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Spaceman movie Trailer: Adam Sandler is an astronaut and Paul Dano voices a talking spider in a Netflix sci-fi movie.

Netflix has released an intriguing trailer for the upcoming sci-fi drama Spaceman movie, starring Adam Sandler. Based on the novel Spaceman of Bohemia, the film follows an astronaut on a solo mission who befriends a mysterious alien creature. Spaceman movie promises to be a thought-provoking and visually stunning film, with Sandler in a rare dramatic role.

The Spaceman Movie Trailer Released

The trailer opens with Sandler’s character alone in space, already 6 months into his mission to the edge of the solar system. As the Spaceman movie synopsis explains, with nothing but isolation ahead, the astronaut named Jakub turns to an unusual source of comfort – a strange alien spider.

Paul Dano voices the alien creature, who communicates with Jakub and tries to help him make sense of his crumbling marriage back on Earth. The trailer shows their unlikely bond forming, with the spider dispensing advice like “I wish to assist you in your emotional distress.”

Spaceman movie Marks Departure for Adam Sandler

Spaceman movie represents new territory for Adam Sandler, known best for goofy comedies. The Netflix film gives Sandler the chance to showcase dramatic acting chops as a lonely, despairing man in space struggling with the dissolution of his marriage.

Viewers get a glimpse of the potent anguish Sandler brings to the performance, like when Jakub says “I’m losing my mind” to the alien spider. Spaceman’s movie looks to be a moving, thoughtful character study anchored by Sandler’s committed performance.

Spaceman Movie Boasts Impressive Pedigree Behind the Scenes

While Adam Sandler’s casting is novel, Spaceman movie has serious filmmaking talents behind the scenes to back up the unconventional choice. Acclaimed director Johan Renck, who helmed the Emmy-winning miniseries Chernobyl, directs the adaptation of the novel Spaceman of Bohemia.

The script comes from Colby Day, while Channing Tatum, Reid Carolin, and Peter Kiernan serve as producers. The level of filmmaking skill devoted to Spaceman’s movie indicates that Netflix sees the sci-fi drama as more than just a Sandler vehicle.

Visuals Look Stunning in Spaceman Movie Trailer

One of the most striking elements of the Spaceman movie trailer is the arresting visuals. Shooting in space is notoriously difficult, but Renck has crafted gorgeously haunting images to capture the utter isolation and solitude of Jakub alone in the cosmos.

The trailer depicts the majestic stillness of space through shots like Jakub floating listlessly outside his ship or staring out from inside a minimalist white chamber. The VFX bringing the alien spider to life also appears exceptional – this seems essential for audiences to invest in such an absurd-sounding idea.

Spaceman Movie Features Strong Supporting Cast

While Adam Sandler’s casting as the lead astronaut is generating headlines, Spaceman’s movie also boasts a stellar supporting cast. Carey Mulligan stars as Jakub’s estranged wife back on Earth, while Paul Dano voices the sympathetic alien spider.

Other supporting talents include Kunal Nayyar, Lena Olin, and Isabella Rossellini. With both dramatic gravitas and comedic chops represented, the ensemble should provide rich chemistry around Sandler’s central performance.

Dano’s Alien Spider Makes for Unconventional Supporting Role

The image of Paul Dano voicing a talking space spider advising Adam Sandler presents a highly uncommon character. Dano has shown his talent for eccentric roles before, but the alien creature should test his ability for vocal characterization.

How believable and emotive Dano makes this absurd concept will greatly impact its success. If he can bring heart and humor to the alien spider, it could be an unexpectedly poignant supporting turn. Dano’s audible performance will be crucial for bonding audiences to this zany creation.

Spaceman Movie Provides Change of Pace for Sandler Fans

Adam Sandler’s fans are used to seeing him in fairly juvenile comedies. So the brooding, emotional sci-fi of Spaceman movie will offer something different for both Sandler and his loyal audience.

While still offering some humorous moments, principally through Dano’s talking spider, Spaceman’s movie looks to deliver a more mature, dramatic Sandler. For those open to something outside his wheelhouse, this could make for a refreshing change of pace.

Final Thought

The Spaceman movie looks to be an ambitious sci-fi drama from Netflix, providing an atypical starring vehicle for Adam Sandler. With its impressive creative team, thought-provoking source material, and Sandler’s rare dramatic role, the film has real potential to be an impactful, human story set against the infinite void of space. Spaceman movie premieres on Netflix this March.

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