Constellation, Apple’s new sci-fi thriller show, gets its first trailer ahead of its February release date

Apple TV+ has finally unveiled the first trailer for its upcoming original sci-fi thriller series Constellation, giving viewers a tantalizing glimpse of the show’s mysterious plot and tone. Constellation is set to premiere on the streaming platform on February 21.

The trailer hints at a story involving conspiracy and paranoia, centered around a female astronaut played by Noomi Rapace. With its combination of space adventure and psychological tension, Constellation promises to be an enthralling genre entry in Apple TV+’s expanding lineup.

Constellation Trailer Sets Up Complex Mystery

The cryptic first Constellation trailer focuses on Rapace’s character, astronaut Jo, as she returns from a mission in space, apparently missing key pieces of her memory.

Brief, nightmarish images suggest strange occurrences up in space that Jo struggles to recall. The trailer indicates finding the truth will embroil Jo in a complex conspiracy with sinister forces plotting against her.

Strong Cast Anchored by Rapace

In the lead role of Jo, acclaimed Swedish actress Noomi Rapace carries Constellation as she plunges into an unsettling sci-fi mystery. Rapace is known for headlining the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy.

She leads an ensemble cast featuring Jonathan Banks, James D’Arcy, Julian Looman and others. With Rapace’s raw intensity leading the way, Constellation has assembled an engaging line-up of talent.

Inspired Creative Team

Constellation comes from Peter Harness, creator of acclaimed series like Doctor Who and the War of the Worlds miniseries adaptation. He serves as writer and executive producer on the space thriller.

Accomplished TV director Andrew McCarthy helms multiple episodes. Their combined creative pedigree inspires confidence in the series hitting the mark in both writing and execution.

Sci-Fi Conspiracy Plot

According to the official logline, Constellation follows Jo on a desperate mission to recover her lost memories and learn the truth about a conspiracy threatening her life and future.

The trailer suggests finding the answers she seeks will force Jo deeper into a world of paranoia, deception, and dread. Fans of complex sci-fi mysteries will find the premise engaging.

Potential Thematic Resonance

With its story centered around an astronaut haunted by her past and facing a Kafkaesque nightmare, Constellation appears well-positioned to explore resonant themes about trauma and the human psyche.

Rapace’s raw intensity could bring real gravity to the frightening scenario of losing one’s identity and reality. This offers rich opportunities for emotional character study.

Stunning Visual Potential

Early footage suggests Constellation will capture the loneliness and terror of space travel through hauntingly beautiful imagery. Vast celestial vistas juxtaposed with claustrophobic interiors could prove captivating.

With Apple investing significant resources, expect top-notch cinematography and visual effects to realize the chilling sci-fi vision. The trailers certainly showcase promising production values.

Apple TV+ Expanding Sci-Fi Slate

Constellation joins several other high-profile sci-fi programs coming to Apple TV+ like series adaptations of the Alien and Foundation franchises.

Clearly, Apple is making a priority of attracting fans of speculative, thought-provoking genre fare. Constellation aligns with that focus on futuristic stories enriched by human drama.

Ideal Release Window

Dropping on February 21, Constellation will arrive at a strategically sound time to hook viewers, outside the competitive fall TV launch window.

With several episodes premiering together, audiences can easily binge the first half of the season and hopefully get hooked on the show’s intricate mystery.

Noomi Rapace’s Hollywood Standing

For lead actress Noomi Rapace, Constellation marks an important project for maintaining her stature in Hollywood. Rapace has proven her action chops but this offers a chance to showcase deeper emotional depth.

If the unconventional series earns acclaim, it could greatly elevate Rapace’s global profile and pave the way for more complex starring roles.

Risk of Overcomplicated Story

The first Constellation trailer purposefully teases rather than reveals concrete details. But cryptic shows built around complex conspiracies can easily collapse under their own weight.

Hopefully, the writing strikes the right balance between intricacy and coherent storytelling. That will be critical to keeping viewers satisfied and engaged.

Fresh New Sci-Fi Concept

Between the conspiracy thriller angle, space setting, and lead female protagonist, Constellation brings some creative twists to the crowded sci-fi television arena.

With so much competition, the series will need to leverage its unique concept and perspective to stand out. But the premise offers differentiated appeal.

Appeals to Genre Fans

On paper, Constellation hits plenty of the right notes to entice enthusiasts of cerebral, suspenseful science fiction storytelling. It promises to deliver both a satisfying psychological journey and a haunting aesthetic.

If it lives up to its potential, this could become appointment viewing for those who enjoy emotionally resonant, thought-provoking speculative fiction.


While much remains mysterious, the first Constellation trailer opens an intriguing gateway into a complex sci-fi thriller universe. Backed by Apple’s resources, the series boasts huge production potential.

With Rapace’s towering lead performance guiding the way, Constellation has all the ingredients to resonate with both genre aficionados and general crowds when it launches on February 21. This could become Apple TV+’s next watercooler sci-fi obsession.

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