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The Cat in the Hat Movie Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot and Everything We Know

One of the most beloved children’s books of all time is getting a brand-new movie adaptation. Dr. Seuss’ “The Cat in the Hat”, published in 1957, introduced generations of children to the mischievous yet lovable cat character. 

While a live-action movie was released in 2003, it received poor reviews and failed to capture the magic of the original story. Now, a new animated The Cat in the Hat movie is in the works with an all-star voice cast and a 2026 release date planned. Let’s take a closer look at everything we know so far about this upcoming film.

The Cat in the Hat movie Release Date

Warner Bros. has announced that the new The Cat in the Hat movie will be hitting theatres on March 6, 2026. This gives fans almost three years to wait for the feline friend’s cinematic return. 

It’s an early date for such a big animated film, so it’s likely still in the early stages of production. We may not get a full trailer until late 2025. But the studio seems confident about the March 2026 release window for now.

The Cat in the Hat movie Trailer

With the movie still years away, a full trailer has not been released yet. All we’ve gotten so far is the initial announcement revealing the voice cast and the 2026 release date. This was accompanied by a simple teaser poster showing The Cat balancing a book on his head. 

As production ramps up in the coming years, fans can expect to get their first look at animated footage in the form of a teaser trailer sometime in 2024 or 2025. It will be exciting to get a glimpse of this new take on the classic The Cat in the Hat story brought to life.

The Cat in the Hat movie Cast

Leading the all-star voice cast of The Cat in the Hat movie is comedian Bill Hader (“Barry”, “SNL”) as the titular mischievous cat character. Joining him are some huge names like Quinta Brunson (“Abbott Elementary”), Bowen Yang (“SNL”), Xochitl Gomez (“Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”), Matt Berry (“What We Do in the Shadows”), and Paula Pell (“Girls5Eva”). 

It’s an incredibly talented group that will help bring the wacky world of The Cat in the Hat to life. Fans can’t wait to hear these comedic actors take on the roles.

The Cat in the Hat movie Plot

While staying fairly loyal to the spirit of Dr. Seuss’ beloved story, the plot of The Cat in the Hat movie diverges slightly from the book. According to the film’s synopsis, The Cat will travel the globe trying to spread joy to children in need. 

But his biggest challenge comes when he encounters a pair of siblings struggling to adjust to their new town. How will The Cat help cheer up these unhappy kids? Fans will have to wait for the movie to find out. Expanding on the original short story is necessary to carry a full-feature film runtime.

The Cat in the Hat movie Production

The Cat in the Hat movie is being directed by Alessandro Carloni and Erica Rivinoja, with Daniela Mazzucato and Jared Stern producing. Susan Brandt, president and CEO of Dr. Seuss Enterprises, will also serve as an executive producer. 

Animation Studio MVP Animation will be handling the CGI visuals. With an A-list cast and talent behind the scenes, it seems Warner Bros. wants this film to be a definitive adaptation that truly captures the magic of Dr. Seuss’ timeless creation.

What can Fans expect from The Cat in the Hat movie?

Fans are hoping the The Cat in the Hat movie can correct the missteps of the poorly received 2003 live-action version. As an animated film, it has the opportunity to bring the visuals of the classic story truly to life. 

With a comic star like Bill Hader voicing the charming troublemaker cat, laughter is promised. The all-star cast also ensures the humour and heart fans love will be front and centre. 

If the filmmakers can tap into what made the original book a beloved classic, this could become a new take on The Cat in the Hat that fans of all ages can enjoy for generations to come.


Dr. Seuss’ delightful story of The Cat in the Hat has captured imaginations since its publication in 1957. Now, over 20 years since the disappointing live-action movie, fans will be treated to an all-new animated film in 2026. 

With an exciting voice cast led by Bill Hader and the magic of Dr. Seuss to draw from, this The Cat in the Hat movie has all the potential to win over both longtime fans and a new generation of children. Fans will be eagerly awaiting more updates, a trailer launch and the film’s eventual 2026 debut date over the next few years!

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