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NFL Draft Mock: Could Bears Keep Justin Fields and Trade No. 1 Overall Pick? Exploring Four Hypothetical Deals”

The Chicago Bears have found themselves with the #1 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft for the second year in a row. Last year, they traded the top pick to the Carolina Panthers, who selected quarterback Will Levis. Now, most 2024 NFL Draft mock scenarios expect the Bears to use this year’s pick on a new franchise QB, likely Caleb Williams or Drake Maye. However, there is still a possibility they could trade down again and stick with their current quarterback, Justin Fields.

Justin Fields was selected by the Bears with the 11th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. He has shown flashes of elite talent in his three seasons, using both his arms and legs to make big plays. However, he has also struggled with consistency and injuries. Still, many Bears fans want the team to continue developing the 24-year-old Fields rather than drafting a QB prospect like Caleb Williams or Drake Maye.

If the Bears do decide to trade the #1 overall pick, they could get a massive haul of draft picks and players in return. Using trade value charts, we explored four hypothetical deals the Bears could make in our NFL Draft mock scenario generator if they kept Justin Fields and dealt the top pick in the 2024 NFL Draft:

NFL Draft Mock: Trade Down Scenarios

If new GM Ryan Poles ultimately decides Fields is not the long-term answer, trading down from the #1 pick could potentially bring back a massive haul of premium draft capital and players to jumpstart Chicago’s rebuild.

Using the draft pick trade value chart, here are four hypothetical deals the Bears could make if they kept Justin Fields and traded the top selection in our 2024 NFL Draft mock scenario generator:

Trade with Washington Commanders

  • Bears Get: 2024 1st-rounder (No. 2 overall), two 2024 2nd-rounders, 2024 3rd-round compensatory pick
  • Commanders Get: 2024 1st-overall pick

This deal would allow Chicago to move back just one spot to #2 overall, pick up two valuable extra high second-round picks this year, and still likely land a top non-quarterback prospect like WR Marvin Harrison Jr. or OT Paris Johnson Jr.

Trade with New England Patriots

  • Bears Get: 2024 1st-rounder (No. 3 overall), 2024 2nd-rounder, 2025 1st-rounder, 2026 3rd-rounder
  • Patriots Get: 2024 1st-overall pick

Here the Bears move back two spots to #3 but gain two future premium picks. They could still land Harrison or Johnson without having to pay the #1 pick price tag. This deal gives them assets to build around Fields.

Trade with the New York Giants

  • Bears Get: 2024 1st-rounder (No. 6 overall), 2024 2nd-rounder, 2024 3rd-rounder, 2025 1st-rounder, 2026 1st-rounder
  • Giants Get: 2024 1st-overall pick

Modeled after Washington’s mega-deal for RG3 in 2012, the Giants would pay a premium price in draft capital to move all the way up for a quarterback. The Bears trade down to #6 but gain a bounty of extra picks.

Trade with Atlanta Falcons

  • Bears Get: 2024 1st-rounder (No. 8 overall), RB Bijan Robinson, 2024 3rd-rounder, 2025 1st-rounder, 2026 2nd-rounder
  • Falcons Get: 2024 1st-overall pick, RB Khalil Herbert

Here the Falcons give up rising superstar tailback Bijan Robinson plus a nice package of picks for the right to draft a franchise QB #1 overall. The Bears land an elite young playmaker in Robinson and more capital to support Fields.

The Bottom Line

Trading top pass rusher Robert Quinn and RB David Montgomery proved the Bears are open for business. Would they be willing to make another blockbuster deal at #1, stockpiling premium picks while keeping faith in Justin Fields’ development? Let us know which trade package you think makes the most sense!

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