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Jawan Shah Rukh Khan Movie is the first Indian movie to become top spot as the Highest Grossing Film of the Year at the U.A.E box office

Shah Rukh Khan’s much-anticipated action thriller Jawan has created history by becoming the first Indian movie to top the box office charts in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E). Directed by Atlee Kumar, Jawan Shah Rukh Khan movie emerged as the highest-grossing film of 2023 in the U.A.E, surpassing several Hollywood biggies. This is a major feat achieved by a Shah Rukh Khan movie and also the first time an Indian film has managed to achieve this record in the U.A.E market.

Jawan Shah Rukh Khan Movie’s Phenomenal Box Office Run

Released on September 2nd, 2023, Jawan Shah Rukh Khan’s film took the box office by storm not just in India but overseas as well. The film starring Shah Rukh Khan opened to bumper response collecting over ₹100 crore worldwide on its opening day itself. In the U.A.E, Jawan raked in massive earnings of nearly $9 million (approx ₹73 crore) within a few weeks of its release. The film registered a footfall of around 690,000 in the U.A.E, becoming the highest-grossing film of 2022 surpassing all the major Hollywood tentpoles.

First Indian Movie to Top U.A.E Box Office

With its stupendous box office performance, Jawan Shah Rukh Khan film has made its name in the history books by becoming the first Indian movie to top the yearly box office charts in the U.A.E. Earlier it was usually Hollywood films that used to dominate the box office in the overseas markets like the U.A.E. But Shah Rukh Khan’s larger-than-life action bonanza Jawan broke all shackles and emerged victorious surpassing all odds.

Why Jawan Emerged a Game Changer?

Multiple factors contributed to the phenomenal success of Jawan Shah Rukh Khan’s film in the U.A.E market apart from his star power and the film’s scale and visual appeal.

Shah Rukh Khan enjoys a massive fan following not only in India but globally, especially in overseas markets like the U.A.E. His charismatic persona and global appeal helped draw huge crowds to the theatres to watch Jawan Shah Rukh Khan movie in the U.A.E.

The producers of Jawan adopted a focused strategy for promotions across global markets including the Middle East. From media interactions to visits by SRK and the cast, the buzz was built steadily over months.

Jawan Shah Rukh Khan film secured a wide release across the U.A.E right from day one. Several screens playing this action spectacle helped capitalize on the buzz and converted it into big box office numbers.

The story and scale of Jawan were designed keeping in mind the sensibilities of the global audiences. Its theme of good vs evil and stylized action sequences clicked big time with overseas viewers.

Key Records Set by Jawan Shah Rukh Khan Movie in U.A.E

Here are some of the major box office records scripted by Jawan in the U.A.E market:

  • Highest Grossing Film of 2023 (Surpassed top Hollywood releases)
  • First Indian movie to top U.A.E’s yearly box office chart
  • Earned nearly $9 million, the biggest for any Indian movie
  • Widest release for an Indian film across the U.A.E
  • One of the highest per-screen averages for a Hindi release
  • Longest theatrical run for an SRK movie across the U.A.E

Why Jawan is a Game Changer for SRK?

For Shah Rukh Khan, Jawan marks an eventful cinematic comeback after 4 long years. With its historic box office performance, the film has reaffirmed SRK’s unmatched superstardom and global fan following. It has opened new markets for his films and also marks his foray into larger-than-life action entertainers. The phenomenal run of Jawan across India and overseas has placed SRK right amongst the top league of stars who can deliver pan-India blockbusters. 

As he turns 58 this year, SRK has proved with Jawan that he can still bring audiences to theatres through his magical on-screen persona and make them believe that he is the last of stars.

The record-shattering box office feat achieved by Jawan has made it a game-changing film, not just for Shah Rukh Khan but for the Indian film industry as a whole. It has raised the bar for what an Indian film can achieve globally. The Atlee directorial has also opened the floodgates for more collaborations between Indian filmmakers and international technicians. After the history created by Jawan Shah Rukh Khan movie in the U.A.E, we can expect more Indian films to aim for box office glory in international markets dominated by Western cinema.

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