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Jack Sweeney: The student who angers Elon Musk and Taylor Swift by plane-spotting

Jack Sweeney is just a regular college student. But his unique hobby of tracking celebrity planes has made some very powerful people angry. Jack Sweeney runs popular Twitter accounts that follow the private jets of stars like Taylor Swift and Elon Musk. He posts where their planes fly and how much fuel they burn. This transparency has led to big clashes with billionaires who prefer privacy.

Who is the college kid behind it all?

Jack Sweeney is a 21-year-old studying at the University of Central Florida. He’s always had a strong interest in aviation and technology. As a hobby, Jack Sweeney started accounts to monitor the flights of the rich and famous. He relies on public data that all aircraft transmit. With his tech skills, Jack Sweeney takes this flight information and shares it online.

His goal is to show the environmental impact of private jet travel. He also aims to pull back the curtain on the secretive habits of the elite. While controversial, he feels he’s acting ethically by posting publicly available data. And many of his followers enjoy tracking luxury planes.

How Taylor Swift tried to shut him down?

In late 2022, pop icon Taylor Swift sent a legal threat to try and silence Jack Sweeney. She demanded he delete his Twitter account @TaylorsJet which closely tracks her Gulfstream plane’s movements. Swift’s lawyers claimed this infringed her privacy and posed a stalker risk to her safety.

However, student Jack Sweeney refused to back down or be intimidated. He replied that the @TaylorsJet account has many supportive followers who simply enjoy keeping tabs on Swift’s global travels. Jack Sweeney also argued there’s a legitimate public interest in a celebrity’s carbon footprint and machinations.

Importantly, Jack Sweeney doesn’t stalk or harass Swift himself. He only monitors aircraft using the public pings they all send out. So far, lawyers agree Jack Sweeney has not broken any laws by sharing this flight data. But Swift was still desperate for him to stop.

When Elon Musk turned against Jack Sweeney

Another celebrity who clashed with him is SpaceX founder Elon Musk. At first, Musk supported Jack’s Twitter account @ElonJet which closely tracked the movements of his $70 million private plane. But weeks later, the world’s richest man did a swift U-turn.

Musk banned @ElonJet, claiming it posed safety concerns. However, student Jack clapped back that this was false. Police reports soon confirmed that @ElonJet had zero to do with any scary security incidents for Musk.

Now, Jack runs a backup account tracking Musk’s plane with a 24-hour delay. But the very public spat shone more light on how uneasy the wealthy felt about their travel details going public.

Why does his hobby frustrate the billionaires?

For superstars used to total privacy, Jack pulls back the curtain. His data shows how much fuel their planes burn zipping between homes and events. Stars also don’t like their exact coordinates being shared in real-time.

While legal action has so far failed, famous jet owners still want Jack Sweeney to stop. But he argues plane tracking provides transparency on issues like pollution. Jack Sweeney’s niche hobby continues clashing with the elite expectations of people like Swift and Musk.

The college student ruffling elite feathers

From his dorm room, one student has rattled some of the world’s biggest stars. Jack Sweeney combines his aviation passion with social media savvy to spotlight the secretive jet-setting of the rich.

His plane tracking accounts spark debates on privacy, safety, and transparency. Jack Sweeney has no plans to quit, despite demands from angry billionaires and pop singers. This tech-smart college kid will keep using public data to pull back the curtain on the elite.

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