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New Moana movie Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot and Everything We Know

New Moana, movie of Disney’s most popular recent animated films, is getting a sequel! New Moana movie fans have a lot to look forward to. Here’s everything we know so far about the highly anticipated new Moana movie.

New Moana Movie Release Date

The new Moana movie is scheduled to hit theaters on November 27, 2024. This means we don’t have too long to wait! The release date is just before Thanksgiving, making it a perfect holiday season film.

Disney surprised everyone by announcing that the new Moana movie would be here so soon. Animated sequels usually take several years to make. But Disney has been working hard to bring this one to fans much quicker.

New Moana Movie Trailer

Disney has already given us a taste of what’s to come with a short teaser trailer for the new Moana movie. The 16-second trailer doesn’t reveal much. But it does show the beautiful island setting we know and love. We also hear Moana blowing a conch shell to start an adventure. And there’s an excited yell from Moana’s shapeshifting demigod friend Maui, voiced by Dwayne Johnson.

This quick sneak peek is enough to get fans hyped for the full trailer. We’ll probably get a longer, more detailed trailer for the new Moana movie in the next few months as the release date gets closer. This short teaser works perfectly to announce the sequel and show that Moana is back!

New Moana Movie Cast

The cast of the new Moana movie is still not fully confirmed. But it’s expected that most if not all of the main cast will return include Auli’i Cravalho as Moan, Dwayne Johnson as Maui, Rachel House as Gramma Tala, emuera Morrison as Chief Tui, Jemaine Clement as Tamatoa and Nicole Scherzinger as Sina

No new cast members have been revealed yet. But we’re likely to see some new voices join the sequel. We’ll update when Disney confirms the full cast list!

New Moana Movie Plot

Disney has given us a brief plot synopsis hinting at what Moana will face in the new Moana movie:

“After receiving an unexpected call from her wayfinding ancestors, Moana must journey to the far seas of Oceania and into dangerous, long-lost waters for an adventure unlike anything she’s ever faced.”

It sounds like Moana will reunite with her ocean-voyaging roots from her ancestors. She’ll travel to new areas far from her island home. And she’ll face a mystery adventure different from restoring the heart of Te Fiti. We can expect stunning new areas of the sea, new allies and enemies, and an epic journey!

New Moana Movie Crew

While directors Ron Clements and John Musker created the wonderful first film, the new Moana movie will have a new director leading the team. David G. Derrick Jr. will make his directorial debut after working as a story artist on the original Moana.

Jennifer Lee is returning to produce the sequel as the Chief Creative Officer of Disney Animation. And Opetaia Foa’i is back to create new music after working on the original Moana soundtrack.

The Movie Story So Far

The first Moana movie followed Moana as she went on a journey across Oceania. She was chosen by the sea to find the demigod Maui and make him return the stolen Heart of Te Fiti. This would save her island home which was slowly being damaged.

Moana meets Maui and convinces him to help her return the heart. They face huge challenges and colourful characters along the way. In the end, Moana restores the heart and saves the world. She returns home to lead her people as a master wayfinder.

The new Moana movie looks to continue Moana’s adventures. She’ll reconnect with her voyaging roots and travel further than before. We’re sure to get more of Moana’s determination, kindness, and strength as she protects her beautiful world of islands and sea.

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