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Terrifier 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot and Everything We Know

Terrifier 3, the highly anticipated next instalment in Damien Leone’s horror franchise, is set to deliver even more bloody mayhem when it arrives in theatres later this year. Terrifier 3 will continue the slasher saga of Art the Clown, the murderous clown who has terrified audiences in the previous Terrifier films.

With Terrifier 2 becoming a surprise box office hit in 2022, expectations are high for what demented tricks Leone has up his sleeve for Terrifier 3. Here is everything we know so far about the next chapter in the spine-chilling Terrifier series.

Terrifier 3 Release Date

Terrifier 3 is scheduled to slice its way into theatres on October 25, 2024, just in time for the Halloween season. Filming is set to begin in February 2024, so it will be a quick turnaround to meet the October release date.

Leone has suggested that Terrifier 3 may be split into two parts, as the story has expanded considerably. But as of now, the plan is for just one Terrifier 3 movie to arrive in October 2024.

Terrifier 3 Cast

The main cast members from the previous Terrifier films are expected to return to Terrifier 3. David Howard Thornton will be back once again as the demonic clown Art the Clown, the role that has made him a horror icon.

Lauren LaVera is also slated to reprise her role as Sienna Shaw, the major survivor from Terrifier 2 who will likely play a key part in the next instalment.

One character confirmed to return is the creepy little pale girl, played by Amelie McLain. The mysterious pale girl had a memorable debut in Terrifier 2, so fans will be excited to see her evil character expanded in Terrifier 3.

There is no word yet on whether other Terrifier 2 cast members like Samantha Scaffidi as Victoria will also be back for more carnage.

Terrifier 3 Story Details

Plot details are mostly under wraps for Terrifier 3, but based on the ending of Terrifier 2, we can expect the story to pick up right where the last film ended.

Terrifier 2 concluded with a twisted reveal that built up the lore and supernatural elements of the Terrifier universe. Director Damien Leone has said Terrifier 3 will provide answers to many of the questions left hanging in the previous film.

Leone has confirmed that movie will take place around Christmas, with Art the Clown bringing his demented brand of holiday horror. The Christmas setting will give the Terrifier series a fresh new backdrop for Art to unleash chaos and bloodshed.

While story specifics remain vague, Leone has promised that Terrifier 3 will up the ante from the last film and feature Art the Clown’s most extreme mayhem yet. Given the over-the-top gore and violence of Terrifier 2, that is a terrifying prospect for what Leone has in store next.

Terrifier 3 Trailer

There is no Terrifier 3 trailer yet, as the threequel is still in the early stages of pre-production. The first teaser trailer likely won’t arrive until summer 2024, giving just a bloody taste of what to expect.

But with filming not beginning until February 2024, it will probably be late spring or early summer before we get our first real look at footage from Terrifier 3.

Once the trailer does drop, it will surely break the internet, as anticipation for Terrifier 3 has reached a fever pitch after the underground success of Terrifier 2. The trailer will give diehard fans their first glimpse of the Christmas-set murder and mayhem.

What to Expect From Terrifier 3

Based on Leone’s comments, movie aims to amp up the shock value even beyond the last film, which is no easy feat. The over-the-top practical effects and graphic kills achieved horror infamy in Terrifier 2.

But Leone believes he can top himself again in Terrifier 3, likely pushing the boundaries of violence and gore beyond where the second film went. Fans can expect the most gruesome, bloody kills of the series so far.

The expanded budget for this movie will also allow Leone to get more creative with Art the Clown’s methods of madness. Leone has free rein to take the carnage to insane new heights.

The Christmas holiday theme also presents lots of options for twisted and sinister scenarios involving Art the Clown. From killer Christmas cookies to evil elf henchmen, Leone can craft all kinds of demented holiday horror alongside Art’s usual ultra-violent rampages.

While this movie raises the bar for over-the-top gore, Leone insists the story will also expand the lore and mythology of the Terrifier universe. The third film aims to build on the surprising reveals in Terrifier 2’s finale and flesh out the supernatural backstory underpinning the franchise.

The Future of the Terrifier Franchise

The movie is not planned as the end of the road for Art the Clown. Leone has expressed his wish that the Terrifier series does not overstay its welcome, but he still has ideas for potentially continuing the franchise beyond the threequel.

Whether it goes to Terrifier 4 or even beyond, Leone has ensured that Terrifier 3 can serve as a satisfying potential conclusion if necessary. But the door remains open for future Terrifier films depending on how much gas is left in the tank for Art and his never-ending bloodlust.

For now, the main focus is on making Terrifier 3 the biggest, boldest, and most brutal entry in the franchise yet. Everything is lining up for Terrifier 3 to set a new bar for boundary-pushing horror when it creeps into theatres this October. The deadly clown’s twisted tale is far from over.

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