Sony Spider-Man Star Transforms Into A Popular Marvel Fancast In Stunning Artwork

Exciting new fan art imagines Sony Spider-Man actress Sydney Sweeney transforming into a different Marvel character – the popular antihero Black Cat. In a striking edit, Sweeney is depicted alongside her Anyone But You co-star Glen Powell as Spider-Man, sparking speculation about potential future superhero roles for the duo.

Sweeney and Powell as Black Cat and Spidey

The impressive fan art comes courtesy of Instagram user @venomhology, known for creative Marvel edits. It shows Sydney Sweeney sporting the iconic platinum blonde locks and skintight black costume of Felicia Hardy’s Black Cat, gazing into the eyes of Glen Powell as a masked Spider-Man.

The romantic tension between them mirrors Sweeney and Powell’s chemistry in their recent R-rated comedy Anyone But You. Fans quickly praised how perfectly the actors seem suited to embody the Spider-Man/Black Cat dynamic.

Sweeney’s Current Sony Marvel Role

While highly fan cast by fans as Black Cat, Sydney Sweeney is already set to enter the Sony Spider-Man universe in another key role. She portrays Julia Carpenter, aka Spider-Woman, in the upcoming movie Madame Web.

So while Sweeney is unlikely to also portray Felicia Hardy in a Sony project, the art highlights how seamlessly she could transition into the mischievous Black Cat part. Marvel fans are eager to see her talents showcased in a superhero context.

Who Could Glen Powell Play in the MCU?

As Tom Holland seems cemented as Spider-Man for the foreseeable future, Glen Powell playing Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe also appears implausible currently.

But Powell’s rising stardom could see him land another coveted Marvel hero role down the line. Thanks to his Top Gun: Maverick performance, fans widely want to see Powell as the Human Torch in the upcoming MCU Fantastic Four reboot.

Other fitting parts for Powell could include Cyclops, Moon Knight, Nova, or Adam Warlock. The charismatic actor has the versatility to ace any of these Marvel fan favorites.

Sweeney’s Dramatic Talents Could Lead to Meaty Marvel Roles

While her breakout came via Euphoria, Sydney Sweeney has proven her range across more projects recently like The White Lotus and Madame Web. This positions her well for meaty potential roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Sweeney’s dramatic chops could knock prestigious characters like Emma Frost or Rogue out of the park for the MCU X-Men. Mystique is another mutant part that seems a worthy fit for her talents.

Black Cat’s Rich Comic History

First introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man #194 in 1979, Black Cat has become one of Marvel Comics’ most complex and popular antiheroines. Originally a burglar, Felicia Hardy eventually became a crime fighter and one of Spider-Man’s most prominent love interests.

Black Cat stands out for her unique abilities, cunning personality, and edgy black leather outfit. She remains a pivotal Spider-Man character and a major fan favorite.

Previous Live-Action Versions

While never given a truly substantial role, Black Cat has appeared briefly in both live-action universes related to Spider-Man.

Felicity Jones appeared very briefly as Felicia Hardy in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, without ever actually becoming Black Cat. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse also featured a supporting voice role for Black Cat.

But fans are still waiting to see the enigmatic Marvel antiheroine in a meaty live-action adaptation. Sydney Sweeney could undoubtedly do the part justice.

Potential for a Spin-Off

Given her popularity in the comics since debuting in 1979, Black Cat seems a very viable candidate to eventually headline her own Marvel blockbuster.

Felicia Hardy’s colorful background provides plenty of story material – from her stints as both burglar and vigilante, to her friendships with Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Doctor Strange.

A Black Cat solo movie or Disney+ series could thrive if handled correctly and given to a talented lead like Sydney Sweeney to bring the exuberant character to life.

Spider-Man Connection Less Likely Currently

Had earlier plans come to fruition, the Black Cat and Spider-Man dynamic might have already been established in live-action. But rights issues make this less feasible for now.

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man being at Sony while Black Cat resides with Marvel Studios makes pairing Sweeney and Powell as the duo unlikely. But down the line, Spidey and Felicia teaming up remains possible.

Character Has Crossover Potential

One advantage of Black Cat in Marvel’s multimedia universe is her connections span across multiple franchises related to Spider-Man.

Felicia Hardy has a history with other New York-based heroes like Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Punisher, and more. So she could feasibly cross over into numerous projects, increasing her exposure.

Sony Still Building Out Spider-Verse

With Tom Holland seemingly staying put, Sony Pictures still hopes to flesh out their own shared Spider-Man universe starring characters like Venom, Kraven the Hunter, Madame Web, and others.

Introducing Black Cat down the line remains an option for Sony, whether portrayed by Sweeney or another actress. Felicia is too popular in the canon to stay on the sidelines forever.

Risk of Redundancy

One downside is that Black Cat’s skillset as a sneaky burglar-vigilante overlap significantly with Marvel’s existing Black Widow. This could risk Felicia feeling redundant.

To stand out, Black Cat would need to lean into her unique swagger and banter to separate her from Scarlett Johansson’s established character. Highlighting her rapport with Spider-Man from the comics would also help.

Perfect Timing

One thing is certain – the timing could not be better for Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell to make their Marvel Cinematic Universe debuts. The two are riding career highs following Euphoria, The White Lotus, and Top Gun: Maverick respectively.

Marvel would be wise to capitalize on their soaring popularity and on-screen chemistry and lock them down for superhero roles. The new fan art offers just a glimpse of how perfectly they could bring comic book characters to life on the big screen.


This stunning edit of Sydney Sweeney as Black Cat highlighting her and Glen Powell’s chemistry has ignited excitement among Marvel fans. While just hypothetical for now, their inherent rapport could propel whichever future superhero projects they end up starring in together.

With both their stars rising, seeing Sweeney as Black Cat or another compelling heroine paired with Powell’s hypothetical Spider-Man or a different Marvel lead would be truly thrilling. For now, fans can only hope this eye-catching art manifests into a blockbuster reality someday.

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