The Beekeeper

The Beekeeper Box Office Breaks an 8-Year Record.

The new action thriller The Beekeeper, starring Jason Statham, is exceeding expectations at the box office in its second weekend of release. The film is projected to have the lowest second week drop-off for a Statham movie in nearly a decade.

Strong Second Weekend Showing

According to Variety, The Beekeeper is estimated to earn an additional $8.4 million domestically in its sophomore frame. Given its $16.6 million opening weekend, this would represent a 49% decline week-to-week.

This hold would give The Beekeeper the smallest second-weekend drop for a Jason Statham action film since 2016’s The Mechanic: Resurrection, which declined 40.5% in its second week.

Best Statham Debut in Years

In addition, The Beekeeper’s $16.6 million debut marked Statham’s best opening weekend since 2018’s The Meg. Most of his recent titles have posted modest starts below $10 million.

So the film is displaying strong box office legs in addition to its initially solid opening numbers. This is impressive for an original, non-franchise release headlined by Statham.

Outpacing Recent Statham Actioners

While The Beekeeper’s earnings pale in comparison to Statham’s box office hits in the Fast and Furious franchise, the movie is handily outgrossing his other recent solo action projects.

For example, 2021’s Wrath of Man topped out at just $26 million total domestically. And 2022’s Operation Fortune stalled at $5.5 million. So The Beekeeper is already far outpacing those films.

Benefitting From Positive Reviews

Very strong reviews for The Beekeeper are helping drive its theatrical performance. The film sits at 89% positive on Rotten Tomatoes, with critics praising the intense action scenes and Statham’s compelling lead performance.

Audiences seem to be responding to the gritty, satisfying vigilante justice tale, which centers on Statham going after cyber con artists who scammed his friend.

The Beekeeper Playing Well Nationwide

Another positive sign for The Beekeeper is that it is drawing decent crowds across North America, not just in major markets. The film is overperforming in America’s heartland, which bodes well.

Director David Ayer and lead actor Jason Statham have their respective fanbases in middle America. The Beekeeper’s themes resonate through the country, boosting its wide appeal

Outlook for Continued Success

Thanks to stellar word of mouth, The Beekeeper should continue holding very well moving forward. The film now has a chance to be a respectable mid-level hit, especially if it can display legs similar to last year’s plane thriller 7500.

For Statham, it represents a much-needed box office bright spot after a string of underperforming vehicles. The actor still has major appeal in the right role.

Another Potential Franchise for Statham?

Given the positive reception, The Beekeeper could potentially spawn a new action franchise for Jason Statham. He remains one of the most reliable veteran stars in the genre.

If a sequel does materialize down the line, one would assume it will retain director David Ayer and writer Kurt Wimmer to maintain the same tone. But Statham seems game to keep exploring this intense, brooding character.


With great reviews and smallest second-week drop-off for a Statham action movie in nearly a decade, The Beekeeper is shaping up as a solid hit.

In the fickle world of box office, any original, non-IP driven film needs great word of mouth to succeed. So far, The Beekeeper has achieved that thanks to crowd-pleasing action and Statham’s magnetic performance.

The film provided exactly what the actor’s fans wanted. And if it keeps up this momentum, talk of a potential Beekeeper franchise built around Statham seems inevitable.

The Beekeeper 2 could easily become a reality if the film keeps displaying box office endurance and crowd-pleasing power in subsequent weeks. But for now, Statham is buzzing in theaters.

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