Royal Enfield Shotgun 650

Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 Review: Specifications and Price in UK

The new Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 cruiser motorcycle aims to bring an exciting and affordable riding experience. Royal Enfield recently unveiled the production version of the Shotgun 650 after first revealing the concept model in 2021.

With a sporty design and responsive handling, the Shotgun 650 looks to appeal to younger riders. Let’s examine the key specs, pricing, and real-world performance of this stylish middleweight cruiser.

Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 Design Takes Cues from Concept

While not an exact copy, the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 production bike retains the spirit of the striking STG650 concept model. It has several custom styling touches like the fuel tank, slim mudguards, and rounded headlight nacelle.

The moody matte-black engine finish and paintwork tie together nicely. Royal Enfield will offer four colour options at launch, including the eye-catching Stencil White shown in test photos.

Frame and Engine Shared with Meteor 650

The new Shotgun 650 shares its twin-spar steel frame and 648cc parallel-twin engine with the Super Meteor 650 cruiser. However, Royal Enfield engineers have substantially altered the chassis and suspension.

This gives the Shotgun 650 sharper, more responsive handling compared to its relaxed sibling. The key geometry changes include a steeper rake, shorter wheelbase, and 18/17-inch wheels rather than 19/16-inch.

Bespoke Suspension for Sportier Dynamics

To match its sportier aspirations, the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 gets bespoke suspension settings. The 43mm Showa forks offer less travel and tweaked damping compared to the Meteor 650.

Out back, the twin shock absorbers are 20mm taller on the Shotgun 650. This alters the bike’s geometry and riding position for increased cornering clearance. The suspension and new wheels transform the Shotgun’s handling.

Engine Delivers Usable Power

The proven 648cc, air-cooled parallel-twin engine delivers 46hp and 38lb-ft torque. This provides adequate hustle while remaining A2 license compliant.

Vibrations are kept under control, with only minor tingling through the bars. The engine feels responsive with smooth power delivery and a pleasing exhaust note.

Nimble Handling Defies Cruiser Looks

Despite its laidback cruiser styling, the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 is agile and holds its line well through sweeping corners. Steering is neutral and well-weighted. Ground clearance is limited when pushed hard, but the bike still handles curves better than most cruisers.

The Shotgun 650 can easily be thrown into turns with the rear brake-controlled slides adding to the fun. It’s lively without being intimidating.

Brakes Perform Well Despite Basic Spec

Considering its heft and only basic two-piston callipers, the brakes work impressively well. The large 320mm front rotor offers strong stopping power. The rear brake is sharp and easy to modulate, with unobtrusive ABS control.

Brake performance inspires confidence, allowing late braking when riding spiritedly. Overall, the Shotgun 650 delivers sporty handling and braking beyond its cruiser look and price tag.

Suspension Could Be More Plush

While the bespoke suspension helps to handle, ride comfort is merely average. The shortened travel means the Shotgun 650 can feel overly firm and jittery over larger bumps and potholes. Adding more preload or slightly softer damping might improve the ride.

Vibrations through the pegs and bars are acceptable for a middleweight twin. Wind protection is minimal, but the upright riding stance avoids too much weight on the wrists.

Functional Cruiser Ergonomics

The Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 has a natural, neutral riding position. The mid-set footpegs and slightly rear-set handlebars work well around town and on the highway. Controls are light and responsive.

Pillion comfort is also reasonable thanks to the well-padded seat and foldable footpegs. The optional solo seat further enhances the stylish looks for solo riding.

Shotgun 650 Price and Availability

The new Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 will hit UK dealerships in March 2024. Pricing starts at £6,699 for the Sheetmetal Grey. The Plasma Blue and Green Drill schemes cost £6,799.

Topping the range is the eye-catching Stencil White model ridden in test images, priced at £6,899. That’s excellent value considering the Shotgun 650’s fun factor and specification.

Unique Character Among A2 Cruisers

With its distinctive style, engaging handling, and friendly power delivery, the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 fills a niche in the A2 cruiser segment. It maintains the character and value expected from the brand.

While not without some flaws, the Shotgun 650 delivers an exciting experience that belies its cruiser looks. For riders seeking a stylish, accessible middleweight cruiser, the Shotgun 650 hits the mark while keeping costs down.

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