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Sania Mirza’s family clears the air following Shoaib Malik’s second marriage, despite being divorced for a few months.

After former Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik announced his marriage to actress Sana Javed this week, tennis star Sania Mirza’s family has clarified that she and Malik have already been divorced for a few months. Mirza’s family shared a statement requesting privacy and abstinence from speculation during this sensitive time.

Announcement from Sania Mirza’s Family

On Saturday, Shoaib Malik posted images on social media with Pakistani actress Sana Javed from their wedding ceremony. This led to confusion and speculation regarding his marriage to Indian tennis icon Sania Mirza.

To clear the air, Mirza’s family shared an official statement revealing that she and Malik have been divorced for the last few months. They requested that fans respect Mirza’s need for privacy during this period and refrain from indulging in any speculation regarding her personal life.

A Private Person

Sania Mirza has always maintained a distance between her public persona and personal matters. According to her family’s statement, she and Shoaib Malik mutually parted ways a few months ago.

Being a private person, Mirza did not make any official announcement regarding her divorce at the time, keeping it out of the limelight. Her family emphasized that she wishes Malik well going forward.

Reaction from Mirza’s Father

Previously, Sania Mirza’s father Imran had stated that his daughter and Shoaib Malik’s divorce happened through ‘Khula’ before Malik remarried. Under Khula, a wife can initiate and complete a divorce unilaterally without consent.

Imran’s confirmation aligned with the official statement about Mirza and Malik’s divorce taking place months prior. With Mirza’s wedding and motherhood also having taken place out of the public eye, she has always valued privacy in her personal life.

A New Phase

Sania Mirza considered one of India’s most renowned tennis players, married Shoaib Malik back in 2010 in her hometown of Hyderabad. The pair have a son together, born in 2018.

Now at age 37, Mirza is embarking on a new phase both professionally and personally following her split from Malik. She deserves space to process events privately before sharing any details publicly on her own time.

Handling Speculation

Despite Sania Mirza’s clear desire for privacy, speculation was rife following ex-husband Shoaib Malik’s wedding images surfacing online. Her family’s statement aimed to preemptively dispel rumors or invasive public scrutiny.

By transparently revealing that Mirza and Malik have already divorced, the speculation can be put to rest. Mirza’s family made the right call addressing the matter promptly and clearing up misconceptions.

A Tennis Icon Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza remains a revered figure in Indian sports, having established herself as the country’s most successful female tennis player of all time. She has inspired countless young girls to take up the sport.

While her relationships elicit curiosity, she has earned the right to handle things privately and on her terms. Her public standing remains undiminished, with her accomplishments untouched by personal circumstances.

Lessons in Priorities

The grace and maturity with which Sania Mirza has handled her private matters offers lessons about setting priorities. She has never let media attention or public chatter detract her from tennis excellence.

Her ability to separate on-court brilliance from off-court situations shows wisdom and level-headedness well beyond her years. She sets an example for maintaining control over one’s private life.


Sania Mirza’s divorce announcement confirms that public figures also deserve privacy, especially during pivotal personal moments. Rather than speculating or spreading misinformation, her true fans will give her space.

No matter what new direction her life takes, Mirza’s iconic status and inspirational tennis journey remain etched in history. This latest phase will likely be handled with the same composure that has defined her illustrious career.

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