Hanuman Movie Box Office Collection Worldwide and Budget Review

The recently released Telugu superhero movie ‘Hanuman’ starring Teja Sajja has swiftly soared at the box office, wowing audiences across India and overseas. Let’s analyze the worldwide box office performance of ‘Hanuman’ so far and take a deeper look into its budget and economics.

Hanuman Day 3 Box Office Collection

  • On its 3rd day in theaters, ‘Hanuman’ grossed an impressive ₹20.95 crore at the worldwide box office.
  • In the key Hindi language markets, it accumulated ₹3.25 crore net as per trade figures and ₹4.05 crore as per the producer.
  • The Telugu version contributed ₹0.4 crore nett in North Indian belts.
  • In the Telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, it grossed a healthy ₹7.15 crore.
  • The all-India gross on day 3 stood at a remarkable ₹15.55 crore.

Hanuman Total Box Office Collection Till Now

  • The total worldwide box office collection of this movie as of day 3 is an outstanding ₹45.45 crore.
  • The all-India net collection so far amounts to ₹27.25 crore.
  • The all-India gross collection stands at ₹32.6 crore.
  • Overseas, the mythological superhero action flick has grossed ₹12.85 crore.
  • In Hindi markets, the total net collection is ₹5.25 crore as per trade reports and ₹6.2 crore as per the producers.
  • The Hindi dubbed Telugu version has added ₹0.64 crore nett in North Indian territories.

Hanuman Daywise Box Office Breakup

Let’s break down the daily box office performance of this movie:

Day 2

  • On its 2nd day run, ‘Hanuman’ grossed ₹15.6 crore at the worldwide box office.
  • In Hindi circuits, it netted ₹2.15 crore as per the producer version and ₹2 crore as per trade estimates.
  • The Telugu print contributed ₹0.24 crore nett from North Indian areas.
  • The all-India net collection on day 2 was ₹7.6 crores, while the all-India gross was ₹9 crore.

Day 1 (Paid Previews)

  • On its opening day, ‘Hanuman’ grossed ₹8.9 crore globally.
  • In the all-India market, the net collection was ₹5 crore and the gross collection was ₹6 crore, as per producer estimates.
  • In the Telugu states, it grossed ₹5 crore, as per initial producer reports.
  • Overseas, movie grossed ₹2.9 crore on day 1.
  • The paid previews gave it a flying start before the main theatrical release.

Top Opening Day 2024 Telugu Movies Worldwide

As evident from the thunderous response on day 1, ‘Hanuman’ has recorded one of the biggest opening days of 2024 for a Telugu movie worldwide:

  1. Guntur Karram (Telugu) – ₹80 crore
  2. Hanuman (Hindi, Telugu) – ₹24.5 crore (including paid previews)

This extraordinary performance has made it the 2nd highest Telugu opener of 2024 after ‘Guntur Karram’.

Top Opening Day 2023 Telugu Movies Worldwide

For perspective, let’s look at how this movie compares to the top Telugu openers worldwide in 2023:

  1. Salaar (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada) – ₹160 crore
  2. Adipurush (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada) – ₹140 crore
  3. Veera Simha Reddy – ₹50.1 crore
  4. Waltair Veeraya – ₹49.1 crore
  5. Bro – ₹48.5 crore

As evident, ‘Hanuman’ has beaten the opening day numbers of all other 2023 Telugu biggies barring the two mega blockbusters ‘Salaar’ and ‘Adipurush’. This shows the kind of massive start it has taken.

Hanuman Budget and Economics

Let’s look at the budget and economics of movie:

  • The estimated production budget of the movie is ₹40 crore.
  • Including promotion and marketing costs, the total budget is around ₹50 crore.
  • For a movie heavy on VFX and action, this is considered an optimal budget.
  • The reasonable budget has ensured good returns even with a solid opening.

Hanuman Pre-release Business

  • The estimated pre-release theatrical business of ‘Hanuman’ is ₹27.5 crore.
  • Nizam – ₹7.5 crore
  • Ceeded – ₹4.5 crore
  • Andhra – ₹9.5 crore
  • Andhra Pradesh/Telangana total – ₹21.5 crore
  • Karnataka+Rest of India – ₹2 crore
  • Overseas – ₹4 crore
  • Total worldwide pre-release business – ₹27.5 crore

Hanuman Hit or Flop

  • For ‘Hanuman’ to be considered a box office hit, it needs to gross a worldwide total of ₹55 crore.
  • Or it needs to gross a distributor share of ₹27.5 crore in India.
  • Given the current box office trend, the film is on track to achieve hit status soon.
  • With further growth driven by word of mouth and the extended holiday period, it can emerge as a superhit or blockbuster.

Hanuman Screens

  • ‘Hanuman’ released across approximately 2500 screens worldwide.
  • In Hindi markets, it secured 1500 screens, riding on the superhero and VFX appeal.
  • In the Telugu states, it released on 450 screens, indicating a wide release.
  • The mega Hindi and Telugu release allowed the distributors to capitalize on the extended holiday period.
  • More screens are expected to be added in the second week based on demand.

Overall, ‘Hanuman’ has started off on a high note and the future looks bright for its box office prospects. With strong fundamentals, the mythological action flick is gearing up for a long successful run at the box office.

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