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Kraven the Hunter movie Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot and Everything We Know

Kraven the Hunter movie is one of the most anticipated superhero movies coming out in 2024. Produced by Sony Pictures, this film will bring the iconic Marvel villain Kraven the Hunter to the big screen for the very first time. Here is everything we know so far about the Kraven the Hunter movie release date, trailer, cast, plot and more.

Kraven the Hunter movie Release Date

The Kraven the Hunter movie is scheduled to release in theatres on August 30, 2024. The film was originally set for an October 2023 release but was delayed due to the SAG-AFTRA strike. Kraven the Hunter movie will now arrive towards the end of summer 2024, putting it up against some big competition like the new Alien movie by Fede Alvarez.

Sony Pictures has been developing this movie for many years, with the character first planned to appear in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4. With the various Spider-Man reboots, Kraven remained in development hell for a long time until things finally aligned for his solo movie. Fans have been eagerly waiting to see this movie on the big screen and now have a firm release date to look forward to.

The Kraven the Hunter movie Trailer

The first trailer for the Kraven the Hunter movie was released in June 2022. The trailer establishes Kraven’s origin story as a big game hunter who is left for dead by his ruthless father. After being attacked by a lion, Kraven gains superhuman abilities and sets out on a mission for vengeance.

The trailer shows Kraven brutally taking out poachers and mercenaries with traps and spears, and even ripping a man’s nose off with his teeth. We get a hint of his abilities as he transforms into a monstrous beast. The trailer sets up an intense, vicious tone for the R-rated Kraven the Hunter movie. More trailers and footage are likely to be released as we get closer to the release date.

Kraven the Hunter movie Cast

Aaron Taylor-Johnson takes on the lead role of Sergei Kravinoff/Kraven the Hunter in the Kraven the Hunter movie. Taylor-Johnson is known for his roles in Kick-Ass, Avengers: Age of Ultron and most recently Bullet Train. Russell Crowe plays the role of Kraven’s father Nikolai Kravinoff.

Other key cast members include Ariana DeBose as Calypso, Fred Hechinger as Chameleon, Christopher Abbott as Foreigner and Alessandro Nivola as Rhino. Fans are especially excited to see Nivola take on the fan-favourite Spider-Man villain Rhino. The impressive ensemble makes the Kraven the Hunter movie cast one to watch out for.

Kraven the Hunter movie Plot

Details about the exact plot of movie are scarce but we know the film will be an origin story about Kraven’s earlier days before he became obsessed with hunting Spider-Man. The story will focus on Kraven’s relationship with his criminal father and his journey to becoming an anti-hero vigilante.

Director J.C. Chandor has said this will be a tragic, dark story which could lead to Kraven’s grim fate from the comics. The movie will establish Kraven’s morals and motivations in this universe. While Spider-Man is not expected to appear, the film will likely plant seeds for Kraven to confront Spidey in a future instalment.

Kraven the Hunter movie Director

Kraven the Hunter movie is directed by J.C. Chandor who is known for smart, gritty thrillers like Margin Call, All is Lost, A Most Violent Year and Triple Frontier. Chandor’s back catalogue makes him an exciting choice to take on an R-rated, intense story like Kraven. The film also reunites Chandor with his Triple Frontier star Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Chandor has described Kraven the Hunter movie as a tragedy which indicates he is drawing inspiration from one of Kraven’s most famous comic storylines, Kraven’s Last Hunt. This is Chandor’s first studio tentpole film but his indie background makes him well-suited to deliver a refreshing new superhero movie.

Connections to Sony’s Spider-Man Universe

Kraven the Hunter movie is set within Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man Universe which includes Venom, Morbius and other Spidey-adjacent characters. While plot details are under wraps, fans speculate Kraven could crossover with Venom or Morbius down the line.

Sony is building an interconnected on-screen universe so Kraven the Hunter movie is likely to lay the groundwork for future team-ups or crossovers. However, Kraven is expected to be mostly standalone with no cameo from Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. But that doesn’t rule out Kraven eventually becoming Spider-Man’s foe in a sequel.

Kraven the Hunter movie Hype

Ever since Kraven the Hunter movie was announced, there has been lots of hype surrounding Kraven finally getting the spotlight. Fans are excited to see a cult comic villain like Kraven get his due on the big screen instead of more well-known characters.

There is also intrigue around the story focusing on Kraven’s backstory and the R-rating allowing for a no-holds-barred approach. Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s imposing physicality as Kraven has also got fans buzzing.

Kraven’s taking on poachers has connected with audiences wanting to see a more anti-hero side from the Hunter. Overall, there is strong excitement from Marvel fans for this fresh take on Kraven in his violent solo movie.


After years of waiting, the Kraven the Hunter movie is finally pouncing onto the big screen in 2024. With its dark, R-rated vision, stellar cast and a director with indie credibility, Kraven the Hunter movie aims to shake up the superhero genre.

This looks to be a gritty, blood-soaked take on Kraven that could launch a new Spider-Man Universe franchise. While plot details remain under wraps, the foundations are there for an intense, action-packed comic book tale. Kraven the Hunter movie could claw its way to becoming one of 2024’s biggest hits.

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