Drive to Survive Season 6

Drive to Survive Season 6: Release Date and Everything We Know

Formula 1 fans rejoice – Drive to Survive Season 6 is coming! Netflix has announced the release date for the highly anticipated new season of the behind-the-scenes Formula 1 docuseries.

Drive to Survive Season 6 will launch on Netflix on February 23, 2024, just in time for the start of the 2024 F1 season. This means we’ll get an inside look at all the drama and excitement from the 2023 F1 championship.

The release date coincides with the final day of pre-season testing at the Bahrain International Circuit ahead of the opening race weekend at the same track. This makes it perfect timing to get fans hyped up right before lights out in Bahrain.

The first five seasons were released similarly, dropping just before the new F1 season kicked off.

What to expect from Drive to survive season 6?

While Netflix and Formula 1 have not revealed too many details about what’s in store for Drive to survive season 6, we can make some educated guesses based on previous seasons.

Each season takes viewers behind the scenes, providing unprecedented access inside the paddock, team factories, and the lives of the drivers. Cameras capture all the drama, rivalries, triumphs, and le tdowns over a full F1 season.

So we can expect Drive to Survive Season 6 to cover all the big storylines from the 2023 championship battle. This may include:

  • The intensity of the title fight between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc
  • Ferrari’s struggles mid-season after a strong start
  • The emergence of young guns like George Russell and Lando Norris
  • Lewis Hamilton’s first-ever winless season
  • Fernando Alonso’s move to Aston Martin
  • The legal battle over Oscar Piastri’s contract
  • Guanyu Zhou becoming China’s first full-time F1 driver

And of course, there will likely be plenty of behind-the-scenes access to critical moments like race weekends, team principals’ meetings, driver briefings, post-race reactions, and more.

Drive to Survive Season 6 has been a breakout hit, bringing loads of new fans to Formula 1 since its debut in 2019.

It has opened up the world of F1 like never before with its raw, unfiltered look at the sport. The drama-filled storytelling style helped attract a younger American audience.

Series producer James Gay-Rees believes Drive to Survive Season 6 was the “first main access show – certainly out of the UK anyway – that has had this profound effect.”

He credits the show for “bringing such a big new audience to a sport – which obviously was deserved, it just needed somebody to open it up.”

The Impact of Drive to Survive Season on F1

Since its release, F1 has exploded in global popularity, especially in the United States. This is in large part thanks to the behind-the-scenes look Drive to Survive Season 6 has provided to fans.

  • US viewership of F1 is skyrocketing, with the 2021 US Grand Prix weekend seeing a 54% boost in viewers compared to 2019.
  • The 2021 US GP also broke attendance records, with 400,000 people attending over the three days.
  • 23 sold-out races in 2022, up from only 13 in 2017 before Drive to survive season 6.
  • A survey found 40% of new fans in the US said Drive to Survive Season was their primary introduction to F1.

How is Drive to Survive Season 6 filmed?

Making Drive to Survive season is a massive production undertaking. Up to 60 crew members work on filming each race weekend.

They have access other journalists don’t get, allowing them to capture conversations between team principals and drivers.

Producer James Gay-Rees says it’s a “very difficult show to make” but they “love the process.”

The crew films hundreds of hours of footage, following teams around for the full season. This is then edited into the final episodes.

High-tech gear like drone cameras, 360-degree shots, and in-car footage help immerse viewers in the experience.

The level of access and behind-the-scenes footage varies from team to team. For Drive to survive season 6, these are the teams reportedly involved:

  • Mercedes – They gave more access in early seasons but have reportedly scaled back lately. However, Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton will still likely feature.
  • Red Bull – Granted more access in recent seasons after previously resisting. Christian Horner is frequently interviewed. Max Verstappen has criticized the show’s dramatization though.
  • Ferrari – Significant involvement since season 1. Mattia Binotto, Charles Leclerc, and Carlos Sainz will be included.
  • McLaren – Heavy participation over multiple seasons, following drivers and team bosses.
  • Aston Martin – Increased access lately, especially with Alonso’s arrival. More of the Stroll family too.
  • Alpine – Good involvement through numerous driver changes. Following Alonso and Piastri saga.
  • AlphaTauri – Some access but less than Red Bull.
  • Alfa Romeo – Decent access following Guanyu Zhou’s rookie season.
  • Haas – Heavy involvement since season 1. Kevin Magnussen and Mick Schumacher featured.
  • Williams – Granted more access in recent years. Jost Capito and Alex Albon were involved.

The Future of Drive to Survive Season 6

If its popularity continues growing, expect many more seasons to come. F1 and Netflix have found success with the collaboration.

Executive producer James Gay-Rees says “Long may it continue!”

He remains optimistic the series will keep thriving and satisfying loyal F1 fans while bringing in new audiences.

So strap in for season 6 dropping on February 23, and get ready to go deeper inside the world of F1!

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