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Black Phone 2 Release Date , Trailer, Cast, Plot and Everything We Know

The scary hit horror movie Black Phone is getting a sequel! The Black Phone 2 is set to bring back spooky serial killer “The Grabber” in the summer of 2025. Please keep reading to learn everything we know about Black Phone 2 release date, trailer, cast, plot, and more.

Black Phone 2 Release Date

The Black Phone 2 release date is scheduled for June 27, 2025. That’s still over a year away, but it gives fans plenty of time to rewatch the first movie before the sequel arrives.

Universal Pictures announced The Black Phone 2 as the “launch of a sinister new franchise”, so they hope this will kick off a series of scary movies.

Black Phone 2 Trailer

There is no movie trailer yet. The movie only just got an official release date in October 2023. Trailers usually come out 6-12 months before a movie hits theatres.

So, we likely won’t get a first-look trailer for Black Phone 2 until early 2025. But when the creepy first trailer drops, we’ll post it here immediately!

Black Phone 2 Cast

The good news is that Black Phone director Scott Derrickson is returning to direct The Black Phone 2. Many of the prominent cast members are also confirmed to come back, including Ethan Hawke as the child-killing villain “The Grabber”, Mason Thames as main kid hero Finney Shaw, Madeleine McGraw as Finney’s psychic sister, Gwen, Jeremy Davies as their dad, Terrence and Miguel Cota as Finney’s ghost friend, Robin

It’s exciting that Ethan Hawke is back as The Grabber, even though his character seemed to die at the end of the first movie. It will be interesting to see how the story explains his return from the dead!

Black Phone 2 Plot

Specific details about movie plot are still mostly secret. In the first movie, young Finney Shaw gets kidnapped by masked serial killer The Grabber and locked in a soundproof basement.

Finney starts receiving ghostly phone calls from The Grabber’s past victims that help him plan an escape. By the end, The Grabber is defeated for good when Finney fights back and kills him.

For Black Phone 2, director Scott Derrickson said the original short story author Joe Hill has some fun ideas that could launch a sequel. Since The Grabber is returning, he may have some new supernatural powers as an undead slasher villain!

The plot might also explore The Grabber’s creepy backstory or bring back the ghost kids to help a new character get revenge. We’ll have to wait for an official synopsis to know more details.

What Actors Could Join The Black Phone 2 Cast?

While the main cast is back, there might still be some new additions to fill out the world of the Black Phone 2. One possibility could be veteran horror star Lin Shaye.

On Twitter in January 2024, Shaye said, “I’d love to join The Black Phone 2 cast!” She has appeared in popular scary movies like Insidious, so fans would welcome seeing her take on a role in the sequel.

There might also be opportunities to feature some up-and-coming young actors. The original movie had impressive performances by its child leads. So casting new talent alongside Ethan Hawke could make The Black Phone 2 feel fresh while keeping ties to the first film.

We’ll report back on any confirmed Black Phone 2 casting news for exciting new characters as soon as more is announced!

Could The Black Phone Become an Anthology Series?

While the horror sequel is next for now, there has been talk that  Black Phone might lend itself to an anthology format in the future. Rather than direct character continuations, an anthology would feature new stories and ” Grabber” villains each season.

This could allow the franchise to explore different periods, locations, and mythology around the creepy black phone and kids communicating with ghosts.

An anthology approach worked well for horror series like American Horror Story. So someday, we might get an “American Black Phone Story” style expansion of the concept beyond just what Black Phone 2 has in store.

Director Scott Derrickson sounds committed, above all else, though, to making the upcoming sequel great before worrying about hypothetical future projects. So horror fans can look forward to Black Phone 2 bringing back what we loved in the summer of 2025!

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