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Joe Biden Dog Commander Bit Secret Service Agents At Least 24 Times, Report Says

President Joe Biden dog German Shepherd, Commander, has reportedly bitten Secret Service agents on at least 24 different occasions, according to new documents revealed. The incidents reveal that the Commander exhibited aggressive behavior towards agents tasked with protecting the President, causing significant injuries and requiring medical treatment in some cases.

Overview of the Situation

The documents, which were released under the Freedom of Information Act, provide details on Joe Biden dog biting and injuring multiple members of the Secret Service from late 2022 through mid-2023. The attacks occurred not just at the White House, but also at Biden’s homes in Delaware and on vacation properties like Camp David.

Some of the bites by Joe Biden dog were serious, including deep lacerations that required stitches and antibiotics. The situation grew so concerning that the Secret Service had to “adjust operational tactics” to maintain agent safety when the Commander was present. Ultimately, the Bidens made the difficult decision to permanently rehome Commander in October 2023 due to his aggressive behaviour.

Joe Biden Dog Biting Incidents

October 2022 – The first documented biting incident involving Commander occurs. The number of attacks and identities of agents are redacted.

March 2023 – Joe Biden dog bites an agent at the president’s home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, piercing the skin and drawing blood.

April 2023 – Commander jumps up and bites an agent in the left arm, leaving two puncture wounds that break the skin and cause bleeding.

May 2023 – Additional biting incidents involving the Biden dog are detailed, but the circumstances are redacted.

June 2023 – Commander viciously bites an agent on the forearm, causing a “deep bite” injury that requires stitches. Blood spatter suspends White House tours.

July 2023 – At Rehoboth Beach, Biden’s dog breaks free from his leash and bites an agent, leaving a severe laceration requiring six stitches.

August 2023 – More attacks by the German Shepherd occur, causing alarm within the Secret Service. Tactical adjustments are implemented.

September 2023 – A tourist photograph shows a Commander biting a White House groundskeeper.

October 2023 – After another serious bite requiring medical treatment, it is announced that Biden’s dog will leave the White House.

Secret Service Concerns

The documents reveal that the Secret Service grew increasingly concerned over the Commander’s aggressive behavior. In June 2023, a senior agent sent an email advising personnel to “give lots of room” when Joe Biden dog was present and be “creative” to protect themselves.

Some agents received “care packages” including protective equipment like muzzles and pepper spray to use if the Commander attacked. The bites also disrupted operations, like suspending White House tours after a bloody incident. Ultimately the Secret Service could not ensure safety around the unpredictable dog.

Impact on the Bidens

The Biden family was reportedly heartbroken over having to permanently rehome their pet. According to a statement from Jill Biden’s office, they sought training and interventions but nothing solved the Commander’s behavioral problems.

Having the German Shepherd turn on agents tasked with protecting her family must have been extremely difficult for the First Lady. But the mounting injuries made it untenable to keep Commander in the busy, highly secured White House environment.


Joe Biden dog Commander exhibited dangerous levels of aggression towards Secret Service personnel, resulting in serious injuries that disrupted operations. After attempting training and other measures, the Bidens made the understandable decision to remove Commander from the White House in autumn 2023.

The documents provide fascinating insider insight into the havoc the President’s pet unleashed. Though no individuals should be blamed, this does illustrate the importance of proper animal training, particularly for dogs in high-stress environments like the White House.

Hopefully, the Commander has found a more suitable home and the Secret Service can refocus fully on their vital mission of keeping the First Family safe, not becoming victims themselves. The Biden family surely made the most responsible choice, even at great personal heartbreak.

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