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Nick Saban, who won seven national titles during “a truly remarkable” career, is retiring as Alabama’s coach

College football legend Nick Saban has announced he is retiring from coaching after a 17-year run at Alabama that cemented his status as one of the greatest coaches in the history of the sport.

Nick Saban departs with seven national championships to his name – including six during his tenure with the Crimson Tide – along with a record of 292-71-1. His retirement brings an end to a coaching career spanning over three decades that saw Saban reach the pinnacle of college football success.

Saban By The Numbers

  • 7 national titles (1 at LSU, 6 at Alabama)
  • 17 consecutive 10-win seasons
  • 12 SEC championships
  • 16-7 bowl record at Alabama
  • 292 career wins overall

Nick Saban reflected fondly on his time at Alabama in a statement announcing the move, calling it “a very special place” for him and his wife. The 72-year-old said his primary focus was always on helping players improve on and off the field.

“The aim to always assist players in generating greater value for their future, enabling them to reach their full potential as players and achieve greater success in life through their participation in the program,” he expressed. “We aspire to have accomplished that goal, and Alabama will forever hold a special place in our hearts.”

Unparalleled Success At Alabama

After previously coaching at LSU, Michigan State and in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins, Nick Saban took over at Alabama in 2007. What followed was a run of unprecedented dominance.

Saban’s Crimson Tide teams won at least 10 games every season, claimed nine SEC championships, and never finished outside the Top 10 in the final AP poll during his tenure.

The crowning achievements were the six national titles he delivered to Tuscaloosa. Nick Saban surpassed legendary Alabama coach Bear Bryant for the most championships in college football history.

Four Heisman Trophy winners also emerged under Saban, highlighting his ability to recruit and develop elite talent. His final championship team in 2020 completed a perfect 13-0 season.

Admired And Feared By Many

As college football’s preeminent figure, Nick Saban drew a mix of admiration and fear from those around the sport. Opposing fans may have despised him, but they couldn’t help but respect the dynasty he built at Alabama.

Saban adjusted his approach through the years with shifts in the landscape of college football. When rules changed, he adapted. When tempo-based spread offenses became the trend, he innovated offensively.

His solemn focus on “The Process” became one of the sport’s most renowned philosophies. Loved or hated, Saban and Alabama football were must-see TV.

What’s Next For Alabama?

Nick Saban’s sudden retirement now leaves Alabama looking for a worthy successor. The prestige of leading the Crimson Tide makes it one of the most coveted jobs in college football.

Names like Oregon’s Dan Lanning, Texas A&M’s Jimbo Fisher, and Clemson’s Dabo Swinney are sure to surface early as potential candidates. Whomever Alabama hires will face sky-high expectations following Saban’s run.

Saban’s absence also reopens the transfer portal for Alabama players. Numerous freshmen and committed recruits may rethink their future in Tuscaloosa without him leading the way.

The Search For Nick Saban’s Equal

As the sun sets on his illustrious career, the college football world is left wondering if we’ll ever see another coach like Nick Saban again.

What made his run at Alabama so astonishing was the unprecedented length of dominance in today’s landscape – 17 straight seasons with double-digit wins and playoff contention.

The College Football Playoff era was, in many ways, shaped around the empire Saban built in Tuscaloosa. Love him or hate him, his presence and pursuit of excellence lifted the sport up.

For nearly two decades, Saban made Alabama the gold standard. A other coaches may match his seven national titles someday, but none will be able to replicate the aura and gravitas that surrounded Saban’s Crimson Tide.

A complex man driven by unseen motivations has exited the stage, leaving a mammoth void in his wake. College football is now filled with anticipation and uncertainty about what comes next.

But of Saban’s impact on the sport, there can be no doubt. As SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey put it, it was “a truly remarkable coaching career.”

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