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Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Release Date Rumors: When Will It Come Out?

The beloved Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has captivated audiences for nearly two decades, ever since the first film arrived in theaters back in 2003. Now fans are eagerly anticipating any news about Pirates of the Caribbean 6 and when the next chapter will set sail.

While an official Pirates of the Caribbean 6 release date has not been announced yet, various reports and rumors provide hints on when the swashbuckling adventure could return. Let’s take a look at the potential Pirates of the Caribbean 6 release date and everything we know so far about when the iconic Captain Jack Sparrow may commandeer the big screen again.

Pirates 6 Potential Release Years

Most speculation points to Pirates of the Caribbean 6 arriving sometime between 2024 and 2026. The first trailer has been revealed 2 days ago. The film will likely need a couple of years for development and production, hence the estimated timeline.

Some reports have specifically suggested Pirates of the Caribbean 6 could be released in mid to late 2025. Coming Soon mentioned this possibility based on the creators confirming a sixth Pirates movie is in the works.

2025 would mark almost a decade since the last entry Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017). So the timing could be right for Pirates of the Caribbean to make its long-awaited return. However, Disney has not provided any official confirmation on release years yet.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Production Status

As of now, Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is still in the early stages of development. The script is being written but filming has not started yet.

Creator Ted Elliot hinted that Disney approved a story idea from him and Craig Mazin. So a basic plot seems to be in place, which is a promising start.

Main cast members like Johnny Depp are not yet confirmed to return either. Significant production work on Pirates 6 would still need to happen before it is release-ready. Hence a 2024 launch seems unlikely.

Is Johnny Depp Returning?

One major factor impacting the film’s production timeline is the question about Johnny Depp reprising his iconic role as Captain Jack Sparrow.

After Depp’s legal troubles, Disney removed him from the franchise. But fans overwhelmingly want Depp back for Pirates of the Caribbean 6. Over 400,000 supporters signed a petition urging his return.

However, Depp has said publicly that even for $300 million dollars, he would not work with Disney on a Pirates of the Caribbean film again. Disputes over compensation and screen time led to a falling out.

Unless that relationship is mended, Pirates of the Caribbean 6 moving forward without Depp could take longer to reimagine the franchise. Disney would have to decide whether to recast or eliminate his character altogether.

Other Production Considerations

The special effects also add extensive post-production work. Bill Nighy underwent hours in the makeup chair daily to transform into the iconic squid-faced villain Davy Jones. Recreating those stunning visuals requires a hefty effects budget.

Since Pirates of the Caribbean films have massive global appeal, localization into foreign languages is a time-intensive process as well. From casting to editing and visual effects, these are all factors that could push the timeline into 2025 or 2026.

Pirates Past Box Office Performance

Given the huge popularity of the franchise, Disney will want to ensure Pirates of the Caribbean 6 delivers a box office windfall. Looking at past earnings shows the potential this series has to keep generating massive profits.

The five films so far have collectively earned over $4.5 billion worldwide. At the height of its popularity, On Stranger Tides (2011) crossed $1 billion globally while Dead Man’s Chest (2006) surpassed $1.06 billion.

In North America, the movies have made approximately $1.73 billion in total. Overseas the sum is even higher at $2.78 billion. Clearly there is still massive interest globally in the antics of Captain Jack Sparrow and his high seas adventures.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Story Possibilities

Details are scarce on what the plot of Pirates of the Caribbean 6 could entail. But the post-credits scene at the end of Dead Men Tell No Tales hinted at future story directions.

It showed the return of villain Davy Jones, who was thought to be dead. This suggests a possible redemption arc for Jones or a new threat arising. His comeback certainly lays the groundwork for more epic adventures with Jack Sparrow and crew.

The creative team has also mentioned wanting to take the story in exciting new directions rather than rehashing old plot lines. So viewers can likely expect fresh twists and surprises when Pirates 6 eventually premieres.

Where to Watch Pirates of the Caribbean 6

Past Pirates of the Caribbean movies have all been released theatrically before eventually streaming on Disney+. This hybrid model has generally been successful for Disney blockbusters.

Since the films boast impressive box office history, Pirates of the Caribbean 6 will likely debut first in cinemas. After the theatrical run concludes, it would then become available on Disney+ for subscribers.

Of course, this strategy depends on theaters continuing to recover in the post-pandemic landscape. But tentpole titles like Pirates cater heavily to the big-screen experience.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Theories

In the absence of concrete details from Disney, fans have plenty of theories on what could happen in Pirates of the Caribbean 6:

  • With Depp’s Jack Sparrow written out, Margot Robbie could take over in a spin-off based on new characters.
  • Younger cast members like Brenton Thwaites may get more screen time and drive the story forward.
  • Villains like Davy Jones or Salazar might return seeking vengeance.
  • Jack Sparrow’s unknown backstory and origins could finally be explored.
  • Elizabeth Swan and Will Turner could play a bigger role alongside their son.
  • Real-life pirates like Anne Bonny and Mary Read could inspire new characters.
  • The story could shift away from the Caribbean to new ocean locales.

Ultimately only time will tell what adventures Disney has in store for the future of this beloved franchise. For now, fans continue eagerly awaiting any updates on when Pirates of the Caribbean 6 will next unfurl its sails in theaters.

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