Too Aggressive in Test cricket’: Sunil Gavaskar After Shubman’s Failure

The recent defeat of the Indian cricket team against South Africa in Centurion brought to light a concerning statistic regarding Shubman Gill’s performance in Test cricket. Despite being considered a promising young batsman, Gill accumulated only 994 runs in 35 Test innings, falling short of Ravichandran Ashwin’s 1006 runs at a comparable stage. The Boxing Day Test added to the worry, with Gill managing scores of 2 and 26.

Shubman Gill

In the cricketing world, where numbers speak volumes, Gill’s struggle became a topic of discussion and analysis.

Gavaskar’s Evaluation on Shubman Gill

Seeking to make sense of Gill‘s downturn in form, former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar provided his evaluation. Gavaskar pointed out, “I think he is playing a bit too aggressively in Test cricket.” His assessment delved into the nuances of different formats, emphasizing the distinct challenges posed by Test cricket compared to T20Is and ODIs.

Gavaskar highlighted the behavior of the red ball, which tends to move more in the air and off the pitch. This characteristic demands a more measured and thoughtful approach from batsmen, something Gill seemed to be overlooking in his recent outings.

Centurion Woes

Examining Gill’s dismissals in the Centurion Test provides a closer look at his aggressive mindset. In the first innings, he lost his wicket attempting a shot down the leg side, a move that reflected a lack of restraint. The second innings saw Gill facing a challenging yorker from Marco Jansen, resulting in a clean dismissal. These instances underlined the urgency for Gill to reassess his approach in the longest format of the game.

Gavaskar’s Hope

Despite the challenges, Gavaskar expressed hope for Gill’s return to form. He encouraged the young batsman to put in extra effort in training and stressed the necessity of adapting to the unique demands of Test cricket. Gavaskar’s optimism was rooted in Gill’s promising start to his career, and he urged fans to be patient and supportive during this testing phase.

Gill’s Red Ball Journey

Gill’s journey in red ball cricket began on a high note with impressive performances during the Australia tour in 2020/21. However, the momentum seemed to wane after his remarkable 91 at Gabba. In the subsequent 29 innings, Gill managed only 735 runs, including two centuries and two fifties. The disparity between his red ball and white ball success raised questions about his adaptability and consistency.

Change in Batting Position

An additional layer to Gill’s challenge came with a change in his batting position. With Cheteshwar Pujara losing his place in the Test squad, Gill transitioned from the opener’s slot to number three. This shift in responsibility added complexity to Gill’s struggle, requiring him to adjust his game to the different demands of the format.


As Shubman Gill grapples with challenges in Test cricket, Sunil Gavaskar’s insights provide valuable perspective. The importance of adapting playing styles across formats becomes evident, emphasizing the need for Gill to strike a balance between aggression and restraint. While Gill’s journey is currently challenging, there is room for hope and potential resurgence through the right adjustments and dedicated training. The cricketing community awaits Gill’s response to this phase of adversity, anticipating a triumphant return to form.

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