Road Glide and Street Glide

The 2024 Harley-Davidson Road Glide and Street Glide: First Look

Harley-Davidson has revealed the 2024 models of two of its most iconic touring motorcycles – the Road Glide and Street Glide. For 2024, the American motorcycle manufacturer has given these flagship bikes a major overhaul with updated styling, improved engines and ride quality, additional technology features, and more.

Overview of Key Upgrades

Some of the key upgrades on the 2024 Harley-Davidson Road Glide and Street Glide include:

  • More powerful Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-twin engine
  • Refined styling with new fairings, lights, and finishes
  • Larger 12.3-inch touchscreen display with new infotainment system
  • Electronic rider aids like cornering ABS, traction control and drag torque control
  • Upgraded suspension components for better handling and comfort

With these comprehensive improvements, Harley aims to usher in a “new era of motorcycle touring” with the 2024 editions of these iconic models.

Enhanced Milwaukee-Eight 117-Engine

The Road Glide and Street Glide now come equipped with an enhanced Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-twin engine, replacing the 107 engine of previous models.

This 1,917cc engine has new cylinder heads, intake, throttle body and airbox. Harley-Davidson claims it makes 105 hp and 130 lb-ft of torque, providing a noticeable boost in power over the outgoing models.

Fuel efficiency and emissions have also been improved thanks to the new oval-shaped intake ports and redesigned combustion chamber. Overall refinement is better as well.

Road Glide and Street Glide Sharper Styling

Harley’s designers have given the 2024 Road Glide and Street Glide sleeker, sharper styling while still retaining the core DNA of these iconic models.

The Road Glide gets a new frame-mounted shark nose fairing with a taller profile. It has new LED daymaker headlights and LED fog lamps for better visibility.

The Street Glide has an evolved batwing fairing maintaining its signature look. Both bikes feature new finishes, colors, and graphics to stand out.

Advanced Technology

Harley-Davidson has equipped the new touring duo with the latest technology features for connectivity, entertainment, and ride enhancement.

A new 12.3-inch TFT touchscreen display acts as the interface for the powerful new Harley-Davidson Skyline infotainment system powered by Android Auto. High-end audio is provided by a 200-watt amplifier and a pair of fairing-mounted speakers.

The bikes also come with a full suite of electronic rider aids selectable via ride modes. This includes cornering ABS, traction control, vehicle hold control and drag torque control for added safety and performance.

Refined Suspension and Braking

To complement the enhanced engine performance, Harley has upgraded the suspension and brakes on the 2024 Road Glide and Street Glide.

The bikes now come equipped with Showa Separate Function Big Piston front forks offering reduced dive during braking. Rear suspension travel has been increased for a smoother ride.

For superior stopping power, the front brakes now have large 320mm discs gripped by Brembo radial-mount 4-piston calipers. Larger 300mm rear disc rotors boost braking performance as well.

Improved Ergonomics

In addition to the mechanical upgrades, Harley has also worked on refining the ergonomics of these touring models.

The rider triangle and seating position have been optimized on the 2024 Road Glide and Street Glide for enhanced long-distance comfort. Redesigned seats offer additional support while remaining comfortable.

New hand controls and switchgear improve convenience and reduce fatigue. The intuitive interface makes accessing various systems and aids easier while riding.

More Distinct Ride Characters

While their DNA remains similar, Harley aims to deliver more differentiated ride experiences with the two models.

The 2024 Road Glide maintains its “mile-eating” touring abilities with a focus on comfort and easy handling for long days in the saddle.

On the other hand, the 2024 Street Glide has more of an athletic, performance-oriented edge, with a lighter and more responsive feel for riders seeking a lively and agile touring motorcycle.

Pricing and Availability

The 2024 Harley-Davidson Road Glide and Street Glide models are already starting to arrive at Harley dealerships across the country.

Pricing starts at $25,999 for these new models, a premium of around $2000 over the previous years’ starting prices. More than 65 accessories and options are also available to customize the bikes.

Overall, the 2024 Road Glide and Street Glide represent a major leap forward for Harley-Davidson’s most popular touring motorcycles. With enhanced performance, technology, comfort, and style, these new flagship models are poised to continue their success story

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