‘Tenet’ to Be Re-Released in Theaters Ahead of ‘Dune: Part Two’

Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending sci-fi thriller Tenet is set to return to theaters for a limited one-week engagement leading up to the release of the highly anticipated blockbuster Dune: Part Two. Warner Bros. announced that movie will be re-released in IMAX and 70mm large format starting February 23, giving audiences another chance to experience Nolan’s time-inversion epic the way it was meant to be seen.

Background on Tenet’s Original Release

Movie had the misfortune of being the first major Hollywood tentpole to debut theatrically during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was originally scheduled for a July 2020 release but was delayed multiple times until Warner Bros. settled on a risky mid-August opening. With many theaters still closed, seating capacity limited, and audiences hesitant to return, Tenet landed with a thud domestically, grossing only $58 million in North America. However, it performed respectably overseas with $307 million for a $365 million global total.

While not a financial disaster, Tenet’s disappointing box office reignited the debate over the viability of big-budget original films in the franchise era. It also soured the relationship between Nolan and Warner Bros., which became downright hostile when the studio opted for a hybrid HBO Max day-and-date release model in 2021, starting with movie star John David Washington’s next movie, The Little Things. After over 15 years and $4.2 billion in box office, Nolan and Warner Bros. parted ways.

Why Re-Release Tenet Now?:

Nolan’s latest film, Oppenheimer, is a major Oscar contender this year with 13 nominations. A film re-release allows Warner Bros. to capitalize on Nolan’s name at a peak moment of popularity. It also signals a thawing of tensions between the director and studio.

Movie was shot entirely using IMAX 70mm and 70mm large format film cameras. The film’s visual grandeur was compromised on its first release with most theaters unable to project 70mm due to COVID restrictions. This limited re-release gives audiences a chance to see Tenet as Nolan intended.

Sweetening the deal, the Tenet re-release will feature exclusive first-look footage from

, which opens March 1. Eventizing Tenet with the Dune sneak peek makes this a can’t-miss experience for sci-fi fans.

Since Tenet’s original run, the film’s co-star Robert Pattinson has become an even bigger A-lister thanks to his turn as Batman. Having two major stars in Pattinson and John David Washington gives the rerelease extra allure.

What Audiences Can Expect from Experiencing Tenet in IMAX 70mm?

Experiencing Tenet in Nolan’s preferred IMAX 70mm unlocks the director’s grand vision’s full scale, detail, and immersion.

Movie was shot using both 15/70mm IMAX film as well as 65mm large format film. IMAX 70mm has a frame size 10 times larger than standard 35mm, yielding extraordinary image clarity and a sense of depth. 70mm film has unparalleled resolution equivalent to 18K digital cinema cameras.

Seeing Tenet at an IMAX 70mm venue like Universal CityWalk or AMC Lincoln Square in New York allows viewers to see the film at the maximum possible image quality with crystal clarity and minimal grain. The IMAX sound system coupled with 70mm’s rich uncompressed audio gives the experience unmatched sonic impact.

Certain key sequences in Tenet switch aspect ratios for a truly immersive IMAX experience, including the thrilling plane crash set piece. The shifting aspect ratios and enveloping soundscape make 70mm the definitive way to experience Nolan’s technical mastery.

Will Tenet Find a Bigger Audience During Its Theatrical Re-Release?

It is still considered one of Nolan’s most perplexing and polarizing films. Between its cerebral plotting, chronology-twisting concepts, booming audio mix, and grim tone, it didn’t have the accessibility of the director’s previous hits like Inception and Interstellar.

However, coming on the heels of Nolan’s Oscar coronation and with the added value of exclusive Dune: Part Two footage, this re-release seems strategically positioned to do significantly better business than Tenet’s first go-round.

The one-week-only event should entice Nolan die-hards, Dune fans, and anyone who missed experiencing movie in its full-screen 70mm glory on its first release. Audiences now also have the benefit of knowing Tenet’s reputation for being complex and even confusing. Viewers can re-watch or newly experience the film with this perspective in mind.

While some minds may still be tangled in Tenet’s time loops, the film should play better prepared for its repetitive narrative and physics-breaking premise. And the chance to see it projected properly in 70mm IMAX will likely convert any Nolan skeptic.

Tenet may still leave some viewers scratching their heads. But it’s set to earn a bigger audience and box office on this well-timed big-screen revisit.

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