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Merry Christmas movie review: Terrific. Katrina Kaif and Vijay Sethupathi provide a solid start to the new year 2024.

Director Sriram Raghavan’s latest neo-noir thriller ‘Merry Christmas’ delivers an entertaining mix of nostalgia, romance, intrigue, and suspense. With terrific lead performances by Katrina Kaif and Vijay Sethupathi, Merry Christmas movie makes for a great start to 2024 for Bollywood fans.

The Importance of Setting in Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas movie does an excellent job of transporting the audience back to 1960s Bombay during Christmas time. Raghavan meticulously recreates the vintage atmosphere through details like dimly lit restaurants, festive decorations, and old movie theaters.

The film radiates a feeling of both holiday cheer and noir-ish mystique. Raghavan’s deep affection for the era comes through in this finely crafted setting. It forms the perfect backdrop for the events to unfold.

Lead Pair’s Chemistry Anchors the Film

At the heart of the Merry Christmas movie lies the atypical romance between Kaif’s Maria and Sethupathi’s Albert. Their unexpected chemistry anchors the film and makes you root for them.

Kaif in particular shows impressive acting chops, convincingly portraying the nuances of Maria’s character. Underneath the surface glamor, she brings out Maria’s hidden vulnerability and melancholy past.

Likewise, Sethupathi is simply outstanding as the gentle, caring Albert. The rapport between the two keeps you invested as their relationship builds through charming conversations and long walks under the Christmas lights.

Strong Supporting Cast Adds Flavor

Beyond the lead pair, Merry Christmas movie boasts a strong supporting cast. Sanjay Kapoor makes his mark as the shady stranger eyeing Maria. Pratima Kazmi and Vinay Pathak bring professional skepticism as the investigating cops.

Radhika Apte and Ashwini Kalsekar’s cameos and other character actors like Tinnu Anand populate the world, though they don’t get too much scope. Nonetheless, the players beyond Kaif and Sethupathi add flavor to the proceedings.

Merry Christmas Captures Neo-Noir Essence

As expected from Raghavan, Merry Christmas movie aptly blends nostalgia with the distinctive aesthetics of neo-noir. Chiaroscuro lighting, paranoid tension, moral ambiguity, and an ominous sense of impending danger run through the film.

Raghavan also incorporates plenty of references to noir classics and tropes. For instance, the plot setup echoes the French movie ‘Le Monte-charge’ which inspired ‘Merry Christmas.

Overall, Raghavan succeeds at emulating neo-noir in an Indian context while retaining his unique touch. Merry Christmas movie has the stylistic edge that defines the director’s filmography.

Second Half Builds Suspense

The movie loses some steam post-interval as more characters enter and the central mystery deepens. But Raghavan recovers through an unexpected twist towards the climax that spikes up the suspense.

The final act payoff provides a satisfying conclusion to the intrigue. Raghavan shows his mastery over neo-noir conventions by subverting expectations right till the very end. Even the slack portions have enough small directorial flourishes to hold interest.

Merry Christmas Movie Works Despite Minor Flaws

Merry Christmas has occasional pacing issues and limits its supporting characters. But Raghavan’s assured direction and the charming lead duo override the minor flaws.

For fans of neo-noir or vintage Bollywood settings, the Merry Christmas movie will prove a treat. The film delivers nostalgia, style, and decent thrills with care and skill. Raghavan continues his reputation as one of India’s finest contemporary neo-noir directors.

Katrina Kaif Proves Her Acting Mettle

With Merry Christmas movie, Katrina Kaif reminds us that she possesses strong acting abilities beneath her glamorous star image. As Maria, she portrays loneliness, intrigue, and cautious optimism with nuance.

Whether displaying vulnerability or suspicion, Kaif steps up with a layered performance. She shared great chemistry with Vijay Sethupathi in bringing the unusual lead couple to life.

For Kaif, ‘Merry Christmas’ shows she can thrive as a neo-noir heroine alongside acclaimed talents like Sethupathi under a director like Raghavan. Her performance range certainly deserves more credit.

Why Vijay Sethupathi Was Perfect Casting

Vijay Sethupathi’s casting as Albert demonstrates Raghavan’s mastery of actors. Sethupathi fits the gentle, affable character remarkably well.

His natural charm and everyman appeal make Albert instantly relatable. Sethupathi also nails the emotional beats, conveying yearning and affection for Kaif’s Maria.

Sethupathi has discussed being nervous around Kaif initially due to her level of stardom. But their on-screen compatibility defies their contrasting statures. Together they bring Albert and Maria’s unlikely romance to life.

Sriram Raghavan’s Signature Style on Display

With Merry Christmas movie, Sriram Raghavan proves again why he is considered the ‘Hitchcock of India’. His technical finesse, neo-noir tone, and psychological depth define the film.

Raghavan’s deep passion for cinema shines through all the vintage references. He crafts intricate set pieces like the suspenseful climax that bears his directorial hallmarks.

For those familiar with Raghavan’s filmography, Merry Christmas seamlessly fits into his universe of twisty, edgy thrillers. It may not reach ‘Andhadhun’ heights but delivers engaging neo-noir.

Merry Christmas Movie: A Promising Start to 2024 for Bollywood

At a time when the Hindi film industry is struggling, the Merry Christmas movie provides a ray of hope in early 2024. The film may not become a box office juggernaut but will attract discerning audiences.

With its stellar direction and performances, Merry Christmas proves Bollywood still has artistic potential. The movie also shows the power of a captivating story over massive budgets or major stars.

If Bollywood aims to bounce back, more well-written and crafted films like Merry Christmas that appeal to niche audiences are the need of the hour. Raghavan’s latest is a step in the right direction.

With an intriguing plot and technical brilliance, Merry Christmas movie makes for an entertaining watch. Katrina Kaif and Vijay Sethupathi deliver career-best performances that carry the film. For cinephiles, Merry Christmas movie is a worthy start to the new year.

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