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Patrick Mahomes Helmet Cracks on Hit, But He Stays in the Game as the Chiefs Beat the Dolphins

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes had a scary moment during the AFC Wild Card playoff game against the Miami Dolphins on January 14th, 2024. Mahomes’ helmet cracked after taking a big hit from Dolphins safety DeShon Elliott in the third quarter. Despite the cracked Patrick Mahomes helmet, he was able to stay in the game and lead the Chiefs to a 26-7 victory over the Dolphins.

The hit that cracked Patrick Mahomes helmet happened with just over 7 minutes left in the third quarter. Mahomes was scrambling towards the endzone when he was met by Elliott. The two collided helmet to helmet, with Elliott’s helmet appearing to strike the front right side of Patrick Mahomes helmet. After the hit, a large portion of the front right side of Patrick Mahomes helmet visibly cracked and broke off.

Mahomes took a few seconds to get up after the jarring hit. When he did get up, it was clear a piece of his Patrick Mahomes helmet was missing. The referees wisely stopped the clock to allow Mahomes time to switch to a backup Patrick Mahomes helmet without having to burn a timeout. Mahomes jogged off the field and emerged from the sidelines on the next drive with a fresh Patrick Mahomes helmet.

Patrick Mahomes Helmet Manufactured by VICIS

The Patrick Mahomes helmet that cracked was manufactured by VICIS, a company known for making soft-shell helmets designed to absorb impact. According to VICIS vice president Jason Neubauer, the company’s helmets feature “local deformation” absorption technology. This allows the helmet to give way on impact to dissipate the force, rather than transfer it directly to the player’s head. While the damage to Patrick Mahomes helmet looked severe, the deformation likely absorbed much of the impact and prevented a more serious head injury.

After switching helmets, Mahomes showed no ill effects from the hit. On the Chiefs’ next drive after the cracked Patrick Mahomes helmet, he led them on a scoring drive capped off by a field goal. That extended their lead to 19-7 over the Dolphins in what was a dominant second half performance. Mahomes would finish the game completing 21 of 30 passes for 195 yards, 2 touchdowns and no interceptions. He added another 63 rushing yards as the Chiefs cruised to the 26-7 victory.

The win sends the Chiefs to the AFC Divisional round next weekend, where they will face the Jacksonville Jaguars. As long as Mahomes is under center, the Chiefs remain top Super Bowl contenders even after the scare of his cracked helmet on Saturday. Mahomes continues to demonstrate toughness and poise in playoff games, quickly shaking off big hits. However, Chiefs fans will hope their star quarterback can make it through the rest of the playoffs without taking another scary shot like the one that cracked Patrick Mahomes helmet against the Dolphins.

Mahomes Having Historic Start to His Career

At just 28 years old, Patrick Mahomes is already putting together a Hall of Fame-worthy career resume. He already has a Super Bowl ring, Super Bowl MVP, league MVP and numerous Pro Bowl and All-Pro selections under his belt. Mahomes is one of the most talented quarterbacks ever with his strong arm and magical playmaking ability. But he’s also demonstrating exceptional toughness and leadership guiding the Chiefs on playoff runs each season.

The 2022 season was another remarkable chapter for Mahomes. He led the NFL with 41 touchdown passes and helped the Chiefs go 14-3 to earn the #1 seed in the AFC. Mahomes is currently on pace to shatter numerous all-time passing records if he can maintain this elite level of play for many more seasons. He combines talent and work ethic that could make him the GOAT by the time his career is over.

Mahomes’ uncanny playmaking and flair for the dramatic have made him one of the most entertaining superstars in the NFL. Who can forget his no-look passes, left-handed throws and ability to sling the ball from impossible arm angles? Mahomes has a certain magical quality that leaves fans in awe of what he can pull off on any given play. And at just 28, Mahomes still has so much left ahead of him if he can remain healthy.

Mahomes’ Response to Adversity Shows His Competitor’s Spirit

While Patrick Mahomes makes playing quarterback look easy, he’s also proven capable of overcoming adversity on football’s biggest stages. The AFC Championship game against the Cincinnati Bengals last season is a prime example. Mahomes bravely fought through a sprained ankle to nearly lead the Chiefs to another late comeback before falling just short in overtime.

Mahomes also showed his determination earlier in the 2022 playoffs against the Jaguars. He re-aggravated his ankle injury during the game but refused to exit and willed the Chiefs to victory despite his noticeable limp. The courage and resoluteness Mahomes displays through injuries speaks volumes about his heart and desire to win.

The scary incident with Mahomes’ cracked Patrick Mahomes helmet in the Wild Card game follows this pattern. Lesser competitors may have let the injury take them out of the game. But Mahomes just swapped helmets and went right back to eviscerating the Dolphins’ defense. It’s this type of grit that allows Mahomes to elevate his play in crucial games when the Chiefs need it most.

As Mahomes’ career progresses, he’s sure to encounter more injuries and adversity. But to this point, he’s proven capable of battling through pain and roadblocks better than nearly any quarterback. Mahomes just seems to have that “it factor” in his competitive makeup allowing him to shine brightest when the challenges are greatest. That will serve him extremely well in his quest for more Super Bowl glory.

Mahomes Proves Again Why He’s the NFL’s Gold Standard at QB

Patrick Mahomes is without question the new gold standard at the quarterback position in the NFL. At just 28, he’s already put together a superlative career that stacks up with any of the all-time greats. What’s even scarier for the rest of the league is Mahomes still likely hasn’t reached his peak.

His combination of athletic gifts and football IQ is virtually unmatched in NFL history. Mahomes has the arm strength to make every throw from any platform or arm angle. But he combines that with pocket awareness, scrambling ability and creativity that makes him virtually impossible to stop on his best days. Just when defenses think they have Mahomes contained, he uses his magic to turn a broken play into a highlight-reel touchdown.

Mahomes also has the rare intangibles that all transcendent quarterbacks possess. He has an undeniable charisma and leadership presence that rubs off on the entire Chiefs team. Mahomes’ competitiveness and playmaking confidence seem to lift the performance of everyone around him. Those qualities also allow Mahomes to excel under playoff pressure when the stakes are highest.

The scary part is Mahomes is still very early in his development. As he continues mastering Andy Reid’s system and building chemistry with receivers like Travis Kelce, Mahomes will only get better. His instincts and field vision improve noticeably each season Mahomes plays. He’s already playing at an elite level, yet Mahomes’ best football may still be ahead of him.

It’s been a joy watching Mahomes’ young career unfold thus far. If he can stay healthy and driven, Patrick Mahomes can become the undisputed GOAT before he hangs up the cleats. For now, Mahomes will keep cementing his case as today’s undisputed best quarterback.

Mahomes Proves Again Why He’s the Face of the NFL

It’s easy to see why Patrick Mahomes has quickly become the face of the NFL. On the field, his magical playmaking ability and gunslinger mentality make Mahomes must-see television every week. Off the field, Mahomes has the marketing appeal with his charisma and youth that advertisers covet. At just 28 years old, Mahomes is poised to be the league’s brightest superstar for the next decade-plus.

Mahomes is following in the footsteps of legends like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Brett Favre and Joe Montana as iconic quarterback faces of the league. But even compared to those all-time greats, Mahomes brings a fresh style and energy level that resonates with today’s younger NFL fans. His no-look passes, sidearm lasers and back-foot bombs create weekly highlights that live on social media for years.

Mahomes also has an accessibility about him that allows fans to connect with him. He still comes across as a big kid who is also fulfilling his NFL dreams. Mahomes has leaned into partnerships that fit his personal brand, working with Oakley, Advocare, State Farm, Hy-Vee and more. As Mahomes racks up accomplishments on the field, his profile as the face of the league will continue growing.

The scary injury to Mahomes that cracked his Patrick Mahomes helmet against the Dolphins only further cements his status as the NFL’s current top superstar. The entire sports world holds its breath when Mahomes goes down. His toughness returning after the hit only adds to the legend of Mahomes. The young Chiefs

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