Ghostbusters Frozen Empire

Ghostbusters Frozen Empire Trailer: Murray Suits Up and Slimer Returns

The highly anticipated trailer for Ghostbusters Frozen Empire has finally arrived, giving fans a thrilling first look at the upcoming sequel. Ghostbusters Frozen Empire sees the return of Bill Murray as Peter Venkman, along with many other original cast members like Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, and Annie Potts. The trailer shows that the team will be back in action trying to save New York from a supernatural icy threat.

Murray Suits Up Once Again as Venkman

One of the biggest highlights is seeing Bill Murray back as Venkman, uttering classic lines like “Heads up. Tall, dark, and horny at noon.” Murray is suited up once again in Venkman’s iconic beige jumpsuit, complete with a proton pack and ghost trap. It’s incredibly nostalgic and exciting to see him embody this beloved character again. Fans were concerned whether Murray would return after his absence from 2016’s Ghostbusters reboot, but thankfully he’s back for this sequel.

Slimer Makes a Slimey Return

The green ghost himself, Slimer, also makes a comeback in the Ghostbusters Frozen Empire trailer. He’s shown crashing around a kitchen and getting his ectoplasm everywhere. Slimer was always a fan favorite, even spawning his own Hi-C Ecto Cooler drink back in the day. So it’s great to see him getting up to his usual slimy antics. The trailer indicates he may play a major role in the new supernatural threat facing the city.

Frozen Setting Blankets New York in Ice and Snow

Whereas the original films took place during warmer months, Ghostbusters Frozen Empire looks to have a chilly winter setting. The trailer shows New York covered in thick sheets of ice and piles of snow. Icicles hang off skyscrapers and the streets are frozen solid. This frigid new environment will provide a refreshing change of scenery for the Ghostbusters to unleash their proton streams. Fans are eager to see how this icy setting affects the team’s ghost-hunting abilities.

Ecto-1 Gets Winterized for the Cold

No Ghostbusters movie would be complete without the iconic Ecto-1 car. The trailer reveals that the Ecto-1 has gotten a winter makeover, with snow chains on the tires and a snow plow welded to the front. This will help the team navigate through the frozen streets and blast away snow piles blocking their path. The souped-up Ecto-1 is sure to lead to some thrilling and hilarious driving sequences as the Ghostbusters speed off to their next call.

Ghostbusters Frozen Empire New Cast

While the legacy characters return, Ghostbusters Frozen Empire also introduces some new faces to the team. The trailer shows actor Paul Rudd gearing up alongside the veterans, marking his first appearance in the franchise. Other newcomers include Celeste O’Connor, Logan Kim, Kumail Nanjiani, and Patton Oswalt voicing frightening new ghost characters. Their addition will bring fresh dynamics and humor to complement the original crew.

Spectral Ice Creatures Require New Gear

The icy setting means the Ghostbusters will face chilling new ghosts and creatures. The trailer gives a quick look at a towering frozen monster and a devil-like beast with glowing eyes. To battle these spectral entities, the team unveils new cold-resistant suits and specially modified gear. Their proton packs have a sleek updated design, and they even have thermal goggles for anonymity in snowstorms. This new equipment will surely lead to epic showdowns with the frozen phantoms.

Ancient Artifact to Blame for the Big Freeze

While details are scarce, the trailer indicates an ancient artifact is behind the supernatural deep freeze enveloping New York. It has unleashed some kind of frozen evil force, prompting the dead to rise again. The Ghostbusters will need to get to the bottom of this mysterious artifact and put a stop to its frigid power. But that likely won’t be easy, especially with Slimer and other ghosts interfering along the way.

Sequel to Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Ghostbusters Frozen Empire serves as a direct sequel to 2021’s Ghostbusters: Afterlife. That film focused on a new younger generation of Ghostbusters carrying on the legacy, including kids played by McKenna Grace and Finn Wolfhard. Based on the trailer, Ghostbusters: Afterlife looks to continue that storyline while also bringing back Murray and the other veterans. Fans are thrilled to see more adventures with the original and new teams united.

The trailer delivers everything fans could hope for in a new Ghostbusters outing – laughs, scares, proton packs, and of course, Bill Murray back in action. Ghostbusters Frozen Empire looks set to capture the magic that made the original films classics. Audiences will find out if the team can save the day when the film hits theaters on March 22.

Ghostbusters Frozen Empire Release Date

After months of anticipation, Ghostbusters fans finally have a date to mark on their calendar. Sony Pictures recently confirmed Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire will hit theaters on March 22, 2024. That slots it into a spring release right as winter is winding down. The timing seems ideal to capitalize on frozen fantasy that will appeal after the cold winter months.

The trailer reaction so far has been very enthusiastic, so interest seems high for the sequel. Its competition at the March box office consists mainly of children’s films like The Great Bull, so Ghostbusters should have a clear path to attract audiences. As long as nostalgia translates into ticket sales, Frozen Empire could be poised for a strong spring run and potentially make it a major franchise comeback.


Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire looks set to thrill fans and reignite the classic franchise when it arrives next March. The trailer delivers everything audiences could want – chills, laughs, proton packs, and Bill Murray back in action. Adding new characters like Paul Rudd while also continuing the storyline from Afterlife provides an exciting mix of old and new. Frozen Empire has the potential to launch a new era of Ghostbusters on the big screen. But it will need to recapture the quirky spirit and humor that made the original a classic. If it can pull off that ghostbusting magic once again, audiences could be in for a fun and nostalgic ride next spring.

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