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Daisy Ridley’s New Star Wars Movie Takes A “Different Direction”

Exciting news for Star Wars fans – actress Daisy Ridley has confirmed she is returning as Rey in an upcoming new film that will take the sci-fi saga in a “different direction.” Ridley offered some intriguing hints about the mysterious project in a recent interview.

Ridley Reprising Her Role

Daisy Ridley first entered the galaxy far, far away as the scavenger Rey in 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens. She went on to reprise the breakout role in the next two films of the sequel trilogy, The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker.

Now Ridley has officially announced she will once again portray the powerful Jedi warrior Rey in another upcoming Star Wars movie. This new film will mark her fourth appearance overall as the character that launched her career.

An Unexpected Story

Speaking to AlloCine, Daisy Ridley teased that the storyline for her new Star Wars project will take the franchise in surprising new directions.

“I think it’s a fantastic exploration of the Star Wars world. It’s a cool way of taking the story on in a bit of a different direction,” she explained.

While not divulging any concrete details, Ridley seemed enthusiastic about the fresh approach the next movie will take with Rey’s journey and the broader mythology.

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy Directing

In a historic first for Star Wars, this new Rey-led film will be directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, making her the first woman ever to helm a Star Wars movie.

Obaid-Chinoy is an acclaimed Oscar-winning filmmaker known for hard-hitting documentaries that confront complex social issues. Having such an innovative director at the helm suggests the new Rey movie may indeed venture into bold uncharted territory for the franchise.

More Star Wars Projects Coming

In addition to Daisy Ridley’s mysterious new Rey film, Lucasfilm has several other Star Wars projects in development for theaters and Disney+. These include new films from Taika Waititi, Damon Lindelof, and Marvel’s Kevin Feige.

Plus Patty Jenkins is directing Rogue Squadron, while James Mangold is working on a prequel film about young Ben Kenobi. So the galaxy far, far away continues to expand on screens both big and small.

Rey’s Hero’s Journey

When introduced in The Force Awakens, Rey was a lonely scavenger unaware of her Jedi heritage. Across the sequel trilogy, audiences witnessed her embrace her destiny and powers to become a crucial hero in the fight against the First Order.

Daisy Ridley’s charismatic performance helped make Rey an instant fan favorite. Now her new solo movie provides the opportunity to delve deeper into the character’s backstory and capabilities.

Where Rey’s Story Could Go Next

The previous sequel trilogy never fully explained Rey’s origins or where she acquired her strength in the Force. Those lingering mysteries offer plenty of story threads for the new movie to pick up and expand on.

Rey’s future as a Jedi guardian in the post-war galaxy is also wide open. And there is ample room to explore her dynamic with Finn, Poe, and other characters from the sequel trilogy.

Of course, fans would also love to see Ridley’s Rey cross paths on screen with characters from other Star Wars eras. A team-up with Baby Yoda or the Mandalorian could be very fun to watch.

Daisy Ridley’s Enthusiasm

Daisy Ridley expressed her enthusiasm about reprising her career-defining role: “I loved making all three films and I’m very happy to get to do it again.”

Her excitement is certainly shared by legions of Star Wars fans across the world. The chance to see Ridley’s Rey in action on the big screen again feels like an early birthday present for the fandom.


While full details are being kept under wraps for now, Daisy Ridley’s comments indicate her new Star Wars movie will take Rey and the overall saga in a surprisingly fresh direction.

Just the notion of Ridley’s exuberant Rey exploring the galaxy in new ways is very intriguing. When this mysterious project inevitably arrives in theaters, it promises to be a landmark moment for Star Wars.

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