Revolt Motors Launches the RV400 BRZ Electric Bike in India

Revolt Motors, a leading electric two-wheeler company in India, has launched its most affordable electric bike yet, the RV400 BRZ. Priced at just ₹1.3 lakh (approx. $1662), the RV400 BRZ aims to make electric mobility accessible to a wider section of buyers in India.

An Affordable Yet Powerful Electric Bike

The RV400 BRZ shares the same fundamentals as the existing RV400 model but with simplified features to achieve a lower price point. It is powered by a 3.24kWh lithium-ion battery pack and a 5kW electric motor that can deliver a top speed of 85km/h. The bike can cover 80-150km on a single charge depending on the riding mode.

While the RV400 BRZ misses out on premium features like smartphone connectivity and keyless ignition, it retains essential safety equipment like CBS, regenerative braking and side stand sensor cutoff. The bike offers three riding modes – Eco, City and Sport. It also comes with a fully digital instrument cluster displaying information like speed, battery status, mode etc. A full charge takes around 4.5 hours.

RV400 BRZ Sporty, Youthful Styling

Visually, the RV400 BRZ carries the same sporty, naked bike styling that Revolt Motors has become known for. It features an exposed steel frame, beefy front suspension, split step-up seat and angular LED headlamp. The bike will be offered in five vibrant colour options – Nebula Blue, Cosmic Black, Lunar Grey, Supernova White and Interstellar Grey.

Making Electric Mobility Accessible

At ₹1.3 lakh, the RV400 BRZ is over ₹50,000 cheaper than the RV400. This aggressive pricing makes it one of the most affordable electric bikes in India right now. For many buyers, it could be the most viable entry point into the world of electric two-wheelers.

Revolt Motors is aiming to drive the adoption of electric vehicles in India’s urban centres through the RV400 BRZ. With rising fuel prices and pollution levels, EVs are gaining popularity for daily commuting. The RV400 BRZ’s segment-leading range and performance make it a compelling option, even for first-time EV buyers.

What Experts Are Saying

Industry experts have welcomed Revolt Motors’ move to launch a more affordable EV without compromising much on quality or performance.

Rahul Sharma, Founder of Revolt Motors said, “The RV400 BRZ is our next step towards democratizing sustainable mobility in India. We are confident its best-in-class range and features will delight both experienced and first-time EV users.”

Amitabh Saran, Lead Analyst at PickYourEV said, “The RV400 BRZ hits a sweet spot between price and features. For many buyers, it could be the most practical entry-level EV with sufficient range for urban commuting and usable performance.”

Varun Singh, Senior Editor at ElectricVehicleWeb noted, “Revolt Motors has taken the fight to petrol bikes with the RV400 BRZ. More players need to push affordable EVs like this to drive adoption across smaller cities and towns in India.”

The RV400 BRZ goes on sale in India starting February 2024. It will be available for test rides and booking on Revolt Motors’ website. The company aims to expand its network to 750 dealerships in India by next year.

Key Features of the RV400 BRZ:

  • Top speed: 85km/h
  • Range: 80-150km
  • Battery capacity: 3.24kWh
  • Motor power: 5kW
  • 0-40km/h: 3.5 sec
  • CBS, regenerative braking
  • Fully digital instrument cluster
  • Portable battery with ease of swapping
  • Three ride modes
  • Five colour options

The launch of this electric bike highlights Revolt Motors’ focus on accessible and sustainable mobility solutions for India. With its attractive pricing and practical performance, the bike is poised to bring more people into the electric vehicle revolution. The company’s emphasis on localization aims to make EVs more viable in the Indian market. For eco-conscious buyers looking to switch from petrol bikes, the RV400 BRZ presents an exciting new option.

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