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Nora Fatehi breaks silence on holding the Indian flag upside down at FIFA 2022 in a mini-documentary, watch

Bollywood actress and dancer Nora Fatehi has finally broken her silence regarding the controversy surrounding her holding the Indian flag upside down during her performance at the FIFA World Cup 2022 opening ceremony.

In a newly released mini-documentary, Nora Fatehi opens up for the first time about the reactions to the accidental flag incident and reflects on the bigger picture of representing India on the global stage.

Nora Fatehi’s Historical FIFA Performance

On November 20, 2022, Nora Fatehi made history as the first Indian celebrity to perform at the prestigious FIFA World Cup ceremony. Her dance routine was viewed by over 1 billion people worldwide.

Recalling the proud milestone, Nora released an intimate behind-the-scenes documentary showing her journey to soccer’s biggest event. The short film provides a glimpse into the intense preparations she underwent leading up to that career-defining performance.

The Flag Controversy And Nora’s Response

During her act, strong winds unexpectedly flipped the Indian flag that Nora was holding for a few seconds. This immediately sparked controversy back home.

Critics lashed out and accused Nora of intentionally disrespecting the national flag. Social media erupted with attacks and trolling targeted at the actress.

In the documentary, Nora finally addresses the flag fiasco for the first time. She expresses disappointment at how the media focused only on that minor incident instead of the enormous achievement of representing India globally.

Nora points out that the upside-down flag was unintentional and only lasted two seconds. She emphasizes that the bigger picture should be spotlighted – an Indian performer proudly showcasing Bollywood dance and culture to the entire planet.

Emotional Reaction From Indian Fan

A highlight of the film shows Nora listening to a voicemail from an Indian fan in Qatar who attended her FIFA act.

His words, “Thank you for making us proud. Thank you for choosing Bollywood,” left Nora emotional. This gesture of support from a local Indian made her feel that the gruelling preparations were all worth it.

Nora’s Love For Her Homeland

Responding to the vitriol over the flag, a teary-eyed Nora proclaims her love for India in the documentary.

“I am not Nora Fatehi from Westview Centennial Secondary School anymore, neither am I Nora who goes to Morocco every summer with her family. My name is Nora Fatehi, and I feel like a new person.. And that person was born in India!” she firmly states.

Nora goes on to say, “I am there today because of this country and the people!”

She stresses that landing a spot on the FIFA stage would not have been possible without India’s support over the years.

Support From FIFA President

After the mini-doc’s release, FIFA President Gianni Infantino also showed his endorsement by congratulating Nora Fatehi for her work and recognizing the value of her presence at the World Cup.

Fans globally have also flooded social media with positive messages backing Nora amidst the needless controversy.

With grace and maturity, Nora Fatehi has addressed the flag fiasco head-on in this tell-all documentary. She remains proud of the doors she opened for Indian talent through that iconic FIFA performance.

You can watch the full mini-doc for yourself to see Nora’s intimate reflections and behind-the-scenes FIFA journey. Despite the negativity, the groundbreaking Bollywood act at the world’s biggest sporting event is still an inspirational milestone worth celebrating.

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