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Speak No Evil Movie Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot and Everything We Know

The upcoming psychological horror thriller Speak No Evil movie is one of the most anticipated horror movies of 2024. Based on the acclaimed 2022 Danish film of the same name, Speak No Evil movie comes from Blumhouse Productions and promises to deliver an intensely chilling remake.

Here is everything we know so far about the plot, cast, release date, trailer and more for the Speak No Evil movie.

Speak No Evil Movie Release Date

The Speak No Evil movie is scheduled to release in theatres on September 13, 2024. It was originally slated for an August 2024 release but was pushed back a month by Universal Pictures.

Horror fans will be able to experience this nightmare tale in theatres this September. The release date means Speak No Evil movie will be facing off against Paramount’s Transformers prequel movie, so it has some competition. But the built-in appeal of the original should help drive audiences to this remake.

Speak No Evil Movie Trailer

A trailer for the Speak No Evil movie will release soon. Universal Pictures will likely drop the first official trailer a few months before the film’s release, giving viewers a taste of the tension and horror that awaits.

For now, fans can look back at the memorably chilling trailer for the 2022 original film to get a sense of the tone. The remake promises to deliver plenty of squirm-inducing moments if it stays true to the Danish film.

Speak No Evil Movie Plot

The official synopsis for the Speak No Evil movie reads: “A family invited to spend a weekend in an idyllic country house go from a dream vacation to a psychological nightmare.”

The original Danish film follows a family who meets another couple on vacation and then visits them at their countryside home, only to find the supposedly friendly hosts harbour sinister intentions. The remake will likely stick close to this basic premise but give it an American twist.

Part of what made the first Speak No Evil so terrifyingly effective was the build-up of tension as the family repeatedly ignores red flags from the hosts. Fans can expect the remake to tap into the same excruciating slow-burn horror and dread.

Speak No Evil Movie Cast

James McAvoy and Mackenzie Davis are set to star as the central couple in the Speak No Evil movie remake. McAvoy’s character is likely based on Bjørn from the original, with Davis as his wife Louise.

The stellar cast also includes Scoot McNairy (Argo), potentially as the malevolent host akin to the original’s Patrick. Plus Alix West Lefler is the couple’s young daughter, and Aisling Franciosi (The Nightingale) is in a mystery role.

With McAvoy’s dramatic chops and Davis’ ability to elicit sympathy, audiences are sure to become invested in the family’s trajectory as the vacation takes a sinister turn. The cast should deliver powerful performances as the tension ratchets up.

Speak No Evil Movie Director

The Speak No Evil movie is directed by James Watkins, who helmed other horror films like The Woman in Black and Eden Lake. With horror firmly in his wheelhouse, Watkins seems like an ideal fit to handle this material.

The director has described the remake as an “existential horror film” indicating he plans to stay true to the psychological intensity of the original. Watkins’ background in gritty, character-driven horror like The Descent 2 makes him the perfect filmmaker to remake Speak No Evil.

The Original Speak No Evil Movie

The 2024 Speak No Evil movie is a remake of the 2022 Danish film Speak No Evil which became a critically acclaimed sleeper hit. The original movie premiered at Sundance and sparked buzz for its dread-filled storyline and willingness to go to extremely dark places.

Many reviewers praised Speak No Evil for eliciting visceral reactions from audiences. The upcoming American remake has high expectations from fans of the first film to match that feeling of crawling tension and shock.

Why The Speak No Evil Movie Is Anticipated

Part of the anticipation stems from the original Speak No Evil being such a word-of-mouth hit amongst horror fans. The Danish film is regarded as one of the most stressful viewing experiences in recent memory.

The basic premise allows for an extremely simple yet effective execution of slow-building tension. By putting the family in an increasingly uncomfortable situation, the remake has huge potential to deliver an agonizing horror thriller.

Add in Blumhouse’s involvement plus the casting of James McAvoy and Mackenzie Davis, and there are plenty of reasons horror fans are eagerly awaiting this remake. The film looks poised to provide an equally memorable trip into terror.

What To Expect From The Speak No Evil Movie Remake

Based on the talent attached and admiration for the original, expectations are high for the Speak No Evil movie to deliver a terrifying viewing experience. The remake seems likely to follow the same outline while putting its spin on events.

Fans can expect James Watkins’ remake to retain the simmering tension, increasing menace and overwhelming dread of the Danish film. With Blumhouse onboard, the horrors will surely be turned up to 11.

While plot specifics remain under wraps, the basic premise allows for effectively simple yet nightmarish storytelling. The calibre of talent involved inspires confidence the Speak No Evil movie will meet the high bar set by its predecessor.


With its release a year away, anticipation is steadily building for the Speak No Evil movie. The remarkable response to the original Danish film has set high expectations for this remake. But the cast and director appear up for the challenge.

Horror fans are eager to experience how the film translates the slow-burning tension and shocks of the first Speak No Evil for an American audience. This remake has huge potential if it can capture the same visceral, stressful impact.

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