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Drive-away Dolls Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot and many more

A new comedy movie called Drive-away Dolls is coming out in February 2024. The movie is directed by Ethan Coen and has a great cast. Keep reading to learn more about the Drive-away Dolls release date, trailer, cast, plot and other details.

About Drive-away Dolls Movie

Drive-away Dolls is a comedy road trip movie. It follows two friends named Jamie and Marian who decide to take a sudden road trip to Tallahassee. Jamie just broke up with her girlfriend and wants a fresh start. Marian is more shy and needs to loosen up. Their road trip quickly turns into an adventure when Jamie and Marian get mixed up with some silly criminals on the way. The movie is directed by Ethan Coen. He worked on it with his wife Tricia Cooke. She helped write and edit the movie.

Drive-away Dolls Release Date

Drive-away Dolls will premiere in theatres on February 23, 2024. It was originally supposed to come out in September 2023. But it got pushed back because of strikes in Hollywood. Many movies have had release dates changed due to the strikes.

Drive-away Dolls Trailer

The trailer shows Jamie and Marian’s fun road trip gone wrong. There are fast cars, new friends, and lots of trouble. Jamie has a wild spirit and wants to have fun. Marian seems nervous at first but soon gets caught up in the adventure. Watch the chaotic road trip unfold in the official trailer:

Drive-away Dolls Cast

Drive-away Dolls has a talented cast. Margaret Qualley from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood plays Jamie. Geraldine Viswanathan from Miracle Workers plays Marian. Other cast members include Beanie Feldstein as Sukie, Pedro Pascal as Santos, Colman Domingo as Chief, Bill Camp as Curlie, and Matt Damon in an unknown role. With big names like Pedro Pascal and Matt Damon, the cast is sure to impress.

Drive-away Dolls Plot

Here’s a more detailed look at the Drive-away Dolls plot: Jamie is feeling down after breaking up with her girlfriend. Her friend Marian is shy and high-strung. They decide a road trip is the perfect way to get over their problems. Jamie and Marian head out on a spontaneous trip to Tallahassee.

At first, the girls are excited to leave their worries behind. But their vacation takes a turn when they have car trouble. They meet a group of silly criminals led by Chief. Jamie and Marian get caught up in the crew’s next heist. With the cops chasing them, Jamie and Marian go on a crazy adventure. Marian learns to come out of her shell. Jamie sees that sometimes it’s good to slow down. The new friends learn some important lessons on their eventful drive to Tallahassee.

Movie Details

Here are some other key details about the Drive-away Dolls movie: It is rated R for adult language and some violence/action. The running time is approximately 84 minutes. Drive-away Dolls is Ethan Coen’s first solo directorial movie without his brother Joel. It was filmed on location in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The movie is distributed by Focus Features. Carter Burwell composed the musical score. Drive-away Dolls are the first mainstream studio film with a lesbian romance storyline since 2016’s Carol.

Why Fans Are Excited

Drive-away Dolls has lots of elements that have fans excited including Ethan Coen’s return to directing after a multi-year break, the talented A-list cast, the wacky plot involving a fun female friendship and road trip gone awry, comedy from Coen who made classics like The Big Lebowski and Fargo, and a fresh portrayal of a lesbian romance rarely seen in major studio films. Drive-away Dolls promises lots of humour, adventure, and heart. Fans of Coen’s past work are thrilled to see him direct a solo film again. The movie’s February release date can’t come soon enough for eager viewers.

More About Director Ethan Coen

Ethan Coen is one half of the famous Coen Brothers director duo. He has made iconic movies like Fargo, No Country for Old Men, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Inside Llewyn Davis, and The Big Lebowski. He has won 4 Academy Awards and been nominated for 15 Oscars overall. Drive-away Dolls is Ethan Coen’s first solo-directed film in over 15 years. His brother Joel Coen most recently directed 2021’s The Tragedy of Macbeth without Ethan. The Coen Brothers are known for their quirky stories, bold visuals, dark humour, and interesting characters. Fans can expect Ethan Coen’s signature style in Drive-away Dolls.

Final Thoughts

Drive-away Dolls promises to be a fun female-driven comedy caper. Fans are excited for Ethan Coen’s first solo directorial project in years. With an A-list cast, road trip plot, and Coen’s unique filmmaking, this is one 2024 movie release not to miss. Drive-away Dolls races into theaters on February 23, 2024. Get your movie tickets and buckle up for an entertaining ride alongside Jamie and Marian’s unforgettable road trip.

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