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Richard Linklater’s ‘Hit Man’ trailer features Glen Powell as an assassin, and Netflix has set a June release date.

The first trailer for director Richard Linklater’s new dark comedy ‘Hit Man’ debuted on January 23, giving a peek at actor Glen Powell in the lead role. Streaming giant Netflix, which will release the movie, also announced a June 7 premiere date.

‘Hit Man’ stars Powell as a Houston police associate who pretends to be a hitman to catch potential clients looking to hire contract killers. However, he ends up developing an emotional investment in saving one particular woman from an abusive relationship.

The trailer shows Powell as a smooth-talking assassin

The trailer shows Powell smoothly talking to various clients looking to place hits while trying to maintain his cover. There are shades of black comedy as he fumbles his way through perilous situations.

Powell is shown threateningly pointing a gun at someone telling them, “Right now, I am the most dangerous man… because I have nothing left to lose.”

His burgeoning affection for the woman, played by Adria Arjona, also comes across. Overall, the footage depicts Powell relishing the lead role with his trademark charm and humor.

Powell’s first collaboration with Linklater since ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’

‘Hit Man’ marks Glen Powell’s reunion with acclaimed director Richard Linklater after their 2016 comedy ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’.

Powell mentioned being thrilled to collaborate with Linklater again on what he called the “role of a lifetime.” The actor co-wrote the script with Linklater, basing it on a real-life article published in Texas Monthly magazine.

Linklater is best known for indie hits like ‘Dazed and Confused’ and the romantic ‘Before’ trilogy. After ‘Hit Man’ charmed critics on the festival circuit, Netflix swooped in to acquire distribution rights.

Netflix sets June 7 release date after successful festival run

Netflix announced it will debut ‘Hit Man’ on its platform on June 7, 2024. The movie will get a limited theatrical release before that.

‘Hit Man’ was one of the most acclaimed titles at the Venice Film Festival last year where it premiered. It later screened to more rave reviews at Toronto and New York film festivals.

In his review, Variety’s Owen Gleiberman called the film “studded with delicious moments” and praised Powell’s performance. Critics highlighted the quirky tone and black comedy on display.

Powell building diverse filmography after ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

The new Netflix comedy adds to Glen Powell’s rising stock in Hollywood after his breakout role in 2022’s ‘Top Gun: Maverick’.

Powell is carefully selecting varied roles to build his range beyond just action. He will next be seen in the romance ‘Anyone But You’ opposite Demi Moore.

Being part of an auteur project like ‘Hit Man’ helmed by Richard Linklater is a great opportunity for Powell to showcase his acting chops.

Netflix’s worldwide reach will introduce the actor to more viewers who may know him from ‘Top Gun’. This will benefit his future career prospects.

Linklater known for indie hits and decade-spanning ‘Boyhood’

Richard Linklater is one of Hollywood’s most respected indie filmmakers. His iconic films include ‘Dazed and Confused’, ‘School of Rock’ and the romantic ‘Before’ trilogy starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy.

Linklater directed ‘Boyhood’, the 12-year project following a boy’s journey to adulthood. He won the Golden Globe for Best Director.

His movies are known for seamlessly combining comedy and drama with relatable characters. ‘Hit Man’ represents Linklater’s first straight up foray into comedy.

Powell and Linklater share a unique creative frequency

Glen Powell described feeling an instant creative spark with Richard Linklater right from their first collaboration on ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’

Linklater brings out the best in Powell resulting in memorable performances. Their easy rapport and understanding helps elevate the material, as evident in rave reviews for ‘Hit Man’.

Linklater seems to have found a new muse in Powell much like Ethan Hawke. This bodes well for future joint projects as their pairing delivers magic.

Netflix rom-com ‘Anyone But You’ crosses $100 million

On the heels of ‘Hit Man’ getting a Netflix release date, Glen Powell scored a huge streaming hit with his recent romantic comedy ‘Anyone But You’.

The Netflix original passed $100 million in global viewership proving Powell’s romantic hero appeal. He starred opposite Demi Moore in the feel-good movie.

Between ‘Hit Man’ and ‘Anyone But You’, Glen Powell is enjoying great success on Netflix. His ability to switch effortlessly between genres is a boon in the streaming era.

Powell’s production company co-produced ‘Hit Man’

Along with co-writing its script with Linklater, Glen Powell also served as producer on ‘Hit Man’. His production company BarnStorm Pictures backed the project.

Powell is actively involved in developing and packaging movies he wishes to see made. Producing allows him creative control over his career and choice of roles beyond just acting.

With ‘Hit Man’, Powell got the chance to build what he calls his dream role from the ground up. His BarnStorm shingle is fast emerging as a force in Hollywood.

Linklater and Powell hint at possible ‘Top Gun 3’

At the Sundance Film Festival, Glen Powell dropped some hints about a potential ‘Top Gun 3’ sequel while discussing his work with Richard Linklater on ‘Hit Man’.

Powell expressed readiness to return for another Top Gun installment centering on his fan favorite pilot character Hangman. He promised fans would be fired up if it happens.

Linklater jokingly described Powell as a “big star now” suggesting his protégé’s profile has risen significantly post ‘Top Gun: Maverick’. The tremendous success of that blockbuster makes a sequel very likely.

With ‘Hit Man’ marking his return to quirky indie comedy, Richard Linklater seems excited about Glen Powell’s future. Meanwhile, Powell’s star continues to rise rapidly. Their creative relationship is clearly built to last and enthral audiences for years to come.

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