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Fast & Furious 11: Return to its origins without Jason Momoa… and farewell to Dominic Toretto?

Fast & Furious 11, the next installment in the high-octane blockbuster franchise, is set for release on April 4, 2025. However, rumors suggest the upcoming film may take the series back to its street racing roots, without some of its biggest stars like Jason Momoa and Vin Diesel.

The Fast & Furious movies have evolved from small-scale street racing films to outrageous global blockbusters filled with implausible action. But following the modest box office performance of last year’s Fast X, it seems Fast & Furious 11 could see a return to basics for the saga’s final outing.

Going back to its origins

When The Fast and the Furious first raced into cinemas back in 2001, it focused on the underground world of illegal street racing and introduced fans to Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto and his crew. While action and adventure have always been part of the franchise’s DNA, the recent films have ramped up the spectacle to absurd levels.

Fast X dazzled with lavish exotic locations and death-defying stunts – including a car flying between skyscrapers and an implausible, physics-defying climax. However, it seems the outlandish action didn’t resonate as well as expected with audiences and critics.

Now rumors suggest Fast & Furious 11 will ditch the over-the-top stunts and bring back the street racing spirit of the early classics. The plot could scale back the globe-trotting heroics in favor of a more grounded story focused on Toretto’s crew battling a new adversary across the asphalt of Los Angeles.

Fast & Furious 11: No Jason Momoa

2022’s Fast X introduced Jason Momoa as the latest antagonist, Dante. The muscular star was expected to return for the final two films, but rumors claim he won’t be back for Fast & Furious 11.

Insider Jeff Sneider suggests his villain duties could instead go to Alan Ritchson, who had a minor role working for Dante in the last movie. Of course, Dante’s arc seemed unfinished, so Momoa’s absence would require an explanation. Perhaps he could even return in a surprise cameo.

Nonetheless, swapping out the main villain would enable a fresh new threat to challenge Toretto and his family in their last ride. Ritchson proved his action chops in Amazon’s Reacher series, so he seems a solid replacement.

A new villain rises

With Dante potentially out of the picture, just who could emerge as the crew’s latest foe? An obvious choice would be Charlize Theron’s twisty hacker Cipher, who escaped justice at the end of Fast X. She’s caused trouble since The Fate of the Furious and deserves a showdown.

Another possibility is Jordana Brewster’s Mia, who shockingly sided with Cipher last time. Having Toretto’s sister turn against him would raise the emotional stakes. Alternatively, Aimes (Ritchson) could step up as lead baddie if Dante doesn’t return.

No matter the villain, it seems Fast & Furious 11 will scale back the world-ending stakes that inflated recent movies. A more personal threat with ties to Toretto’s past could make for a fittingly bittersweet conclusion.

Diesel’s last ride as Toretto

Of course, the core of these films has always been Vin Diesel’s gruff, gravelly hero. Dominic Toretto has anchored the series since day one and become its iconic figurehead. But it seems Fast & Furious 11 may bid farewell to Diesel in the driver’s seat.

The actor has suggested the next two films will conclude the “last chapter” of his journey as Toretto. And insiders claim Fast & Furious 11 will close its story out after 20 years. This finale could even kill off Dom for emotional impact.

Saying goodbye to Toretto will be tough for loyal fans. But passing the baton could open opportunities for characters like Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), Mia (Brewster), and Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel) to lead the next generation.

Plot speculation and possibilities

Details on the actual plot for Fast & Furious 11 remain tightly under wraps. But it will likely deal with the fallout from the climax of Fast X, which left Toretto and his son in jeopardy.

Perhaps Cipher or another old enemy will threaten Dom’s family, forcing one last ride to protect his loved ones. Or could Brian be in danger, prompting his dad to race to the rescue?

The street racing roots could see Toretto’s team competing for control of LA’s streets against a cocky new racing crew. And if this is Dom’s last ride, expect plenty of fan service callbacks and appearances from classic characters.

Justin Lin returns to direct, having helmed many of the best films in the series. So Fast & Furious 11 seems in safe hands to deliver a satisfying finish.


The blockbuster Fast & Furious franchise has thrilled audiences for over 20 years with its blend of fast cars, family bonds, and outrageous action. But Fast & Furious 11 may take things back to basics by abandoning the recent films’ extravagant set pieces.

The next adventure could see Dom Toretto battling a new threat on the streets of LA without Jason Momoa’s Dante, and potentially bidding farewell to Vin Diesel in the driver’s seat.

While plot details remain unknown, it’s likely to be an emotional ride for long-time fans. And if this is indeed the end of the road, expect it to close the saga on a poignant high note.

When Fast & Furious 11 finally arrives on April 4, 2025, audiences can expect one last turbo-charged thrill ride that honors the franchise’s legacy – before passing the checkered flag onto a new generation.

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