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Dog Man Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot and Everything We Know

Get ready for a hilarious, crime-fighting adventure! The beloved children’s book series Dog Man by Dav Pilkey is being turned into an animated movie by DreamWorks Animation and Universal Pictures. Dog Man combines a police officer, a dog, and a lot of humour into one unforgettable character. Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming this movie.

Dog Man Release Date

The Dog Man movie is scheduled for release on January 31, 2025. That’s still quite a way off, but fans of the books will be happy to have a release date to look forward to. Mark your calendars because the long-awaited this movie will arrive in theatres early next year!

Dog Man Trailer

Unfortunately, there is no movie trailer available yet. Movie trailers are usually not released until a few months before the film’s premiere. However, once a trailer does get released, you can expect to see plenty of animated action, goofy jokes, and bright, colourful animation that captures the spirit of the Dog Man books. We’ll update this article with the trailer when it’s out!

Dog Man Cast

The voice cast for the this movie has yet to be officially announced. However, we know that the film is being directed by Peter Hastings, who previously directed the animated series The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants, which was also based on books by Dav Pilkey and Kung Fu Panda series.

Fans speculate about who could voice the main characters, such as Dog Man, Petey the Cat, and other book favourites. Some popular fan castings include comedic actors like Will Arnett or Maya Rudolph. But the studio is staying tight-lipped about the Dog Man cast for now.

Dog Man Plot

While the exact plot details haven’t been revealed, we can guess what the movie will be about based on the first book in the series. The story will likely follow a police officer and his dog partner who become the heroic dog man after an accident. Special surgery is required to combine them into one unique crime fighter.

With his new canine superpowers like a super-sensitive nose and the ability to speak to other dogs, Dogman takes on his arch-nemesis, the villainous Petey the Cat. Expect plenty of slapstick humour, crazy adventures, and a heartwarming tale about friendship as Dog Man balances fighting crime with his love for chasing squirrels.

Dog Man Production

This movie is being produced by Karen Foster, who also produced the DreamWorks Animation film Spirit Untamed. Emmy winner Peter Hastings is directing it, making this a reunion for Hastings and the work of author Dav Pilkey after Hastings’ success with the Captain Underpants series.

DreamWorks Animation is no stranger to adapting popular children’s book series into animated feature films, with previous successes like the How to Train Your Dragon, Captain Underpants, and Boss Baby movies. With their impressive animation talents and wildly popular source material, DreamWorks likely has another hit on their hands with Dog Man.

What can Fans expect from Dog Man?

This book fans have much to look forward to in the upcoming movie adaptation. The film will capture Dav Pilkey’s original illustrations and stories’ vibrant, cartoony visuals and zany spirit. Core aspects like Dog Man’s goofy personality, love of sausages and dog puns, and epic rivalry with Petey should all translate well to the big screen.

At the same time, seeing this movie brought to life with full animation and movement will give the character an exciting new dimension for fans to experience. From epic superhero action sequences to big laughs from Dog Man’s silly antics, the movie should delight existing fans while appealing to new viewers.

Fans also hope the movie kicks off a full franchise, as the book series has 11 instalments with more on the way. There’s plenty of source material to pull from for potential sequels if this first Dog Man film succeeds.


There’s still over a year until this movie bounds into theatres on January 31, 2025. But the hype is already building for this animated adaptation of the massively popular children’s book series. Movie has all the right ingredients – lovable characters, crazy adventures, and a hearty dose of hilarity – to be a smash hit with family audiences.

As more news and first looks at the movie emerge over the coming months, fans should stay tuned for additional details on the voice cast, footage previews, and any updates on potential sequels or spin-offs. One thing’s for sure – when this movie arrives next year, you won’t want to miss this crime-biting comedy!

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