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Gadar 3: Sunny Deol will return as Tara Singh, as confirmed by director Anil Sharma.

Exciting news for fans of the hit Bollywood franchise Gadar – director Anil Sharma has confirmed that Sunny Deol will reprise his iconic role of Tara Singh in the upcoming third installment, titled Gadar 3. This marks yet another chapter in the saga of Tara Singh and Sakina that began with the 2001 blockbuster.

The Gadar Franchise

Gadar: Ek Prem Katha released in 2001 and shattered box office records to become one of the biggest hits in Bollywood history. Starring Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel, it told the story of Tara Singh (Deol), a Sikh truck driver who falls in love with a Muslim girl Sakina (Patel) during the Partition era.

The drama and action extravaganza cemented Deol’s image as the hand-pump wielding, kesari-clad hero. After much anticipation, director Anil Sharma and Deol reunited in 2022 for the sequel Gadar 2, continuing Tara and Sakina’s story into the 1970s.

Confirmation of Gadar 3

According to entertainment portal Pinkvilla, Zee Studios has greenlit Gadar 3 and the initial paperwork is complete. Anil Sharma confirmed he will soon begin writing the script for the threequel with his longtime collaborator Shaktimaan.

While the core details are under wraps, Sharma suggested the third part will again be set against the backdrop of the Indo-Pak conflict, with even higher stakes. Deol is guaranteed to return as Tara Singh, along with the other principal characters.

Taking the Franchise Forward

The source revealed that after the tease of Gadar 3 at the end of the second part, this was always the plan for the franchise’s future. Sharma and his team have been brainstorming fresh ideas to take Tara Singh’s journey into new territory.

They promise an action-packed narrative that builds on the patriotic spirit and raw emotions that have defined Gadar so far. It will also expand on the promise shown at the end of Gadar 2. With Sharma’s vision and Deol’s iconic presence, fans can expect a fitting new chapter.

Sunny Deol as Tara Singh

Sunny Deol’s portrayal of Tara Singh earned him nationwide stardom and made the character synonymous with his image. His booming voice shouting iconic dialogues, fiery intensity, and rough-hewn appeal struck a chord with masses.

Given Tara Singh’s popularity and the actor’s attachment to the role, Deol’s return for Gadar 3 feels destined. At 65, he may not reprise the physically demanding action sequences, but will certainly deliver the dramatic emotional punch.

The Core Team Reunites

Director Anil Sharma will steer the ship once again for Gadar 3, maintaining continuity with the franchise’s DNA. He will collaborate on the script with Shaktimaan, his writing partner since the first film.

Sunny Deol and Sharma share an excellent equation and creative shorthand after working together extensively over the years. Their reunion promises to recapture the original Gadar magic.

Scope for New Storytelling

While the basic backdrop of Indo-Pak relations and Tara Singh’s fight to protect his family remains intact, Gadar 3 has room to bring something fresh to the table.

Sharma suggested they are keen to take the storytelling to new heights. The film could explore untapped aspects of Tara’s personality or introduce new threats to raise the stakes. Younger cast members may also get more scope to shoulder the weight this time.

Expectations from Fans

Ever since the mammoth success of Gadar: Ek Prem Katha in 2001, fans have clamored to see more of Tara Singh’s exploits on the big screen. Hence the buzz around the official announcement of Gadar 3 is immense.

The second part ended up feeling like a setup for another film. With loose ends still remaining in Tara’s arc, audiences are thrilled at the prospect of a concluding chapter. The threequel has the platform to deliver a fitting finale to the saga.

Potential for More Sequels

Trade experts predict Gadar 3 will easily cross ₹100 crores at the box office thanks to franchise loyalty. And the ending could still leave room for potential future sequels or spin-offs – perhaps even a prequel exploring Tara Singh’s backstory.

But for now, the sole focus remains on crafting an impactful and memorable third outing. If it strikes a chord like the original, more Gadar could keep flowing.


Anil Sharma’s official confirmation that Sunny Deol will return in Gadar 3 has delighted fans globally. After months of speculation, Tara Singh’s return now feels imminent.

Sharma promises an action-packed and emotionally stirring narrative that builds on the franchise’s legacy. Along with Deol reprising his iconic role, the core creative team reuniting should have loyal fans lining up on release day.

While the story details remain under wraps, the Indo-Pak conflict will once again form the backdrop. After the moderate response to Gadar 2, the makers seem keen to deliver a more powerful third installment that thrills audiences. If all goes well, Tara Singh could continue his adventures in future sequels. But for now, the excitement is all about Gadar 3 finally coming to life on the big screen.

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