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Following the success of Fool Me Once, Netflix has confirmed two new Harlan Coben dramas

On the heels of the hit limited series Fool Me Once, streaming giant Netflix has announced two more adaptations of Harlan Coben’s thriller novels – Missing You and Run Away. Coben will serve as an executive producer on both upcoming projects.

Missing You First to Film

Of the newly announced Harlan Coben shows, Missing You will begin production first this spring. The drama follows detective Kat Donovan, whose world is upended when her long-missing fiancé suddenly reappears on a dating app years after vanishing.

The mysterious reemergence leads Kat to question much about her past, including the unsolved murder of her father. Missing You promises to be a gripping and twisty thriller about second chances and dark secrets.

Run Away Centers on Family Secrets

Shortly after Missing You, Netflix will also adapt another Coben page-turner, Run Away. The limited series focuses on a father named Simon who seems to have an ideal life. But when his eldest daughter suddenly runs away from home, his world unravels.

“His search for his daughter will take him into a dangerous underworld, revealing deep secrets that could tear his family apart forever,” teases the synopsis. Like all of Coben’s work, expect suspenseful intrigue and family drama.

Coben’s Growing Netflix Slate

With his new deal for Missing You and Run Away, author Harlan Coben now has nine upcoming Netflix projects in the works, all adaptations of his bestselling mystery novels.

Coben has found major success with the streaming giant. 2022 saw the release of his limited series The Woods on Netflix. And the newly premiered Fool Me Once starring Michelle Keegan just amassed over 60 million views worldwide.

Fool Me Once Viewer Success

Netflix subscribers cannot get enough of Harlan Coben’s twisty stories. The strong viewership for Fool Me Once helped drive the streaming platform’s decision to greenlight more Coben adaptations.

In just its first two weeks of release, Fool Me Once racked up an impressive 61 million global streams. It also cracked the Top 10 list in 91 different countries, proving the drama’s wide international appeal.

Coben’s Global Reach

In addition to his slew of Netflix projects, Harlan Coben also has a deal with Netflix Poland to adapt his novel Just One Look into a limited series. This demonstrates the author’s worldwide popularity.

Coben’s compelling and addictive page-turners translate seamlessly across cultures. As the demand for mystery content continues rising, expect more Coben adaptations from Netflix around the globe.

Dark Family Secrets

While set in different worlds, Harlan Coben’s stories tend to revolve around similar themes. His tales often explore buried family secrets, dangerous obsessions, and characters haunted by past trauma.

Both Missing You and Run Away seem poised to deliver more of these signature mystery elements that have captivated Coben’s readership for decades. Netflix subscribers crave these gritty, domestic suspense-filled thrillers.

Potential for More Adaptations

With his immense catalog of over 30 bestselling mystery novels to choose from, Harlan Coben remains a goldmine of IP for Netflix adaptations.

In a recent interview, the author teased even more of his books being transformed for the small screen. This ensures a healthy pipeline of Harlan Coben content at Netflix for years to come.

Collaborating with Netflix

Harlan Coben has found an ideal creative partner in Netflix. The streaming giant provides a platform for developing his twisting narratives into binge-worthy limited series.

Both Coben and Netflix are reaping major rewards from the partnership. The author’s brand continues expanding while Netflix gains access to addictive pre-existing IP with built-in audiences.

Another Win for Book Lovers

For avid readers, news of more Harlan Coben series heading to Netflix provides another win. The streaming era has been a boon for book-to-TV adaptations.

And few authors translate better to the screen than Coben, whose intricately plotted page-turners lend themselves perfectly to episodic mystery television.

Potential for Shared Universe

With so many projects in the pipeline, Netflix has an opportunity to establish a shared universe amongst the various Harlan Coben adaptations.

Recurring characters or themes could begin linking the series together. This expanded Harlan Coben cinematic universe would offer exciting crossover potential for viewers.

Dark Themes Find an Audience

Netflix has doubled down on the type of dark, adult-oriented suspense stories that Harlan Coben specializes in. The streamer believes these gritty psychological thrillers resonate with modern audiences.

The enduring success of disturbing dramas like You proves viewers have a big appetite for Coben’s twisted brand of domestic intrigue. Netflix is leaning hard into these shadowy genres.

Building Netflix’s Mystery Library

As streaming services compete for market share, building up content libraries in popular genres becomes key. Netflix has made it a priority to expand its mystery and psychological thriller offerings.

Locking up the rights to Harlan Coben’s extensive catalog of page-turning crime tales helps beef up Netflix’s inventory in this arena.

Will Coben Adaptations Reach Wider Audiences?

While primarily attracting mystery aficionados, Netflix likely hopes to broaden the appeal of Harlan Coben’s adaptations to more mainstream crowds going forward.

Casting familiar faces like Richard Armitage or Michelle Keegan can help entice casual streamers unfamiliar with Coben’s novels to check out the series. Wider exposure would benefit both Netflix and the author.


On the heels of major success with Fool Me Once, Netflix is doubling down on content from novelist Harlan Coben. More adaptations like Missing You and Run Away ensure a thrilling pipeline of twisty, adult-oriented limited series that audiences flock to.

Coben’s brand continues reaching wider audiences through his mutually fruitful creative collaboration with Netflix. As the streaming wars rage on, this partnership produces compelling, addictive IP from a proven hitmaker.

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