“Do you want to take a break?” asks Ankita Lokhande, leaving husband Vicky Jain stunned in Bigg Boss 17 promo.

In a shocking turn of events, popular TV actress Ankita Lokhande was seen asking her husband Vicky Jain if he wanted to “take a break” from their marriage during a recent episode of the reality show Bigg Boss 17. The unexpected conversation left Vicky looking visibly stunned and concerned about the future of their relationship.

The incident took place in the garden area of the Bigg Boss house, where Ankita and Vicky were sitting together late at night. Ankita, who married Vicky in December 2021, told him that she was upset about how their relationship was being perceived by others in the house. “I have loved everyone very much, and if anyone questions that, it affects me.. I’m becoming more and more frustrated every day,” she told Vicky.

When Vicky asked her what exactly was bothering her, she expressed concern that no one in the Bigg Boss 17 house understood her point of view. Vicky tried to reassure his wife that it didn’t matter what others thought about their relationship. However, Ankita remained troubled and suddenly asked Vicky, “Do you want to take a break?”

Vicky looked completely shocked by her’s question about taking a break from their marriage, which is still less than a year old. He seemed lost for words as Ankita gazed at him waiting for his response. The promo video ended on a cliffhanger, leaving Bigg Boss 17 viewers intrigued about what Vicky’s response would be.

Public Reactions to the Incident

This dramatic incident has become one of the biggest talking points of this season of the popular reality show Bigg Boss hosted by Salman Khan. Ankita Lokhande, 38, and Vicky Jain, 37, are among the most high-profile celebrity contestants on Bigg Boss 17. Their participation had already made headlines before the show began.

Now, her’s casual suggestion about “taking a break” from their marriage has created even more buzz around this celebrity couple. Many fans are shocked that her would consider a break from Vicky so soon after their fairytale wedding last year. Their social media feeds are filled with romantic pictures of the two from pre-wedding festivities and dreamy wedding ceremonies.

Tensions Exposed on the Show

A few weeks ago, Ankita’s mother and Vicky’s mother also entered the Bigg Boss house for a week. During their visit, Vicky’s mother had complained about Ankita unnecessarily bringing up her late ex-boyfriend, actor Sushant Singh Rajput, on the show. She accused Ankita of trying to gain sympathy by talking about Sushant.

Ankita’s mother reacted strongly to these accusations and defended her daughter. So there were already some tensions between the two families exposed on Bigg Boss 17. However, she is raising doubts about her future with Vicky has escalated the situation further.

Speculations About the Marriage

Many Bigg Boss fans feel she may be questioning her marriage with Vicky due to the stressful environment inside the house. Contestants have to live cut off from the outside world for months inside the confined Bigg Boss house. Tempers often fly high due to fierce competition, nominations, and lack of privacy.

Over the 17 seasons so far, Bigg Boss has even seen couples like Rakhi Sawant-Abhishek Awasthi, Delnaaz Irani-Rajev Paul, Karishma Tanna-Upen Patel break up during or after their stint on the show. So Ankita and Vicky’s marriage coming under strain is not entirely unexpected for loyal followers of the show.

However, the couple’s fans remain optimistic the two will reconcile amicably once they are out of the house. They hope Ankita and Vicky will put this incident behind them and continue their happy married life together. For now, all eyes are on Vicky’s response in the next Bigg Boss 17 episode, which could make or break his marriage with Ankita

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