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Sebastian Pinera: Former Chilean President Passes Away in Helicopter Accident

Sebastian Pinera, the former two-term president of Chile, has died at age 74 in a helicopter crash near the town of Lago Ranco.

He was aboard his helicopter with three other passengers when it went down into a lake on February 6th, 2024. The other occupants survived the crash, but Sebastian Pinera sadly did not.

National mourning has been declared in Chile and tributes have flowed in from across Latin America for the conservative billionaire politician. His body was recovered from the wreckage by the Chilean navy.

Sebastian Pinera Shocking Loss for Chile

The sudden passing of Sebastian Pinera in the helicopter accident has come as a great shock to Chile.

He served as president from 2010 to 2014, then again from 2018 until 2022. Sebastian Pinera was credited with spurring economic growth during his first term in office.

Current Chilean President Gabriel Boric announced three official days of mourning for Sebastian Pinera. He will receive a state funeral to honour his legacy as a leader.

Miner Rescue Brought Global Fame

While a divisive figure at home, he was renowned internationally for overseeing the rescue of 33 trapped miners in 2010.

The miners spent a harrowing 69 days stuck deep underground in the Atacama Desert before being brought to safety.

He was there to greet and hug each miner as they emerged. This moment brought him great praise and fame around the world.

Businessman Turned President

Before entering politics, Sebastian Pinera was one of Chile’s most prominent businessmen.

He studied economics at Harvard and became a billionaire through prescient investments. Sebastian Pinera introduced credit cards to Chile via his Bancard company.

He also had stakes in Chile’s major airline, top football team, and a TV channel. Sebastian Pinera leveraged this business background in his political career.

Conservative Agenda Sparked Protests

He ended 20 years of liberal rule in Chile when elected in 2010 on a conservative platform.

He prioritized economic growth and order over social reforms. Sebastian Pinera clashes with student protesters demanding education improvements.

In 2019, his government was rocked by riots over inequality. He responded with a violent crackdown that saw his popularity plummet.

Post-Presidency and Helicopter Passion

He left office in March 2022 at the end of his second term as president. He returned to private life but retained a passion for flying helicopters, often piloting himself around Chile.

It is as yet unconfirmed if Sebastian Pinera was at the controls when his helicopter crashed into the lake. The ex-president was the sole fatality in the accident.

Chile has lost a towering political figure who embodied both the highs and lows of its modern history.

Mixed Legacy for Chile

Sebastian Pinera leaves behind a complex legacy in Chile. He was the nation’s first conservative leader after Pinochet.

Supporters credit him for spurring economic growth and highlighting Chile on the world stage during his first term.

Critics argue he failed to address inequality and respond to protesters’ demands. His second term ended amidst widespread unrest.

But most Chileans mourn the shocking loss of life rather than debate Sebastian Pinera’s checkered record today.

Latin American Leaders Pay Tribute

Prominent politicians across Latin America have paid tribute to Sebastian Pinera following the news of his death. Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva said he was “surprised and saddened” by the passing of his former counterpart.

Meanwhile, Colombia’s former president Iván Duque mourned the “irreplaceable loss” of his friend Sebastian Pinera. Despite political differences, Latin American leaders acknowledged Pinera’s long-standing impact.

Condolences from Successor

Current Chilean President Gabriel Boric offered heartfelt condolences for the death of his predecessor Sebastian Pinera.

Though from opposing political camps, Boric struck a unifying tone following the helicopter tragedy.

He called on all Chileans to “dream it, draw it and build it together” in honour of the late Sebastian Pinera.

Party divisions have been set aside to mourn Chile’s ex-leader. Boric ordered national mourning and a state funeral.

Questions Over Crash Causes

Chilean authorities have opened an investigation into what caused Sebastian Pinera’s fatal helicopter crash. Early indications point to mechanical failure rather than pilot error. But the exact circumstances remain unclear.

He was known to fly his helicopters. But it is unconfirmed if he was piloting at the time of the accident. The ongoing probe seeks to determine the factors behind the shocking tragedy that claimed his life.

State Funeral Scheduled

A state funeral has been scheduled to honour Sebastian Pinera following his untimely death aged 74.

Current president Gabriel Boric declared three days of national mourning in Chile after the helicopter crash.

He will receive a farewell fit for a former head of state. Dignitaries from across Chile and Latin America are expected to attend and pay respects.

An outpouring of grief from supporters and opponents alike will accompany his casket through the capital.

Chile will come together to commemorate the life and complex legacy of Sebastian Pinera. Though gone, he will not be forgotten by history.

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