finale.

What to Expect From The Diplomat Season 2

The first season of The Diplomat ended with a bang, so fans have high hopes for what The Diplomat Season 2 will deliver.

Viewers can expect to see Keri Russell continue to shine as Ambassador Kate Wyler faces new political and personal trials. The addition of Allison Janney promises to introduce an intriguing new wrinkle to the dynamics in season 2.

And based on showrunner Debora Cahn’s comments, it is safe to anticipate that Season 2 will waste no time diving into the fallout from the season 1 finale that left core characters in jeopardy.

The compelling acting performances and writing that made The Diplomat a breakout Netflix hit should ensure The Diplomat Season 2 will be well worth however long the wait ends up being.

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