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KGF Yash reacts when three fans Die to electrocution during preparations for his birthday: ‘This instills fear in me

KGF Yash star has expressed grief and regret after three of his fans lost their lives due to electrocution while erecting a banner for his birthday celebrations. Yash, who turned 38 on January 8th, stated that such tragic incidents have started instilling fear in him regarding his birthday celebrations.

KGF Yash Meets Families of Deceased Fans

Yash, best known for starring in the ‘KGF’ franchise, traveled to Karnataka’s Gadag district to meet the families of the three fans who died during preparations for his birthday. The fans were erecting a 25-foot banner of the KGF Yash star when the incident occurred. Yash expressed his condolences to the grieving families and stated that he did not want any grand celebrations this year due to the rising COVID cases.

“Don’t Celebrate My Birthday Like This” – Yash

Addressing the media after meeting the families, a saddened Yash stated, “If you wish me wholeheartedly, from wherever you are, that is the best gesture for me. Tragic incidents like these make me fear my birthday. This is not how you express fandom..”

He further appealed, “Please don’t show your love like this. I want to request you all. Please refrain from hanging banners, chasing bikes, and taking risky selfies; I want my audience and fans to grow up just as I have. If you really are one of my fans, then work hard at what you do, put yourself first in everything you do, and you will succeed and be happy. You are the ones who mean everything to your families, you should aim to make them proud.”

Yash: “I Don’t Want Any Grand Celebrations”

Explaining his decision to not celebrate his birthday grandly this year, KGF Yash shared, “This year, I didn’t want to celebrate my birthday because COVID cases are rising. There shouldn’t be any harm from our end. That’s why I kept it simple and decided to celebrate only with my family.”

The pan-India star added, “I don’t like to demonstrate popularity by exhibiting the love of my fans. I promise not to over shine, even if my fans get agitated about it. However, I don’t want to let anyone down. If you respect me, then be responsible first. Parents are waiting for you at home. We cannot bring the dead back, but neither is it about how much money one can give.”

Yash Achieved Pan-India Stardom with KGF Films

Yash achieved nationwide stardom after the release of ‘KGF: Chapter 1′ in 2018, which went on to become one of the highest-grossing Kannada films. The period action film helped Yash gain fans across the country, especially among the Hindi audience.

The sequel ‘KGF: Chapter 2’, released in 2022, catapulted Yash to superstardom as it collected over ₹1250 crores worldwide. His portrayal of the gritty hero Rocky earned acclaim as the ‘KGF’ films became one of the most popular movie franchises in India.

Huge Fan Base for KGF Star Yash

As the leading star of the ‘KGF’ franchise, Yash enjoys a massive fan following across India. Several fan clubs of the Kannada star regularly organize events on his birthday and film releases.

However, in his appeal, KGF Yash clearly stated that he does not want fans risking their lives just to demonstrate their love for him. He wants them to focus on their own lives and families instead. Many fans have also supported his stand on social media.

Yash Does Not Want Lavish Birthday Celebrations

For his 38th birthday this year, KGF Yash made it clear that he does not want any lavish celebrations by fans, given the current COVID-19 situation. He preferred to keep it a low-key family affair.

However, despite his appeals, the enthusiastic fans tried to erect a giant banner to mark the occasion. But the tragic electrocution incident has made the usually private star even more wary of public celebrations of his birthday. KGF Yash does not want his special day to be marred by any unfortunate incidents hereon.

The Pan-India Star Appeals For Responsible Fandom

As a pan-Indian superstar with admirers across all demographics, KGF Yash is cognizant of the influence he wields. In his statements, he has made it clear that he wants his widespread fan base to channel their love for him responsibly.

He has urged them to prioritize their own lives and families first, before attempting any grand gestures for him. Yash does not want the celebration of his films or birthday to cause any harm to his fans, thereby setting an example of compassionate and accountable stardom.

The unfortunate demise of three of his admirers has shaken the usually unflappable actor. KGF Yash hopes the incident will make his fans realize that their safety is paramount to him above all the trappings of fame. For the KGF Yash star, who has achieved phenomenal success in recent years, the biggest reward is seeing his fans grow in life and make their families proud.

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