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Chad Wheeler Sentenced to 81 Months: Survivor’s Reaction, Ex-NFL Player’s Fate Unveiled

Chad Wheeler, a former offensive lineman for the Seattle Seahawks, has been sentenced to 81 months in prison for a brutal domestic violence assault in 2021. The survivor of the attack, Chad Wheeler’s ex-girlfriend Alleah Taylor, spoke out about the sentencing and her reaction to seeing justice served.

Background of the Chad Wheeler Assault Case

In January 2021, Chad Wheeler viciously attacked Taylor in her apartment, leaving her unconscious and near death. Wheeler strangled Taylor until she lost consciousness, dislocating her arm in the process. When Taylor regained consciousness, she locked herself in the bathroom and called 911.

He was arrested and charged with first-degree domestic violence assault, domestic violence unlawful imprisonment, and resisting arrest. He pleaded not guilty to the charges initially.

Taylor suffered severe injuries in the attack, including a concussion and facial wounds. She required surgery on her arm due to Wheeler’s violence. The brutal assault was condemned nationwide as one of the worst domestic violence cases involving an NFL player.

Chad Wheeler Found Guilty After Trial

The case against him went to trial in November 2022. Taylor testified courageously against Wheeler over three days, providing key evidence that helped achieve a conviction. Her brave testimony was pivotal to the trial’s outcome.

On November 17, a jury found Chad Wheeler guilty of first-degree domestic violence assault and unlawful imprisonment domestic violence. The conviction marked an important milestone after Taylor’s traumatic experience.

Chad Wheeler Sentenced to Over 6 Years in Prison

On March 1, 2024, King County Judge Jim Rogers sentenced Chad Wheeler to 81 months in prison, over 6 and a half years, for the violent assault on Taylor.

Wheeler received 36 additional months of community custody and was ordered to have no contact with Taylor for life. He will also pay restitution to Taylor in an amount to be decided.

The sentence represents one of the longest given to an NFL player for domestic violence and provides a measure of justice for Taylor after her suffering.

Alleah Taylor’s Reaction to Chad Wheeler’s Prison Sentence

Speaking after Chad Wheeler’s sentencing, Taylor expressed satisfaction with the outcome. She stated it was “very unheard of that a Black woman was able to get justice from a white NFL player.”

Taylor added that receiving 81 months in prison for Wheeler “is a message to be sent to other men in power – that they will be held accountable.”

Her brave testimony at Wheeler’s trial was key in securing the conviction and prison sentence. Taylor hopes her experience can encourage other domestic violence survivors to advocate for themselves and not live in fear.

Chad Wheeler’s Mental Health Issues

Chad Wheeler has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder but often resisted taking prescribed medication. His mental health crisis in July 2022 while on house arrest further evidenced Wheeler’s condition.

However, prosecutors established Wheeler’s pattern of denying his psychiatric history and need for medication. This included misleading NFL doctors about his diagnosis and substance use.

Wheeler’s unwillingness to manage his mental illness was cited as leading to the vicious assault on Taylor. The judge mandated counseling and treatment while incarcerated.

Significance of the Chad Wheeler Conviction

Domestic violence cases often do not go to trial, let alone result in extended prison sentences. Chad Wheeler’s high-profile status as an NFL player put increased scrutiny on the handling of his case.

Ultimately, Taylor’s courage to testify and push for full accountability resulted in a rare outcome for cases involving athletes. The 81-month sentence for Chad Wheeler ranks as one of the strongest applied to date.

The verdict and prison term set an important precedent for domestic violence victims and for accountability of athletes. Taylor’s perseverance and strength through the case sent a powerful message to survivors nationwide.

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