Jordan Henderson

Jordan Henderson, What did you do?

Jordan Henderson has found himself in an unfavorable situation after making a controversial move to Saudi Arabian club Al-Ettifaq last summer. The former Liverpool captain is now seeking a move away from Saudi Arabia after just a few months, leaving many questioning his decision to leave Anfield in the first place.

Jordan Henderson Leaving Liverpool

Jordan Henderson had been a part of Liverpool for 12 successful years before opting to join Al-Ettifaq. He took over the captaincy from Steven Gerrard in 2015 and led the club to Champions League and Premier League glory. However, after candid discussions with manager Jurgen Klopp about reduced playing time in 2022-23, Henderson decided to leave Liverpool.

Klopp made it clear that he wanted Henderson to stay at the club. But at 33 years old, Henderson felt he needed more regular playing time, especially ahead of the Euros with England. This led him to join his former Liverpool teammate Steven Gerrard at Al-Ettifaq in Saudi Arabia.

Jordan Henderson Life in Saudi Arabia

The move to Al-Ettifaq seemed like a good opportunity for Jordan Henderson at the time. The contract would have earned him significant wages and allowed him to play under Gerrard again. However, things did not go as planned in Saudi Arabia for the English midfielder.

In his 19 appearances with Al-Ettifaq so far, Henderson has experienced poor results and disappointing performances. Al-Ettifaq sits eighth in the league table currently. Playing in front of small crowds, often less than 1,000 fans, has not provided the type of atmosphere and competition Henderson was used to at Anfield.

The level of play in Saudi Arabia has not lived up to Henderson’s expectations. The lack of competitiveness seems to have caused Henderson’s motivation and sharpness to decline rapidly.

Regretting His Decision

It is now evident that Jordan Henderson made a rash decision to leave Liverpool last summer. The speed of his disillusionment with Al-Ettifaq shows the level of regret he must be feeling. After 12 successful years at Anfield, he left Liverpool too hastily without considering all factors.

If Henderson could reverse time, he surely would have stayed at Liverpool. He gave up being club captain, the chance at more silverware, and the opportunity for a proper Anfield send-off. The situation with reduced playing time may not have even unfolded how he imagined either.

Henderson broke his habit of rising to every challenge when he left Liverpool. The money and appeal of playing under Gerrard led him astray temporarily. But now at just 33 years old, he finds his career in an uncertain place and his reputation damaged.

What Next for Jordan Henderson?

Having agreed to terminate his Al-Ettifaq contract early, Jordan Henderson now needs to determine his next move. Returning to the Premier League seems unlikely with his age and questions over match fitness and sharpness. A transfer to Dutch side Ajax appears to be his best option currently.

Wherever Henderson ends up next, he will need to rebuild himself physically and mentally to revive his career. Having taken such an unexpected turn, he faces an uphill battle to regain peak form and reputation. But if anyone has the determination to bounce back from adversity, it is Jordan Henderson.

Impact at Liverpool

While Henderson may regret his decision, there are no hard feelings from Liverpool over his departure. He will always remain legendary at the club for his achievements and leadership over 12 years. The current Liverpool squad has adjusted smoothly without him so far this season.

However, one wonders how much more Henderson could have achieved had he stayed. Could he have lifted more trophies as captain of this high-flying Liverpool team? That question will now remain unanswered as the club moves in a new direction.


In the end, Jordan Henderson has no one to blame but himself for the uncomfortable situation he now finds himself in. Leaving Liverpool last summer was an uncharacteristically rash move by a player who built his career on unrelenting resilience.

Wherever the next chapter of his career takes him, Henderson will look back on his Liverpool departure as a disappointing misstep. He may get opportunities to return to Anfield, but his role and status will never change.

At just 33 years old, Jordan Henderson should still have plenty of good football left in him. But to salvage his career, he will need to rediscover his motivation and fighting spirit quickly. Hopefully, this saga can still have one last positive chapter.

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